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Kenting Kenting is in the southern part of Taiwan. It is a popular beach area bordering on the tropical region of Taiwan. Do not hesitate to rent a bike and explore the (flat) surroundings. Kenting is also a National Park of Taiwan, with many tropical plants such as palm trees, a few banana trees, and even sugar canes. Good place to swim and dive. The park covers about 181 square kilometers of land, 152 square kilometers of sea, weighing in at 333 square kilometers combined. It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Taiwan Strait and the Luzon Strait. 90 kilometers from the city Kaohsiung, the park can be easily accessed by road, rail or air. The landscape boasted by Kenting National Park is divided into two parts by t...

Lan Yu

Lan Yu Lan-Yu is popularly known as Orchid Island. It lies about 60 kilometers away from the southeastern tip of Taiwan. It consists of about 6 villages. Lan-Yu has been renamed as Orchid Island as few orchids grow on the hills surrounding this place. Lan-Yu is a typhoon-lashed island. The majority of the inhabitants of this Island have a hand to mouth existence. The cultivation in the region lies around the narrow terraced fields carved into near-vertical slopes. Fishing is also a major occupation of the region. ==== LAN YU - ATTRACTION For a tourist the place offers some interesting things to see and do. Some of them are below: Lan-Yu Tianchi Trail - There are a few hiking trails around the island. One of the...


Tanshui Tan-shui is one of the major cities of North Taiwan. It is situated in the last quarter of the North Coast Highway. The city is surrounded by the Tan-shui River in the south. To the east of the Tan-shui lies the impressive Mount Taton. The city layout of streets in the city is unique and interesting as well. Almost all the streets run parallel to the river. This feature of the city is somewhat similar to that found in Venice. ==== TAN-SHUI - ATTRACTION There are quite a few famous temples in this city. These include the Lungshan Temple, the Herzhong Temple, Tamchian Church and the Xingchung Temple. The ancient relics of Mackay's Grave and Octagonal Tower are also often visited spots of Tan-shui. Tan-shui...


Chinmen Chin-men The Chin-men is one of the major tourist destinations of Taipei that attracts tourists from all across the globe. The Chin-men province, also called as Chinmen Islands or even Quemoy Islands lies in the Taiwan Strait. The islands are located 6 km (4 mi) offshore from the Chinese mainland. The islands are closest to the Chinese city of Xiamen. Chin-men attract tourists with its amazing beauty and the activity options. Chin-men offer great facilities for vacationers and other type of travelers to enjoy a great stay. The travelers will be greeted by the friendly locals who will make them feel at home. ==== CHIN-MEN - ATTRACTION The region of Chin-men is a renowned tourist destination in Taiwan that is visi...


Peipu The city of Pei-pu must be visited by the travelers coming to Taiwan. There are many popular destinations in Taiwan and all the places have lot to offer to the visitors coming here. The city is well connected with other neighboring places by very good communication facilities. The visitors can easily move from Pei-pu to the other cities of Taiwan. Pei-pu is definitely one of the popular destinations in Taiwan. The place has got many local attractions which must be checked out by the visitors coming here. The travelers will surely have a memorable trip to Taiwan, which they will remember for a very long time. This city has recently developed into a very popular holiday destination for the people of Taiwan. The city...


Sanhsia San-hsia is one of the often visited places of tourist attraction in Taiwan. Located in Taiwan the place abounds in natural beauty and historical prominence. San-hsia is placed within the geographical coordinates of 24 degrees North and 121 degrees east, a position which facilitates its mild weather conditions. ==== SAN-HSIA - ATTRACTION San-hsia has a number of tourist attractions which promotes the tourism in the place throughout the year. Some of the crucial are its temples, the San-hsia old street, its forests and the plethora of wildlife that abounds them. Near the Great Root Spa Resort, the mountains of San-hsia provide great hiking trails for the tourist including hot springs. The other important places t...

Toroko Gorge

Toroko Gorge One of Taiwan's premiere tourist attractions is the Toroko Gorge. The gorge is best explored from Hualien a town of 100,000 people. The Toroko Gorge is a spectacular marble canyon. The few human constructions actually add to the place. There are the red suspension bridges, temples set in mountains and, most famously, the Eternal Spring Shrine. The Shrine is built over a waterfall and dedicated to the 450 people who died making the Cross-Island Highway that runs along the gorge. The Highway certainly gives a feeling of how hard it was to build here. The amazing route is precariously cut right into the side of the gorge. Beyond Toroko, the road goes up into the high mountains of central Taiwan where there are incr...


Hsinchu One of the popular tourist destinations in Taiwan, Hsin-chu is frequented by a large number of travelers from all across the world. It is one of the busiest industrial area in Taiwan. Hsin-chu lies in the state of Taiwan and therefore it is well connected by all the major means of transport. Not only global tourists, you will find a number of regional travelers visiting the place. Hsin-chu is one of the favorite places among the locals, especially for the weekend trips. Most of the local tourists head downtown to visit some of the popular tourist destinations in the city. ==== HSIN-CHU - ATTRACTION Although Hsin-chu in Taiwan is primarily a busy industrial center, there are a number of places that will sur...


Lukang Lu-kangis situated at the edge of the coastal plain on the west-central coast of Taiwan. In local parlance it means deer harbor.It derives its name from the fact that wild deer roamed the then-undeveloped plains around the town. In the distant past Lu-kang was one of Taiwan's 3 most important harbors. Because of severe silting of the sea and the Lu-kang River, today it is placed some distance from the shore. The best known of crafts in the region is woodworking, fan making, incense manufacture, tin sculpture, and lantern making. In fact Lu-kang boasts of more recipients of Living Heritage awards than anywhere else in Taiwan. On a trip to Lu-kang one can see these highly skilled artisans at work. ==== LU-KANG - ...


Tainan T'ai-nan is one of the charming cities of Taiwan, with modern means of transportation and lovely hotels to stay in. People in large numbers visit T'ai-nan for its sightseeing attractions and natural wonders. T'ai-nan city is the fourth largest city in Taiwan after Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Taichung. It serves as the officially administrated provincial city of Taiwan Province in the Republic of China. It was the capital of Taiwan in 17th century and remain upto mid of 19th century. In fact, Taiwan is the old name of Tainan, which later became the island. ==== TAI-NAN - ATTRACTION Tourist Attractions in T'ai-nan are many and diverse. The city is famous for its abundant historical buildings and delicious snack food...




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