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Lan Yu
Lan Yu

Lan-Yu is popularly known as Orchid Island. It lies about 60 kilometers away from the southeastern tip of Taiwan. It consists of about 6 villages. Lan-Yu has been renamed as Orchid Island as few orchids grow on the hills surrounding this place.

Lan-Yu is a typhoon-lashed island. The majority of the inhabitants of this Island have a hand to mouth existence. The cultivation in the region lies around the narrow terraced fields carved into near-vertical slopes. Fishing is also a major occupation of the region.


For a tourist the place offers some interesting things to see and do. Some of them are below:

Lan-Yu Tianchi Trail - There are a few hiking trails around the island. One of the most notable trails is to a small pond on the south side of the island. This apart to the west side of the island one can watch some amazing sunset. And if one can climb up the weather station one can have fantastic panoramic view of the surroundings.

Battleship Rocks - This rock structure is located on the east side of the island. Locals say that that towards the end of the Second World War, the American Air force mistook this rock formation as a Japanese battleship. So they bombed it relentlessly. The remains of the site seem to tell a horror story of the War.

Tiger Rock - This particular rock formation located on the southwest side of the island is arguably one of the strangest in the world. It resembles a big tiger rearing up and swatting away with its paws. Apart from this there are other interesting rock formations as well. Because of the regular typhoons that blow through this place, the rock formations are ever changing their name sake appearances.

Airport Rock - This structure is located just off of the airport runway. This is a large rock jutting out above the surface. Under the water is a series of huge boulders that run down to a depth of about 35 meters. The array of underwater rock formations seems to spin an unending charming sight below waters.

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