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Ngwe Saung Beach

Ngwe Saung Beach Ngwe Saung beach is situated near Yangon city and it can be reached within a 6-hour drive from Yangon. The beach itself is approximately 9 miles long and one of the longest beach in South East Asia and newly opened beach in Ayeyarwaddy delta region interconnected with the Andaman Sea. Moreover, Ngwe Saung is located a bit south of Ngapali which is also another popular beach resorts in Myanmar. Though, the beach itself was recently opened, due to the incredible quality of the beach, water and sand, it is getting more and more attention from tourists and becoming more popular. It is not just that the beach is good in quality but it also has incredible vistas and breathtaking view of the Bay of Bengal especially du...


Monywa Monywa, is located in Sagaing Division, in Myanmar, and geographically 136 km northwest of Mandalay along the eastern bank of River Chindwin. It will take 3 hours drive from Mandalay via Sagaing in order to get to Monywa. It has some lively markets; and its main street (between the clock tower and the Bogyoke Aung San statue) comes alive after dark, with a vibrant atmosphere and numerous food stalls and beer stations. Bear in mind, however, that this is small-town Myanmar, and places close early. There are many places to visit around in the area and one of many attractions is the Poewindaung mountain caves where visitors can observe the incredible stone curving and mural paintings all over the cave. Thanboday pagod...


Yangon Myanmars capital has its very special charm, although some people rate Yangoon as very crowded and noisy. The many shady parks and beautiful lakes have earned a reputation as the garden city of the East. Its unmistakably colonial style buildings, open markets and wide treelined avenues endow it with a strange mix of old world charm and modern vitality. Every evening the streets of downtown Yangoon turn into one big supermarket. Streetvendors sell almost everything. You can also have a cheap meal on the streets. The highlight of the cityscape is the famous Shwedagon Pagoda especially near sunset. It towers above the Yangon landscape with a serenity so unique that it is often considered as one of the wonders of t...


Pyay Pyay (Prome or Pyi) is best known for the nearby archaelogical site of Sri Ksetra-known as Thiri Kettaya in Burmese. It is an important trading centre between Lower and Upper Myanmar and crossing point to the Rakhine Yoma and Thandwe (Sandoway). Thiri Kettaya was the Pyu capital until the 8th century and finally destroyed by King Anawratha from Bagan in 1057. Pyay is a stopover for the site of Thayekhittaya. It also has a nice paya, Shwensandow paya...


Bagan Bagan is one of the most amazing sight in SE Asia. In an area of 40 km, there are more then 1000 shipas and payas. You can spend at least a week here. At Bagan (Pagan) there are 5000 pagodas still standing, the remains of Myanmar's architectural Golden Age. Bagan was Myanmar's capital for 230 years. Bagan was founded in 849 AD and began to blossom in the reign of King Anawrahta (1044-1077), the 42nd ruler of the Bagan Dynasty. Anawrahta introduced Theravada Buddhism to the city; before the state religion was a mixture of Mahayana Buddhism and Brahmanism. Bagan's glory days ended abruptly with the invasion of the Mongul emperor Kublai Khan in 1287, after which the city was abandoned....


Bago This city is on the way to the golden rock pagoda at Kyaiktiyo. The city of Bago has more surprises then the guidebooks will tell you, so read this section. Bago was founded by Thamala and Wimala, two Mon brothers of noble birth in 573 AD. According to legend, the Buddha rested on a small hillock and two hintha birds came before him in obeisance. He prophesied that 1,660 years after his death, a city would be established on that spot which would be a capital but it was destroyed in 1757 by King Alaungpaya (the founder of Third Burmese Empire). By 1795 Bago had a population of less than 6,000. Bago is 2hr drive from Yangon....


Mandalay Mandalay is the second largest city after Yangoon with a population of over half a million. It doesn't look like a city, more like a big village. There's no skyline, and there are still some dirt roads. The city and its surroundings have a lot to offer to the traveller. It is also the jump-off point for Bagan and Lugu Lake or the North of the country. It is more Burmese than Yangoon and the people are very nice too. Mandalay was founded by King Mindon in 1857 and previously called Yadanatin. The Irrawady lies to the west of the former royal capital and the hazy Shan hills stand to the east. King Mindon was determined to ensure that his city became the capital of the Buddhist world and the Fifth Buddhist Synod was he...


Kyaiktiyo The Golden Rock (Kyaiktiyo) pagoda is in a spectacular location, perched on a huge, seemingly precarious boulder on the edge of a cliff. A hair of the Buddha is enshrined in the pagoda, which was supposed to have been given to a hermit monk, who kept it in his topknot. His last request was that the hair should be enshrined in a pagoda built on a rock, resembling his head. There is a popular belief that those who reach the top will grow rich, and the views are magnificent. Kyaiktiyo is only accessible in the dry season...


Kalaw If we could take Kalaw with us, we would! the British are reported to have said when leaving Myanmar. This old hill station on the rim of the Shan Plateau, in the Pineland, remains a favourite place for holidays. The main attractions of Kalaw are the town itself, with its mock-Tudor colonial bungalows, its ethnic mix of people, and its setting within trekking distance of many ethnic minority villages....


TaungOo The city lies between Rangon and Meikhtila and 175 miles away from Rangon. It was founded by two brothers in 1280 who built a stockade round their village on the hill-spur taungoo, ferocious slave-raids from Karenni make the stucked necessity. There the city walls surrounded by the moat and the toddy palm groves (planted in 1368-77), where king Tabinshwehti is said to have enjoyed his relaxation. ...




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