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Kundabwika Falls

Kundabwika Falls On the Kalungwishi River, 95kms from Mporokoso. Two small waterfalls, the main one being twenty five meters high and in the flood season , seventy meters wide. A revered shrine for local people. There is a traditional custodian appointed by the Chief who looks after the area. Locals believe that ignoring ritual and prayer at the falls brings about bad luck....


Lusaka Lusaka is a city whose bustling chaos has a certain charm that is just Zambia. The tourist passing through the capital may not see any reason to stay, but Lusaka is the product of a country battling to find its way in a new world, caught between colonial beginnings, years of socialist independence and now democracy. It typifies the problems many African countries face as they find their independent footing in world thats surging ahead. The fascinating thing about Lusaka is its energy. Not perhaps of the same ilk as the Big Apple, but an African energy, propelled by that need to survive. Lusaka is as much a part of the real Africa as the rich national parks and stunning scenery. Well over 60% of its 2 million ...

Nsumbu National Park

Nsumbu National Park Lying on the southern shores of Lake Tanganyika in the Northern most tip of Zambia, Sumbu National Park covers an area of just over 2000 square kilometers encompassing 100kms of some of the most pristine shores of this vast Lake. Its beauty ranges from sandy beaches, vertical cliffs, rocky coves and natural bays to the rugged hills and deep valleys of the interior. The Lufubu River winds its way through a valley flanked by 300 meter escarpments on either side. The western boundary of Nsumbu National Park is buffered by Tondwa Game Management Area, an IUCN Category VIII Multiple Use Management Area of 54,000 ha. The much larger Kaputa Game Management Area (360,000 ha) is also contiguous with the National Park to t...


Ndola Ndola is the capital of what is known as the Copperbelt region of Zambia (which is located in the crook of the country against the Congo). A fairly good sized city, it serves as the midway stop between Lusaka and Kitwe. Ndola features a good sized grocery market and a variety of places to find souvenirs and other goods. Copper is the main commodity in this region so be prepared to find many items made from it. As well you can find the typical carved animals, jewelery, cloth paintings and wrap skirts which the the locals call chitengi's. Ndola also has a fast food restaurant which is a surprise for an african city this size. It's called the hungrey lion and serves as a cross between McDonalds and Kentucky F...

Lower Zambezi Park

Lower Zambezi Park The Lower Zambezi This 4,092 sq KM Park situated on the banks of the Zambezi River with over 70 kilometres River frontage was forgotten for many years during the struggle for Independence of neighbouring Zimbabwe. This Park the nearest to Lusaka the Zambian Capital is the real Zambezi in its wild splendour. The Park is home to large prides of Lion, herds of Elephants, Buffalo, not to mention hippos and crocodiles. Other animals found here include Cheetah, Zebra, Baboons, Monkeys and other Species of antelopes. This Park is designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO and is situated opposite Zimbabwes Mana Pools. Here the river is nearly 3 km wide, with lots of sand bars and islands which are home to various...




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