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Koutoubia Mosque

Koutoubia Mosque The Koutoubia Mosque is a landmark structure in Marrakech. Construction of the minaret was completed under the reign of Yacoub el Mansour (Almohad Caliph Yaqub al-Mansour), who ruled between 1184 and 1199. At the time that it was built, the Koutaoubia Mosque was an engineering feat. Today it is a historical masterpiece. Visitors will undoubtedly be astounded at the shear size of the minaret that became the model example for other minarets, such as the Hassan Tower in the city of Rabat and the Giralda of Selville. The tower of the Koutoubia is sixty-nine meters in height and has a lateral length of 12.8 meters. The interior of the tower is made up of six rooms that are located one above the other. There is also a ra...


Chefchaouen Blue lime-washed houses, busy squares, steep alleyways, the best way to discover this holy town is to wander around it taking in the atmosphere. The old town
Cut into the sides of two mountains, Chefchaouen is a city with blue and white lime-washed houses. A powerful charm that you really can feel in the Outa-el-Hammam square, in the cobblestone medina. Sat on the terrace of a cafe, you can enjoy the attractive view of the grand Tarik-Ben-Ziad mosque whose octagonal minaret is inspired by that of the Torre de Oro in Seville. This Andalousian architecture can be found in the kasbah and its gardens, at the center of the medina. Its walls and its 11 crenellated towers, of which one used to be a dungeon, h...

El Jadida

El Jadida With its fortified walls facing the ocean, the old Portuguese city has today become a charming seaside resort. Old stone and beautiful beaches are on the agenda. The Old Portuguese City
Listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, the former Mazagan became El Jadida (the New City) in 1815. The Portuguese built the fortified city, which originally had five bastions. Today, only four remain. You can reach them by taking a perfectly preserved path around the battlements. The Bastion of the Angel provides a good view of the town, the port and the sea. The Saint-Sbastien bastion has a crude chapel from the Inquisition. A ramp allows you to go down to the Porte de la Mer. This slope going down to the water wa...


Taroudant The ancient Souss capital resembles its bigger sister because of its beautiful ramparts and its lively and superbly stocked souks. Steeped in History
Just like Marrakech, Taroudant has imposing adobe ramparts, adorned with square towers. A 7km horse-drawn carriage tour around it reveals its five gates, Bab El-Kasba being the main one and the most majestic. The excellent condition of the crenellated fortifications demands respect. Large fruit orchards surround the city. Its medina and its souks are very lively. The profusion of decorative items, jewelry and other antiques is astonishing. The Surrounding Area
Surrounded by mountains the Upper Atlas to the north and east and the Anti-At...


Tangier The history of Tangier is very rich due to the historical presence of many civilizations and cultures starting from the 5th century BC. Between the period of being a Phoenician town to the independence era around the 1950s, Tangier was a place-and, sometimes a refuge- for many cultural diversities. However, it wasn't until 1923 that Tangier was attributed an international status by foreign colonial powers, thus becoming a destination for many Europeans and non-Europeans alike such as Americans and Indians. Nowadays, the city is undergoing rapid development and modernization. Projects include new 5-star hotels along the bay, a modern business district called Tangier City Center, a new airport terminal and a new socc...


Morocco Morocco, about one-tenth larger than California, lies across the Strait of Gibraltar on the Mediterranean and looks out on the Atlantic from the northwest shoulder of Africa. Algeria is to the east and Mauritania to the south. On the Atlantic coast there is a fertile plain. The Mediterranean coast is mountainous. The Atlas Mountains, running northeastward from the south to the Algerian frontier, average 11,000 ft (3,353 m) in elevation. Morocco has been the home of the Berbers since the second millennium B.C. In A.D. 46, Morocco was annexed by Rome as part of the province of Mauritania until the Vandals overran this portion of the declining empire in the 5th century. The Arabs invaded circa 685, bringing Islam. The...


Casablanca It is the capital of Grand Casablanca region with 3.7 million inhabitants (2005 estimate) and an area of 1,615 km. Situated on the Atlantic, Casablanca has one of the largest artificial ports in the world. It is the major city in Morocco and the country's economic capital. Casablanca has excellent connections with the rest of Morocco, through its railways and excellent roads. The most important part of Casablanca's economy is phosphate export for which Casablanca is one of the main ports as well as an administrative centre. It is also the centre of the most intensive industrial activity in the country: a sizeable portion of the city's products is exported. Among Casablanca's own industries are fishing, fish cann...

Sahara Camel Excursion

Sahara Camel Excursion The trans-SAHARAN Camel Caravan Trade Routes of the 9th century carried salt, gold, slaves and spices from sub-Sahara Africa to the Mediterranean ports and the Middle East. Its Capital or mustering point was Sijiilmassa, present day Rissani. Appreciate and Remember the Gracious Personal Service in your Luxurious Surroundings of a Ryad to a Humble Welcome in Our Berber home in the Desert with the family and sharing of Cous Cous. Watch the woman cook and prepare their brown wheat bread. ...


Volubilis Volubilis was a Roman settlement constructed on what was probably a Carthaginian city, dating from 3rd century BC. Volubilis was a central administrative city for this part of Roman Africa, responsible for the grain producing in this fertile region, and exports to Rome. Volubilis was also administering contacts with the Berber tribes which the Romans never managed to suppress, but who only came as far as to cooperate with the Romans for mutual benefits. Unlike so many other Roman cities, Volubilis was not abandoned after the Romans lost their foothold in this part of Africa in the 3rd century. Even the Latin language survived for centuries, and as not replaced before the Arabs conquered North Africa in the late 7th...




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