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Aden Aden is the old capital of south Yemen. It is still one of the most modern cities in the world, it is a busy port and more open to external influences than the rest of the country. The oldest part of the city is known as the Crater, since it lies in the crater of an extinct volcano. Here you find most of the old buildings in Aden. An interesting site is the Aden Tanks, man-made reservoirs, partly cut out of the rock, with a storage capacity of 50 million liters. When it rains, the upper basins fill up first and then overflow into the lower basins. To see the traditional boats head to the Maallah district. For beaches head south of Aden, to a town called Little Aden, also located in the crater of an extinct ...


Baraqish Baraqish is an old city close to Marib it can be seen as a daytrip from there. Baraqish is located in the semi-arid area on the road to Hazm Al-Jawf, 125km, 125km from Sanaa. Baraqish stands on top of a lofty hill with a magnificent castle sealed off by a highly fortified wall, as high as 8 meters in some places, are in good condition. The wall has 57 towers and tow gates, one in the east and one in the western part of the wall. The most striking feature of the city is the ruins of the temple, located in the southern part of the city. The temple reflects the dominant from of architecture used by the Maeenis and consists of 16 columns and beams. Archeologists believe that this was the Athter Temple, the Morning Star ...


Hadramawt Hadramawt is a mountainous region home to nomadic tribes. This vast and scenic area stretches 350 mi/565 km from the Arabian Sea to the Saudi border. The area may be far away and hard to get to, but it has some stunning scenery and one of the most fantastic sights in the world: Shibam...


Jibla The Town of Jibla , which is situated 8 km southwest of the City of Ibb and at an elevation of 2,400 meters above sea level, is a well known tourist town. In the past, it used to be called the City of Nahrain (or of the Two Rivers, because it lies between two rivers. The Sulaihi King Abdullah Ibn Ali Al-Sulaihi expanded it in the Year 458 AH and he gave it its present name and made it the capital of the Sulaihi Kingdom , which was successfully able to unite all of Yemen under one state. The Town of Jiblah saw its prosperity during the reign of Queen Arwa Bint Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al-Sulaihi (1067 1138 AD), who is the second queen to rule Yemen after Queen Bilquis, who was reputably known as the Queen of Sheba, who rul...


Marib Marib is located in the east of Yemen. High mountains, beautiful valleys, plains and desert are all nearby. The most important valley in Marib is Wadi Dhanah or Shebe Valley, in the banks of which flourished the Sabean dynasty, the foundation of Yemeni history. Marib is the most famous ancient city in Yemen. The old city of Marib lies in the Sabean plains on the outskirts of the east Yemen desert Mafazet Saihad. Its strategic position lends itself to its important role in history, as it controlled the ancient incense routs. It was a meeting point for caravans coming from the Qana port on the Arabian Sea coast, crossing the Wadi Hadhramout. Close to the city are many attractions, the most famopus being the Great ...


Sana Sanaa, the capital of Yemen is spectacularly beautiful. It's a fascinating city with unique architecture. It seems as if you were back in the middle ages in some tale of Arabian Nights. The way people dress and the way the buildings look has not changed the last thousand years. even new-Sana looks and feels old. The city is set in a pretty valley highlighted by rugged mountains. The houses of old Sanaa are known as tower houses with some reaching eight storeys. In old Sanaa there are more than 14,000 of such houses. From the middle of old Sanaa cow market (Soq al-bakar), one can walk 500m in any direction without coming across new buildings. The ground and first floors of the old city houses are built of stone with ...


Shibam Shibam in the Hadramawt is know as Manhattan of the Desert. Rising up from the desert sands, you see hunderds of 6 storey buildings. Well, Manhattan is a bit higher, but then again it wasn't built 1000 years ago. Walk the streets stroll through the nearby palm groves and gaze out at the sand dunes. The main attraction is the Friday Mosque (from the 10th century). If time permits drive a few hours to see the rocky town of Hajarayn...


Socotra Socotran Conservation Socoety [Upload image] Socotra Island is really the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean ( Arabian Sea ). It is the last refuge of the -almost instinct, a remote Yemeni island off the horn of Africa . It is the biggest Yemeni island and its area is about 3650 Km2. It is located to the east Gulf of Aden and it is about 880 Km off Aden city (The Free Zone). The nearest point in the main land to Socotra is Ras Fartak in Almahara Governorate which is about 380 Km. The island is home to many rare species of plants, insects, animals, and birds, which live there, almost undisturbed. It is necessary to safeguard this rare biodiversity in the island and its marine surrounding against the sort of development tha...


Thola Located 54 km north west Sanaa, one of the most important historic cities, named Thola after Tola bin Lobakha bin Iqian bin Himiar Al-Asghar. Thola is set at 2400 meter above sea level. Sights include high palaces and modern buildings, markets, many mosques as Al-Motahir Bin Imam Sharafidin mosque, who died on 980 Hejra, It is located on a mountain which contain the unconquerable castle and many large caves and grain reservoirs, water pools and Himiaric antiquities....

Dar AlHajar

Dar AlHajar Dar Al-Hajar was the palace of Yemens Imam. With its stories and the orientation of its facades, the palace commands tremendous views of the valley, in the center of which it stands atop a lofty rock. It was used, often as a summer retreat, by the different dynasties that ruled Yemen and then by the Yemeni imamate from 1602 to 1835. It was built on the ruins of a much older, perhaps pre-Islamic Sabaean structure known as Du Siadan. The rock contains numerous caves used for storage, burying the dead, etc., in addition to a well shaft running from high atop rock down to the water table. This is the second model of its kind constructed by 57-year-old Al-Ghuthaifi who began this new profession a couple of years ago. I ...




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