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Miao-li city is the capital of Miaoli County, a prosperous region in Taiwan. It is also known as the Mountain Town. It gets its name from the number of mountains nearby thereby making it a great place for hiking.


The main attraction in Miao-li is Shihtoushan, or Lion's Head Mountain. Apart from being the oldest temple on the island it is one of the most interesting places to spend some restful days and nights. Most of the temples of Miao-li provide affordable room and board for foreign visitors.

Shangrila Recreational Park - Shangri-la in Miao-li is a major attraction in Miao-li. It is a large amusement park that combines entertainment and culture. The Hakka culture village in the park provides the traditional Hakka buildings and foods. Visitors are allowed to camp and barbeque in this park. The night view in Shangri-la is also very attractive.

Shangri-la has a European garden and water fountain. It also has a restaurant that can serve up to 1000 guests. Tourists can have fun in the amusement park and trees along the forest track.

The Miao-li Lion's Head Mountain is a majestic mountain named so because of its resemblance to a lion's head. The abundant vegetation, old trees, and a few temples make the lake an attractive and interesting travel destination. The oldest of these temples is ShryandungYuanguang Temple. It was built in 1894.

Mt. Huoyan Nature Reserve - Mt. Huoyan is located to the north of Da-an River. It is known for its special scenery featuring sharp bare hills, and the Mawei Pine Tree Forest. Mt. Huoyan serves as a stopover for migratory birds coming from the south.

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