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Malindi Watamu Marine National Park

Malindi Watamu Marine National Park National Park - 261sq km - Managed by Kenya Wildlife Services It is famous for its vast stretches of sandy beaches and the reserve includes several coral islets and is a combination of complex tidal and marine habitats surrounded by the Mida Creek mangrove forests. It is situated south of Malindi and 88kms north of Mombasa, the Malindi-Watamu Marine National Park can be reached either through road or the Malindi airport. It has a hot and humid climate. Marine life includes the Giant Groupers, fish urchins, sea slugs, crabs and starfishes and parrot fishes among others. Also birds like whimbrel, sanderlings, greenshanks, curlew sandpipers little stints and plovers can be seen. Antelopes, Giant monitor lizards, mo...

Meru National Park

Meru National Park National Park - 870 sq km - Managed by Kenya Wildlife Services Meru National Park is wild and beautiful. Straddling the equator and bisected by 13 rivers and numerous mountain-fed streams, it is an especially beautiful area of Kenya. It has diverse scenery from woodlands at 3,400 ft(1,036 m) on the slopes of Nyambeni Mountain Range, north east of Mt. Kenya, to wide open plains with meandering riverbanks dotted with doum palms. Game to view includes: lion, elephant, cheetah, leopard black rhino, zebra, gazelle, oryx and some of the rarer antelope, Lesser Kudu and duiker, also the more common Dik Dik, one of Africa's smallest antelope. Large prides of lion can be seen and some of Kenya's largest herds of buffalo....

Mkogodo Forest Reserve

Mkogodo Forest Reserve Forest Reserve- Managed by Local Authorities Mkogodo Forest Reserve is a belt of riverine forest along the Ngare Ndare River. It is the homeland of a unique small tribe known as the Laikipia Maasai. The landscape is rich and varied, game includes elephant, eland, buffalo, Grevys Zebra, bushbuck, bushpig, duiker, gerenuk, plains game and the big cats: cheetah, leopard and lion. Good for birdwatching, it is a little know area which is ideal for walking holidays and camel safaris for the intrepid traveller. No accommodation is available yet in this area. Source:http://www.tourism.go.ke/...

Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon National Park National Park - 104 sq km - Managed by Kenya Wildlife Services Mt. Elgon, on the Kenya/Uganda border is a volcanic mountain, formed when the earths crust erupted, creating the Great Rift Valley. The National park is one of Kenyas most beautiful, still wild and intact, with vast areas of untouched forest. Game viewing is excellent: the Park is home to an estimated 400 elephants, buffalo, leopard, the protected colobus and blue monkeys, giant forest hog, waterbuck and various other types of antelope. Over 240 species of birds have been recorded. Huge Elgon Teak and cedar trees, some over 80ft. tall dominate the forest scenery. A major attraction is a series of four caves, Kitum, Makingeni, Chepnyalil and Ngwarish...

Mount Longonot National Park

Mount Longonot National Park National Park - 52 Sq km - Managed by Kenya Wildlife Services Mount Longonot, a young volcano which rises to 2,776m above sea level is an arresting sight for visitors to the Naivasha basin. Created amongst the massive eruptions which formed the Great Rift Valley, its sides now have beautiful V-shaped valleys and ridges with impenetrable forest around the area of the crater giving it a lush green aspect. The park surrounds the volcano. Like Hells Gate, Mt. Longonot offers a wide range of attractions for visitors keen on activity holidays, including hiking, rock climbing, biking as well as bird and wildlife viewing. KWS rangers are available as guides. Longonot has no accommodation within the park, however the fab...

Maasai Mara Game Reserve

Maasai Mara Game Reserve This reserve has been named as the 7th wonder of the worls when millions of wildbeests, zebras migrate in a single long line between kenya and tanzania. In our custom-built minibuses and landcruuisers, we will take you to where the action unfolds. During the migration between july and september, they cross the famous mara river where crocodiles, lions, leopards, cheetahs lie in wait to make a kill Dont miss this memorable event. We will offer very competitive and memorable offers...

National Museum of Nairobi

National Museum of Nairobi The recently renovated Nairobi National Museum is a good place to learn more about Kenya's history and culture. The construction of the present Museum Hill site began in 1929 after the government set aside the land for it. The Museum was officially opened on September 22, 1930, and named Coryndon Museum, in honour of Sir Robert Coryndon, one time governor ofKenya and a staunch supporter of the Uganda Natural History Society. With the opening of the museum, the society moved its extensive library into the Museum complex. Part of this collection made the foundation collection for what is now the Herbarium. In the early forties and fifties, the late Dr. Louis Leakey made a public appeal for funds to enlarge the Muse...


Runyenjes Runyenjes is the second largest town in Embu District (Eastern province, Kenya) and serves as the divisional headquarters of Runyenjes division. The significance of this town is more in its history. It derived its name from an awesomely popular Chief Runyenje of the colonial era who ruled fron Thuci River to Sagana (in Central Province). It's a small town but which is rapidly growing. hotels include the Cock Robin Inn, Commando, Runyenjes Club and the Thuchi River Lodge. Those who may require more comfort should stay in Embu Town where there are a variety of tourist class restaurants and lodges. Runyenjes is surrounded by small but rapidly growing towns that include: Kianjokoma, Karurumo, Kigumo, Kathageri, Ka...

The Aberdares

The Aberdares Tea Farming Region, bordering the Central Province and the Rift Valley. Highland climate with lots of rain. Most of the people living in this region have a moderate income....

Nasalot National Reserve

Nasalot National Reserve National Reserve - 92 sq km - Managed by Kenya Wildlife Services It is mainly plains broken up by the impressive Sekess hills, a continuation of the Cherangani ridges. It is bordered by a section of the Turkwel river to the north and to the east by Wei Wei river. The vegetation is mainly bush scrubland dominated by Acacia, Balanites and Commiphora. River valleys and flood plains have evergreen forests dominated by ficus, acacia, papyrus and sedges. Game includes: elephant, hippo, giraffe, grant and Thompson gazelle plains zebra, eland, lesser kudu, bushbuck, duiker and dik dik; thir predators - lion, leopard, spotted hyena and jackal. Also Olive baboon and vervet monkeys are found. Crocodiles are found in the river...




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