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Bishkek Bishkek is a classic modern Soviet-style city with marble buildings and boulevards that seem too large. Among the high rise apartment blocks typical of Soviet times, you'll find Central Asia creeping in again. Farmer markets (bazaars) are springing up everywhere and money changing seems to be one of the main industry. Apart from the distinctly communist-style museums and the general open atmosphere, there is not much to keep you in Bishkek, but you will spend quite a bit of time there anyway in all probability, as it is the main travel hub for Kyrgyzstan and the best place to get information or make bookings....

Ala Archa Gorge

Ala Archa Gorge Ala Archa Gorge is a mountain gorge just to the south of the capital of Bishkek. There are rare buses which run to the gate, but it's still several kilometers to the end of the road for cars and the alplagen. If you can travel by car there, you may take a nice short hike to enjoy a small forest and the scenery. There are also numerous hikes and treks which can begin from the alplagen. ...


Norus Norus is situated 35 kms from Bishkek - it is remarkable only in that it provides reasonable skiing within an hour's drive of Bishkek. There is better skiing available but it is very convenient even for a day-trip. There are many reports saying that heli-skiing is all that is available but that is no longer true. There are 2 drag lifts in reasonable condition - each about 650 kms long and a ski run map. There is a European-style decked outdoor cafe with barbecued shashlyk recommended (see photo). There is also a ski lodge (Hotel Norus) which is well above the standard one might expect for the region - rooms are European-furnished, and the bar-cafe has an extensive menu also partially in English. Buses do g...




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