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Mwea National Reserve

Mwea National Reserve The reserve was gazetted in 1976 covering an area north-west of Kamburu Dam at the confluence of Tana and Thiba rivers. Two islands within Kamburu dam (constructed in 1976) are in the protected area. On the southern boundary is the Tana River, the eastern is the Thiba River and the northern boundary is an electric fence that stops animals from invading Makima settlements. The earliest human settlement in Makima dates from 1914, though wildlife conservation intervention was not until 1972. Mwea National Reserve is today co-managed between Kenya Wildlife Service and Mbeere County Council. Mwea National Reserve Trust was founded in 1991 with the aim of soliciting funds to develop the reserve. Quite a number of project...

Ndere Island National Park

Ndere Island National Park National Park - 4.2 sq km - Managed by Kenya Wildlife Services It is only 4.2sq kms an island just off the northern shore of Lake Victoria, opened in November 1986. Ndere means Meeting Place in the language of the local Luo tribe. According to Luo folklore, Kit Mikayi, mother of the tribe, rested up near Ndere after her long journey south down the Nile Valley. She found the lush shoreline so pleasing that she and her people stayed. It is home to a variety of birds including fish eagles and a dense population of swifts. Hippo and crocodiles, including the lesser known Spotted Crocodiles, are a familiar sight. 50 impala have been introduced to the woodland which fringes the shores. Attractions include hiking,...

Ruma National Park

Ruma National Park Ruma National Park was first gazetted in 1966 as Lambwe Valley Game Reserve, and acquired National Park status in 1983. It is situated 10 km east of Lake Victoria in Western Kenya, southwest of Homa Bay and east of Gembe and Gwasi Hills. It lies on the flat floor of the Lambwe Valley, bordered by the Kanyamaa escarpment and includes a section of Lambwe Hills Forest Reserve to the southeast. The terrain is mainly rolling grassland, with tracts of open woodland and thickets dominated by species of Acacia and Balanites. The soils are largely black cotton clays. The surrounding area is settled, with a mix of small-scale cultivation and grassy pasture land. Birds
Ruma is the only protected area in Kenya wher...

Sibiloi National Park

Sibiloi National Park National Park - 1,570 sq km - Managed by Kenya Wildlife Services Sibiloi National Park is one of the worlds greatest treasures, where the proof of mans origins was found. It was originally established by the Museum of Kenya to protect unique prehistoric and archaeological sites. In the 1960s Dr. Richard Leakey led an expedition to this remote area near Kenyas border with Ethiopia, and discovered some of the earliest hominid traces ever at Koobi Fora now credited as some of the most important paleontological finds of the 20th century. In the 1960s and 1970s over 160 fossil remains of early man including Homo Habilis and Homo Erectus were discovered, placing mans origins to three million years. Over 4,000 fossi...

The Ruins of Gedi

The Ruins of Gedi Gedi is one of Kenya's great unknown treasures, a wonderful lost city lying in the depths of the great Arabuko Sokoke forest. It is also a place of great mystery, an archaeological puzzle that continues to engender debate among historians. To this day, despite extensive research and exploration, nobody is really sure what happened to the town of Gedi and its peoples. This once great civilization was a powerful and complex Swahili settlement with a population of over 2500, built during the 13th century. The ruins of Gedi include many houses, mansions, mosques and elaborate tombs and cemeteries. Despite the size and complexity of this large (at least 45 acre) settlement, it is never mentioned in any historic writ...

Karen Blixen Museum

Karen Blixen Museum For anyone with an interest in Karen Blixen's book Out of Africa or the subsequent film, this museum is a must see. The author lived on a coffee estate in a house known as Bogani from 1914 until 1931. This area has now developed into the modern suburb of Karen on the outskirts of Nairobi. The house is now a National Museum, and is maintained for visitors in its original condition. Those who have read the book, or seen the film (which was filmed on location here) will recognize the house with its sprawling tropical garden and views of the nearby Ngong Hills. Efforts have been made to decorate all of the rooms of the house in their original style. The house itself is furnished with a mixture of original decor a...

Giraffe Center of Nairobi

Giraffe Center of Nairobi The AFEW (African Fund for Endangered Wildlife) Giraffe Centre is located in Langata, just outside Nairobi. The centre has been ostensibly set up as a breeding centre for the endangered Rothschild giraffe, but now operates conservation/education programs for Kenyan school children. There is good information on giraffes available here, and an elevated feeding platform where visitors meet the resident giraffes face to face. Hand feeding giraffes is an education in itself. You will see, close at hand, how they use their long, prehensile tongues to remove leaves from prickly acacia branches. The AFEW centre is also home to Giraffe Manor, a beautifully maintained colonial home, now an exclusive guesthouse. The centr...


Nairobi Nairobi Kenya s mile-high capital is only 90 mi/138 km south of the equator. Founded by the British little more than a 100 years ago, the city now has a population of more than 2 000 000. Its a modern commercial center with some interesting high-rises and lots of bustle. Visitors can find things not so common in other parts of Africa, such as nice theaters showing the latest films, expensive restaurants serving every type of food, as well as E-mail facilities, faxes and any other sort of modern technology you may want to use. The city is constantly alive, especially at night. Unfortunately, Nairobi has acquired a reputation of being a dangerous city and petty crime is rampant. Besides being a convenient place to t...

Central Highland Kenya

Central Highland Kenya Kenyas Central Provence is home to the countrys largest tribe, the Kikuyu. The highlands, composed of Mt Kenya and the Aberdare Range, are among the most fertile lands in the country. The first white settlers saw the agricultural potential of the area and grabbed much of the land, dubbing it the White Hightlands. This, of course, was once of the reasons the Mau Mau Rebelion broke out, and most of the fighting took place in the Central Highlands. Destinations in Central Highlands Nyeri Nanyuki Naro Moru Embu Nyahururu (Thomson's Falls) Isiolo Runyanjes Meru...

The Rift Valley

The Rift Valley The Rift Valley is the dominant geological feature of Kenya. The Valley is huge, running from Ethiopia, through Lake Turkana, the Cherangani Hills, and down past the plains of the Masai Mara, into Tanzania. The Rift Valley is famous for its soda lakes, such as Lake Nakuru and Lake Bogoria. The first encounter with the Rift Valley experienced by most travelers is the incredible view from the highway running from Nairobi to Nakuru. Nakuru and Eldoret are the biggest towns in the valley and they are the best bases from which to explore it....




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