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Inle The centre of Myanmar will captivate you very quickly. Once you got used to the sight of the fishermens peculiar 'leg-rowing-technique', your eyes can enjoy the 'floating flower beds' and the pile-dwellings on the shore. A boat-trip on the lake is absolutely recommendable. Here, villages are built on stilts over the lake waters and boats are the sole means of transport. Don't forget to bring along an umbrella or cap beacuse the sun can be extremey hot. Try to make the trip on the lake at least two times: once with a motorised boats (be aware that the letters of the boats don't mind pulling the traveller's leg) and once with one of the small rowing boats. The trouble with the motorboats is that they make such a noise...


Putao Situated in the north of Myitkyina, the capital city of Kachin state, can reach only by air route. The city surrounded with snow peaked mountains and the weather is cold around the year. Flora and Fauna can be seen in the forest around Putao. There are also many different ethnic minority tribes in Kachin state. This area is famous for its Nature of originated Flora, especially there are many various kinds of orchids and even the world rarest Black orchids can be found in this area. And for fauna, one of the rarest animal species, Takin (Budorcas Taxicolor), Red Panda (Ailurus Fulgens), Black Bears, Black Deer, are all endemic to this region. Other terrestrial species of Monkeys, Boars, Mountain Goats can also se...


Ngapali Ngapali Beach is surely one of the most beautiful beaches in Myanmar with unspoilt white sand fringed with coconut groves as far as the eye can see. Still, you find primarily peace and quiet, lonely beaches for relaxing or excursions to some islands and fishing villages. Ngapali is easily and quickly accessible by airplane from Yangon to Thandue and a car transfer of about 30 minutes. The best beach resort in Myanmar, also once known as the Naples of the East, is located on the northern coast in Rakhine State. Nagpali is an unpolluted, unspoiled beach stretching over 3 km with crystal clear blue sea and clean white sands fringed with coconut groves as far as your eyes can see. This unspoiled beach is 35 minutes fli...


Myanmar Myanmar is probably the last undiscovered country in Southeast Asia. With a population of around 48 million peoples and a landsize bigger then France, and a great deal of cultural diversity, it is still very underdeveloped and there is quiet a lot of poverty in the country. With its harsh political system, Burma was closed to the outside world for a long time, and even now many people don't want to travel to Burma because the dont agree with the current regime and don't want to to support the regime by spending their money their. However tourism helps many local people, for example your guide, driver or hotel staff or small shop owners. These people would have to struggle a lot more if there were no tourists. And w...


MyitKyina Myitkyina (Burmese: ) is a city, and the capital of Kachin State in Myanmar, located 919 miles from Yangon, or 487 miles from Mandalay. It is on the Ayeyarwady River, just below Myit-son, the confluence of its two headstreams (the Maikha and Malikha rivers). It is the northernmost river port and railway terminal in Myanmar. The population is a mix of Kachin, Shan and Bamar peoples. Fragrant rice produced near Myitkyina, called khat cho, is considered the best in Myanmar. Myitkyina is the capital and centrally located in the Kachin State. It is the northern most railway terminal, 919 miles from Yangon and 487 miles from Mandalay. Visitors can tour the Myit Sone, the confluence of Maikha and Malikha Streams. Ayeyarwa...

Chaung Thar

Chaung Thar There are 13 top class hotels in Chaungthar to cater to their every need. Those who find the atmosphere of cities stifling, the pressures of work stressful and the responsibilities of modern life becoming burdensome, may shed their manifold worries for a while by visiting and enjoying a restful holiday interlude at Chaungthar. While listening to the whispering of the wind in the trees and among the palm fronds and to the regular sleep inducing beat of the oceanbreakers as you relax in your rattan chair amidst the balmy breezes you will find yourself visibly relaxing and your cares and tensions slipping away. Those who wish to engage in play activities on the beach may wish to take a dip in the ocean and...


Pathein In the lower Myanmar delta area which we call the Ayeyarwady Division there is a coastal town by the name of Pathein. In the colonial days the British called it Bassein. It lies on the Gnawun river bank and is 75 miles away from the sea. The distance between Pathein (Bassein) and Yangon is 191 miles (by rail). The precise location of it is 16.45 N and 94.48 E. Regarding this Bassein of the bygone era Hobson-Jobson noted: Centuries ago Pathein was known as Cosmin. Ralph Fitch, the first recorded British traveller who visited Myanmar between 1586 and 1588 called it Cosmin. Some authorities argued that this word Cosmin was a corruption of two Mon words kaw and thamein. The word kaw signifies an island and thamein...


Pindaya Pindaya is situated at 1164-m above sea level and is 40-km from Kalaw. It is noted for its extensive limestone caves and Shwe U Min Paya which is full of Buddha images of about 8000 a and picturesque Boutaloke Lake. Pindaya itself is a centre for the Myanmar speaking Taung-yo people. Local handicrafts include Shan paper and parasols made from mulberry bark. It is a small, charming town, centred round a lake, called Nattamiekan or Angels Lake. The main sight in the area is Pindaya Cave (Shwe Oo Min Cave) - the limestone caves contain a maze of chambers with 6,226 Buddha statues. Some of the images are tiny, others are huge, and are made of white marble, bronze or plaster, coated with gold leaf. Some of the smaller cav...




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