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Zarafshan Zarafshan is a gold mining city in the remote Kyzyl Kum desert of northern Uzbekistan. Hardly anyone makes the grueling trip here, although rumors abound of an expat community as a result of the mining. There is little reason to go to Zarafshan other than a strong desire to go where no one has gone before. Beware! Local police forces may forbid you access to Zarafshan and it is highly unlikely that you will be able to get permission on your passport. There are several flights to Zarafshan as well as the even more remote Uchkuduk, which is visible from the air on a Tashkent-Urgench flight. Just don't try to go without the proper permission or you may not be coming back! This article is completely wrong. Great tow...


Urgench Urgench is quite a drab town. It is an important agricultural center and when you drive around you see big canals full of muddy water, used to irrigate the cotton fields all around. There is no reason to go to Urgench except onward travel to Khiva and the Aral Sea. For these purposes it is a stop you can hardly do without. You change buses here, or take a taxi and then you just get on. Why linger...


Khiva Khiva was totally brought back to the original state in the sixties. Some of the critics say it has lost some of the oriental flair it used to have, and it's more like an open air museum. This is not very true, most of the houses are still lived in, and although the colourful markets are just outside of the walled cities, the city is far from dead. What Khiva lacks in terms of hotel and restaurant selection, it more than makes up for in accessibility. Unlike almost every other city in Uzbekistan, the treasures of Khiva are yours to explore unmolested by the guides and sellers of wares. One should enter a specific mosque said to offer an unfettered view of worshipers although filled with columns. This mosque also hol...


Bukhara Bukhara is one of the most famous cities on the ancient Silk Road. Samarkand is maybe a bit more famous, but Bukhara wins hands down when it comes to atmosphere. This city is alive! The old part of town offers an incredible number of sights. The first or last stop of any visit should be the Lab-i-Hauz, a great place to relax, sit, drink tea (or something stronger) and wait for the fountains to start again. Seen from the Lab-i-Hauz the Ark or Citadel is at the other end of town. Between those two are magnificent Koranic schools, impressive mosques and a big tall minaret with a history that will make you shiver... You should also not miss out on visiting the newer part of the city to see how Uzbekistan is live...


Shakhrisabz Shakhrisabz is the birthplace of Tamerlane, or Amir Timur, and is probably one of the most unassuming of the tourist attractions. Whereas Samarkand's Registan and Bukhara's Old City are inhabited by tourists and merchants, Shakhrisabz is a small town where locals still mingle amongst the historic landmarks. Most of these landmarks are in ruins, such as the palace, so don't expect another Khiva, but you can feel more authenticly historical in a place like Shakhrisabz. Be aware that although this was Tamerlane's hometown, the Crypt of Timur doesn't contain his remains. You can get to Shakhrisabz from Samarkand by buses or taxis in about two hours. The mountain pass road reveals scenery that is a pleasant break...


Samarkand The Registan square, reportedly the age old intersection of the trade roads, is the reason why people come to Samarkand. And with good reason. It is one of the most beautiful examples of Islamic architecture you will ever see, right up there with the Alhambra in Spain and the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. But there are a lot more monuments in Samarakand and around it. Although the old center has not really survived into modern times, you can find reminders of the greatness of the rulers of Samarkand, especially Ulughbek and Tamerlane, all over town. If one wants to enjoy Central Asian nightlife, Samarkand is the place to do it. The city offers most of the options of Tashkent, but at prices that will make one feel like on...


Tashkent Tashkent is a very attractive and vibrant city. The roots of the rich Uzbek culture shine through Tashkent's architecture, museums and metro stations. The uzbek folk are very friendly. The best way to get a full taste of the culture would be to visit the local markets, It is a social place which every citizen in Tashkent is bound to visit. The nightlife in Tashkent is evolving at an incredible pace. There are many night clubs as well as teahouses and cafes. The uzbek food is unique and very tasty! Some of the dishes that you have to try are the plov, samsa, shaslik and a lot more. But be careful! food bought at markets may upset your stomach (for a long time, even). so either take some pill or eat some local yoghurt t...


Moynaq Moynaq is no more than a rotting village that was a former prosperous seaport on the Aral Sea. The utter desperation and depression here is so thick that a knife wouldn't cut it. Some 30 years ago when the waters of the Aral lapped at the shore, Moynaq was home to a successful fishing industry. Today it is a living ghost town with high unemployment rate and quite a few drunkards. If you want to get a sense of the world's worst environmental disaster, and you're an intrepid traveler, Moynaq will be a highlight of your trip. Rusted-out ships litter the sandy plains that were once a lake bottom. Get your taxi driver to drive you as close as possible to the ship area. There are a couple dozen ships in the area. Some ar...


Navoi For those interested in the Soviet occupation of Uzbekistan, there is no better place than Navoi. This city, nearly a midpoint between Samarkand and Bukhara, was never under the jurisdiction of Tashkent. It was administered and supplied directly from Moscow. Locals who could not afford the trip to Moscow, even at the ridiculously cheap communist prices, would go to Navoi for access to goods available nowhere else in Central Asia. The modern city of Navoi is completely artificial, the grand boulevards, square parks and rectangular apartment blocks the height of Soviet perfectionist ideology. Don't try to spend the night as the local police are a bit jittery. This city remained closed to foreigners until 1996. Don't ...


Nukus Nukus is the bleak capital of the autonomous Karakalpak Republic, which comprises roughly the western 1/3 of the country. If you're heading to the Aral Sea or want to see Karakalpak culture, this is your best bet. However, Nukus has one extraordinary museum, that you have to check out if you are around. The stunning Savitsky museum of art from Russia of the 1920s and 1930s - containing many thousands of items - is extraordinary and an extremely important collection of world-class Avant Garde art. If you can find it, there is also a textile museum that highlights Karaqalpak cultural handicrafts and a walk-in yurt. If you want to head to Moynaq, the former Aral Sea port, you're going to have to hire a taxi from...




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