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Shih-t'i-p'ing is a charming location within Taiwan. The place has gained enormous importance in recent because of its tourism industry. Shih-t'i-p'ing is placed within the geographical co-ordinates of 23 degrees North and 121 degrees east. The placement of Shih-t'i-p'ing with its scenic coast has endured its importance as a travel destination.


The natural attractions of Shih-t'i-p'ing are simply boundless. The shores merge into the plains and the plains in turn reach up to the mountains whose beauty is eternal. The ride down the town is most appealing, with the highway 11 from Hualien to Taitung mesmerizing in scenic beauty which on clear days is spectacular. The tourist can also get a glimpse of the dolphins and occasionally whales looking down to the coastal line.

Some of the other activities and sports which refresh the refresh in his Shih-t'i-p'ing travel are snorkeling, fishing and diving along its shores. Since Shih-t'i-p'ing experiences a tropical marine climate the opportunities for touring it is throughout the year. You can also take personal excursions to some shady crags which are amply distributed in the landscape. The Shih-t'i-p'ing harbor also looks fantastic on a rainy day. Many people from all parts of Taiwan visit the beaches of Shih-t'i-p'ing hence it has become a quite popular tourist destination for both locals and tourists from outside. However if you travel towards the inlet slightly you will find it quite secluded with only a variety of marine life surrounding you. Tropical coastal forests Kandelia, the Grey Mangrove and White Mangrove are some of the species of coastal vegetation that you can encounter along your Shih-t'i-p'ing Tour.


You can travel to the place throughout the year, it is during winter that Shih-t'i-p'ing becomes more enticing. There are large waves that crash along the shores and the surf will kick up rendering a very picturesque feel to the entire atmosphere.

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