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Asilah Asilah, also known as Arzila, is one of the most picturesque and historic attractions in Morocco. It is located approximately fifty kilometers outside the city of Tangier and has been dated back to 1500 B.C. The city was constructed by the Phoenicians as a trade post, but was later conquered by the Portuguese in the fifteenth century. By 1549, John III had abandoned Asilah in the midst of an economic crisis and it was taken by Moulay Ismail in the year 1692. Asilah became a part of Spanish Morocco during the years 1912 to 1956. With it having changed hands so many times and later even being used as a haven for pirates, it is hard to believe that the gates and ramparts of the city have remained perfectly preserved. ...

Oasis Du Sud Marocain Biosphere Reserve

Oasis Du Sud Marocain Biosphere Reserve The Oasis Du Sud Marocain Biosphere Reserve spans over a region of seven million hectares and is vital in the battle against desertification. One of its most successful weapons against the encroaching desert are oases. The communities that live within the boundaries of the Oasis Du Sud Marocain Biosphere Reserve depend on agriculture for their livelihoods as they are not tourist or craft orientated. The over exploitation of the land, misuse of water and deforestation of the area causes a great loss of agricultural land and income. The landscape of the Oasis De Sud Marocain Biosphere Reserve consists mainly of temperate grasslands, highland systems, desert areas (both semi-desert and warm-desert) and various mountai...


Saidia The blue pearl of Morocco, Saidia, is in the process of modernising so that you will soon be able to take advantage of the turquoise Mediterranean, its 14-km beach and splendid surrounding countryside. Golden strip
A beautiful bay and, above all, 14 km of fine sand Saidia is a new generation of resort that holds on to its Moroccan charm. Stroll under the mimosa and eucalyptus trees that line the beach, sunbathe freely and, above all, dive into the turquoise water inviting you to relax. Dream coast road-Saidia beach
To take the full measure of the transparency and clearness of the sea as it gently laps the coast, a walk along the coast road is highly recommended. All the families and holiday...

Saadian Tombs

Saadian Tombs The Saadian Tombs are located just outside Marrakech and the site is easily reached if visitors follow the Rue Bab Agnaou from the Djemma el Fna. From the Kasbah Mosque, the route to the tombs is well signposted. After the amazing discovery of the Saadian Tombs in 1917, this breathtaking site has been carefully restored and well cared for as it has become one the most popular attractions in Morocco. Sultan Ahmed el Mansour constructed the Saadian Tombs in Marrakech during his rule of Morocco in the sixteenth century as a burial ground for himself and his descendants. This led to approximately two hundred members of the Saadian dynasty being buried here, including Sultan Ahmed el Mansour who was laid to rest in 1603...

El Bahia Palace

El Bahia Palace As you tour Morocco, you will find that almost every palace is different in one respect or another even if they all indicate former glories once enjoyed by royal courts. The El Bahia Palace in Marrakech is certainly no exception. This beautiful building is an excellent example of Eastern Architecture from the 19th century and, while some may label it as being vulgar or distasteful, the majority of visitors appreciate that it represents tastes and standards of the rich who lived at that time. Even though the detail may not be as rich as that found in earlier palaces, a visit to the El Bahia Palace in Morocco is never a waste of time. The El Bahia Palace was built for Ahmed Ibn Moussa (or Ba Ahmed) between 1894 and ...

Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima Al Hoceima is mainly known as a beach resort. It is a pleasant place to rest while touring the Rif. Al Hoceima was built by the Spanish in 1926, after they suppressed a Rif rebellion. The Spanish influences remain, however most new construction is cheap North African style. The Plage Quemado is right in the center of town between two massive sea cliffs. There are a couple of quieter beaches a few km out of town on the Nador road. From certain points on this road, you can catch a glimpse of the Spanish-controlled island of Penon de Alhucemas. It can be a beautiful site, with its white church and tower in the Mediterranean-blue sea, however it is used mainly as a prison and military base. ...

Desert of Morocco

Desert of Morocco Looking at the desert's first dunes is like an initiation. Silence, aridity, lack of movement and the sky, the vertical and spiritual dimension, deliberate humility Planned Route
Once at Errachidia, you will feel that you're getting close to the desert. A magical stop at the blue Meski springs to refresh yourself... Already you know that after this, water will be scarcer. If you drive at night under a full moon, the scene will be like in the westerns. Tumbleweeds roll around in the breeze. The adventure begins, the ground exhales an exquisite odor of dust heated by the sun. Already, imperceptibly, your spirit is getting ready for the most captivating of experience. Mischievous Children


Tetouan Tetouan, a charming Hispano-Mauresque town, plays on the mixture of cultures whilst remaining guardian and shopwindow for its most beautiful traditions. The Medina and El Ensanche
The medina of Tetouan and its unique network of shaded alleyways, is a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site. Its large mellah (Jewish quarter) was called Little Jerusalem. It is the most lively area after nightfall. Here, the souks are well separated, each trade occupying a precise perimeter. Tarafin street, which is lined with jewellery shops, leads to Hassan II square and the Royal Palace, a fine example of Hispano-Mauresque architecture. To the west, on the modern side, the new town, El Ensanche, can be found. Its small build...

Tassa Ouirgane

Tassa Ouirgane Tassa ouirgane is a remote village on the national park home to the Barbay sheep reserve Takherkhort olive trees ,apple orchards , peach, walnut and apricot orchards are delightful make the fields by the water stream . Places & attractions: An old Jewish village Anraz & its Marabout Old olive press still producing olive oil The old salt mine Pool Nfiss caves Berber markets (Thursday,Wednesday & Saturday) Imlil village (little Moroccan Chamonix) Kasbah Tamadot (Richard Brandson's Moroccan retreat) Tin Mal mosque ((1156 AD), an emblem of the Almohad dynasty. Open to non-Muslim visitors ) Horse Riding Cycling Trekking on foot or on the back of mules Tizi-n-Test pass (Morocco's highest road at 20...


Agadir Agadir has a very beautiful beach, however it tends to attract the wrong kind of tourism. As the result of an earthquake in 1960, Agadir is a completely modern city, which reminded me of towns in Northern Germany. It is also permanently full of tourists, especially German tourists. It does have excellent luxury hotels, where activities are organized and there is some form of night-life. In addition, there are some beautiful golf courses. But if you are searching for the real moroccan atmosphere or examples of traditional architecture, Agadir is not a good place to spend much time. It does represent a useful transport hub and an easy point of access if your coming by plane. Cheap flights from Europe often go to Aga...




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