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Kamnik Kamnik is a lovely old town, surrounded by green hills and high peaks of the Kamniske Alps. This popular small town has some good supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, bars, banks, post office and other shops where all provisions can be bought. Bike hire is available throughout the year from the Tourist Information Centre located in the centre of town. The most beautiful part of the town is, no doubt, its old town core with typical narrow streets, decorated by medieval and baroque facades of houses. Up on the hill, right in the centre of the town, there is Mali grad Romanic chapel. Even higher above the town Stari grad, now in ruins, still watches over Kamnik. Among sights, worth seeing, there are two museums - the cast...

Lake Bled

Lake Bled A fairytale castle high on a bluff, with a crystal clear lake underneath, snow capped alps in the background: Bled has all the ingredients for becoming a major tourist spot. Located in the Julian alps, a bus ride of about an hour takes you from Ljubljana to this mountain resort. The main sights in the area are the Bled castle which has a pricey restaurant and a mediocre museum but the best views imaginable of the lake and the island with the Church of Sv Marija Bozja on it. The island can be visited by gondola, or by canoe from the Park Hotel. It is approximately 4 miles around the lake, which makes it a nice after dinner stroll. The Vintgar Gorge is an excellent day trip. It's just 10 km north of town and the h...

Postojnas caves

Postojnas caves Postojnas caves are about 4 million years old and are home to the Proteus anguineus - a sort of blind salamander which can only live in cave like conditions. A small train takes you 2 km down to the starting point of the tours. What you will see there is hard to desrcibe but we can assure you that Postojna has one of the most impressive cave systems in the world. Postojna is on the main route south from Ljubljana and can be seen as a daytrip or on your way to the beaches of the Adriatic....


Brezice Breice is one of the largest municipalities on Slovenia's southeastern border with Croatia. Lying at the confluence of two of this nation's largest rivers, the Sava and the Krka, it also stands at the juncture of a number of important international traffic routes. Breice prides itself on a rich historical and cultural heritage, the genesis of which predates the Roman era. The development of this district has been revealed by way of various archaeological finds and is also exhibited through a number of ethnological collections, the magnificent Breice and Mokrice Castles, several smaller manor houses in the vicinity as well as numerous churches. The Posavje Museum, with its archaeological and ethnological exhibits, Pea...




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