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Bcharre This splendid mountain resort is perched above the eastern end of the beautiful Kadisha Gorge. The towns red-tiled roofs olive groves and mountain scenery remind us of a Greek villageor half a dozen other scenic spots along the eastern Mediterranean. Although its popular both as a cool summer retreat for coastal dwellers and a winter base for snow skiers Bcharre can seem downright dead in the off-season. Sightseeing options are limited to several churches and the Gibran Museum which pays tribute to Khalil Gibran Lebanons most famous author and Bcharres native son. Bcharre is also a convenient base for visiting the Cedars of Lebanon or hiking in the 30-mi-/50-km-long valley below. Note that the road leading east from B...


Baalbek Baalbek is a must visit in Lebanon. Even for people who visit Syria it is worth the detour from Damascus to see the impressive roman ruins of Baalbek. Located in the northern Bekaa Valley, it is one of the worlds oldest cities. It has the most impressive classical ruins in Lebanon and its one of the most important Roman sites in the Middle East. The main sight is the Temple of Jupiter. Only six of the original 54 columns are still standing but these alone give you an idea of the incredible height of the building. The columns are said to be the largest in the world. Though smaller than the Temple of Jupiter the nearby Temple of Bacchus is a wonderfully preserved architectural beauty. Take your time walking around...


Tyre Tyre (Sour) was built in ancient times on a small rocky island near the coast. In the 10th century B.C. King Hiram of Tyre constructed two ports and a temple on the mainland sector of the city. This was the era when the famous industries of Phoenician glass and purple dye were developed. Behind the walls of the old city the Tyrians successfully defied Nebuchadnezzar for 13 years. Alexander the Great also laid siege to it for 7 months, finally overwhelming the island city by constructing a great causeway from the shore to the island. Over the centuries, however, the causeway was silted up, turning Tyre into an isthmus. In biblical times it was in Qana (Cana) near Tyre that Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding fe...


Tripoli Tripoli (Trablos), some 85 km north of Beirut and the second largest city in Lebanon, shares in the long history of the Levantine coast. It was the center of a Phoenician confederation with Sidon and Tyre and Arados Island -hence the name Tripolis meaning triple city . The modern city is extremely rich in monuments from the Crusader and later Mameluke times. From the foot of the Citadel, the old town extends towards the busy international port. Tripoli is famous for its ancient markets, furniture, sweets and artisanat. Here are walls, the monumental gateway and inner courtyard of the Castle of St. Giles, built by the Franks. Distinguished remnants of the Mameluke period are the Mosque of Teynal, and the Mosque of...




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