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Puli The place is so very beautiful that it will not fail to impress you. Take care to see that you do not miss this place as it is one of the major sightseeing destinations in Taiwan. Come to Pu-li so that you do not miss the beautiful sight. Do not miss Pu-li on your tours to Taiwan. ==== PU-LI - ATTRACTION There are a number of places that you should not miss as there are a number of wonderful places to see and these you should not miss. There is the Chung Tai Chan Monastery that is extremely beautiful and it is a pleasure to the eyes. It has a hall that can also be called a chamber right at the entrance of the monastery. Once you come here you will get to see the giant statues of the Buddhas. There is also a coll...


Chiayi Chiayi is a famous city in southern Taiwan. It is the capital of the Chiayi County. It lies on a coastal plain. The county is a major sugarcane and lumber center. The county is a major sugarcane and lumber center. Chiayi is one of the oldest cities of Taiwan. The town has still managed to cling to the traditional culture that marked the history of the place. The chief occupations of the residents here are agriculture, fishery, forestry, animal husbandry, and salt mining. Keeping in touch with its hallowed culture, folk arts and traditional handicrafts are still an essential part of Chiayi tradition. ==== CHIAYI - ATTRACTION The history of the city dates back to the 1700's. Buddhist shrines dating to the past...


Chiufen Chiu-fen is one of the exotic rustic settlements in the northeastern part of Taiwan. Beautifully nestled amid the mountainous regions, Chiu-fen in Taiwan is a popular destination. Every year a host of regional and global tourists flock to the city. If you are planning for a holiday in Taiwan, make sure that you visit tehis small but beautiful mountain village. Chiu-fen is home to a number of places that draw travelers. Following are some of the information about Chiu-fen. ==== CHIU-FEN - ATTRACTION The scenic setting of the village amidst the mountains and facing the sea makes it one of the fascinating tourist destinations in Taiwan. Such a beautiful location of Chiu-fen has drawn a number of filmmakers. It is f...


Hsienchu Hsien-chu is a famous mountainous region of Taiwan. It is known for its amusement parks and various other spots of entertainment. For a tourist, the place offers some interesting things to see and do. ==== HSIEN-CHU - ATTRACTION Lungsyi Gardens - The Garden is divided into the Landscape Area, the village landscape area, the health resort area, the amusement area and the vacation area. The landscape area covers the waterfall scenes designed in the Chinese style; the village landscape area calls tourists to mind and think of the life of the earlier farm villages. The amusement area has many interesting items pertaining to entertainment. The health resort area includes Yanggwang lawn square, physical activity groun...


Hsinwu Hsin-wu is one of the popular tourist destinations in Taiwan. Hsin-wu lies in the state of Taiwan and therefore it is well connected by all the major means of transport. The place is quite populated but you will really enjoy this very charming place. If you are planning to spend your next vacation in Taiwan, make sure that you have included this little settlement in your itinerary. One of the most exotic but less frequented tourist destinations in Taiwan, Hsin-wu attracts admirers from all across the globe. The town is nestled beautifully on the shore of the sea. Following are some of the information about Hsin-wu. Hsin-wu is one place that you should not miss under any circumstances. ==== HSIN-WU - ATTRACTION...


Juifeng Jui-feng is a place in Taiwan which has earned for itself the name of an ideal tourist destination. The name of Jui-feng is native to the place. The place of Jui-feng has become increasingly popular as a tourist attraction with restaurants, shopping centers and theaters adding to its novelties along with benign weather conditions. ==== JUI-FENG - ATTRACTION Jui-feng has several attractions for the numerous visitors who keep coming to the place year after year. The place is also named as the city of sadness; this of course has nothing to do with the living styles within the city. The name has been taken from one of the films which were made on Jui-feng. The tourists can visit the place easily while touring the nu...


KenTing Ken-Ting is an island in southern Taiwan. It is renowned for its exquisite locales. Over the years the various coastal reefs and limestone formations in K'en-ting make it a most favored tourist destination in Taiwan. K'en-ting is placed on the Hengchun Peninsula in Pingtung County. The coastline of K'en-ting is its main attraction. The waters of K'en-ting are very transparent. It makes it one of the best places for experiencing the underwater life of the country. The island of K'en-ting is blessed with an azure coastline. It also boasts of a vast resource of flora and fauna. Today, it is seen as an ecological treasure. This is primarily why it has become a haven for the tourists. Located in the extreme south of T...


Yunlin Yun-lin is one of the prime centers of tourist attractions in Taiwan. The Yun-lin County is located in the south of Taiwan and has developed considerably in the recent years making it a popular tourist spot. ==== YUN-LIN - ATTRACTION There are various tourist attractions in Yun-Lin among which some of the most prominent are the Beigang Chautyan Temple, Mamingshan Jenan Temple and the Jyanfushan Fancyworld . These places have always attracted tourists coming across the Republic of China. The people of the region are very devoted worshipers and their temples are very colorful with traditional customs highlighting the customs and rules of the indigenous people. The Beigang Chautyan Temple was built in the 3rd year ...


Keelung Situated in the northern part of Taiwan island, Keelung used to be called Jilong, which means hencoop. The name was later changed to Keelung which means rich and prosperous land. The city occupies 132.7589 square kilometers of land, 95% of which are hills. The city is separated from the neighboring counties and cities by the mountains in the east, west and south. The northern part of the city faces the ocean and is a great deepwater harbor since early times. As the city is surrounded by mountains, communications between Keelung and other places were not very convenient in the past when transportation was not well-developed. Gradually, the isolation gave Keelung a chance to develop its own marine culture. Afte...

Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake Sun Moon Lake is Taiwans largest and most beautiful lake- that is, when you should believe all the honeymooners and tourists who come over there. The clear blue water invites for swimming, but because this is not allowed, youll have to rent a boat and make a trip to the Kuanghua Island on the western side of the lake (or grab your chance when water skiing). It will take at least a day to see all the sights around the lake. There are several temples, such as the Wenwu Temple (dedicated to Confucius and Kuankung) and the Hsuanchuang Temple. Peacock Park is a mini zoo where you can visit the Butterfly Museum and have your picture taken at an idyllic spot. Tehuashe Aboriginal Village is located at the far end of the lak...




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