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Taitung Taitung is a county in Eastern Taiwan. Taitung is one of the few places in Taiwan which remains by and large untouched by large scale changes brought about in the entire island in the name of development. ==== TAITUNG - ATTRACTION The Taitung County includes the 2 major islands namely the Green Island and Orchid Island. Taitung city is the capital of Taitung County. The green Island is a very beautiful part of Taitung County. It features one of the world's few saltwater hot springs. Here one can see plenty of scenic tropical vegetation and coral seashores. One can also visit the number of current and former prison complexes. A rented scooter is useful for getting around the island. The best place to visit he...


Tungmen The city of T'ung-men is one of the well known tourist destinations in Taiwan. The country of Taiwan is frequented by lot of travelers who come here from different corners of the globe. The city has got convenient transport facilities and so the travelers can easily move from one place to another within the city. The neighboring areas of T'ung-men can be reached comfortably by all the visitors. The city has got good accommodation facilities and dining facilities as well. So the travelers can easily spend few days in this lovely place which is one of the popular destinations in Taiwan. The stay in this place will surely be remembered by all the visitors. ==== TUNG-MEN - ATTRACTION There are many places in the cit...

Lu Tao

Lu Tao Lu Tao is an important city of Taiwan. It is also one of the most picturesque and progressive regions of the country. Lu Tao can be traveled all the year round. It is recommended that tourists should come here other than the month of February. This is because during the Chinese New Year which falls around February each year, many shops and restaurants are closed. ==== LU TAO - ATTRACTION Kuanin Cave - Kuanin is the local goddess of mercy. In the cave there is a stalagmite image of Kuanin. People worship the goddess every morning. Green Island - The Green Island offers visitors to Taiwan a great getaway option. It is a small island located in the Pacific Ocean 33 kilometers off the coast of South Eastern Taiw...


LungTung The city of Lung-tung in Taiwan is a very renowned tourist destination of the country. The place is visited by lot of tourists who come for spending their holidays in total peace and tranquility. The city has got good facilities of communication and so the visitors can easily reach all the other places that are close to Lung-tung. The stay in this place will always remain a memorable one for all. The region has got tropical marine type of climate and so the visitors can come here any time during the year. There are plenty of activity sites in this region, where the visitors can try out various adventure sports. The visit to this place will always remain a memorable one for all. ==== LUNG-TUNG - ATTRACTION There ...


Miaoli Miao-li city is the capital of Miaoli County, a prosperous region in Taiwan. It is also known as the Mountain Town. It gets its name from the number of mountains nearby thereby making it a great place for hiking. ==== MIAO-LI - ATTRACTION The main attraction in Miao-li is Shihtoushan, or Lion's Head Mountain. Apart from being the oldest temple on the island it is one of the most interesting places to spend some restful days and nights. Most of the temples of Miao-li provide affordable room and board for foreign visitors. Shangrila Recreational Park - Shangri-la in Miao-li is a major attraction in Miao-li. It is a large amusement park that combines entertainment and culture. The Hakka culture village in the ...


NeiWan Nei-Wan is one place that you should not miss under any circumstances. Nei-wan lies in the state of Taiwan and therefore it is well connected by all the major means of transport. The place is quite populated but you will really enjoy this very charming place. There is no dearth of tourist attractions here and this place promises you a wonderful holiday. So come to the charming place of Nei-wan and simply enjoy. ==== NEI-WAN - ATTRACTION There are many convenient means by which to reach this particular place. All what you need to do is plan your tour in such a way so that you do not miss any of these fantabulous places. In fact you will really enjoy these trips to such exotic places. ==== NEI-WAN - FOOD T...


Taichunghsien T'ai-chung-hsien lies to the west of central Taiwan. It is bordered by the hsiens of Miao-li in the north, I-lan and Hua-lien in the east, and Chang-hua and Nan-t'ou to the south. The Taiwan Strait lies to the west of the T'ai-chung-hsien. ==== TAI-CHUNG-HSIEN - ATTRACTION Natural Science Museum - Natural Science Museum is located in the Taichung City. The Museum was inaugurated with fan fare in 1986. Other exhibition halls of stage I, II, III and IV were completed later. Today, the museum has four multi-media theaters for different subjects. These include Space Theater, Bird view Theater, Three-dimensional Theater and Environment Theater. The main exhibition halls for four different subjects are Science Center...


Tali Ta-li is one of the important Tourist Destinations in Taiwan and emerged as a center of leisure and business travel. The travelers who decide to embark on Ta-li Tours will definitely find it quite interesting indeed. Ta-Li will suggest the idea that it is one of the scenic places to be found in the country of Taiwan. The rugged terrains, meandering rivers and the streams of Ta-Li make it a very beautiful place to visit. ==== TA-LI - ATTRACTION There are a number of tourist attractions which you can find in the city which makes it a perfect place to spend a leisure holiday. The Shekatang Clearwater stream is situated amidst the mountainous terrains of Ta-li. The Taroko Gorge National Park Center is also one o...


Chinshan Chin-shan is one of the sought after Tourist Destinations in Taiwan. Chin- shan Travel will stay in your vivid memories for a long time as it is one of the scenic cities to be found in the country. Chin-shan provides you with a charming feeling as it is surrounded by scenic mountainous landscape and meandering rivers. The geographical location of Chin-shan suggests that it lies in the northern part of the country and is a mountainous area. The entire city is surrounded by mountainous terrains which provide it with a scenic appearance. As most parts of Taiwan, the climate of Chin-shan is tropical marine in character. The tropical marine influence suggests pleasant weather all the year round. ==== CHIN-SAN - HI...


Chungli The scenic city of Chung-li is one of the frontline Tourist Destinations in Taiwan. Chung-li has considerable importance in the tourism map of the country and has evolved as one of the most attractive destinations. Chung-li offers you as a traveler a perfect opportunity to enjoy business and leisure holidays. The climate of Chung-li portrays a tropical marine type and the weather is mostly pleasant all the year round. The tropical marine influence which is found in the climatic pattern of the place attracts a considerable number of travelers. The city of Chung-li offers you a very efficient system of transportation. The roads of Chung-li are well linked and you can avail buses and taxis in the city. The buses a...




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