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The place is so very beautiful that it will not fail to impress you. Take care to see that you do not miss this place as it is one of the major sightseeing destinations in Taiwan. Come to Pu-li so that you do not miss the beautiful sight. Do not miss Pu-li on your tours to Taiwan.


There are a number of places that you should not miss as there are a number of wonderful places to see and these you should not miss. There is the Chung Tai Chan Monastery that is extremely beautiful and it is a pleasure to the eyes. It has a hall that can also be called a chamber right at the entrance of the monastery. Once you come here you will get to see the giant statues of the Buddhas. There is also a collection slot that is there under every single statue. Yet it is very grand and extremely lavish.

The Chung Tai Chan Monastery is a lavishly built monastery that does not totally reflect the teachings of Buddhism. But the place is a huge one and it is also well maintained. The area is an immense one and a lot of money has been spent in order to beautify and maintain it also. This monastery has got large gardens and there are massive halls too and obviously these need a large sum of money too to be maintained. Close to this monastery you will also get a few shops that sell the statues of Buddhas. These you can collect as souvenirs.

You can also take a long and relaxing walk along the Li Yu Lake. It is a wonderful place where you can take a walk along the waterside and drink coffee at the lakeshore.

There is another fascinating thing that you should not miss on your tour to Pu-li. It is the Puli Winery and it is considered to be a hot spot for the tourists to visit Puli. Here you can not only taste some local wines here but there are also some foods too that you should not miss. These wines have been made from cake, egg, ice and cooked rice.

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