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Osaka Aquarium

Osaka Aquarium During your stay in the city of Osaka, you should definitely plan at least one day to explore the Osaka Wan (Osaka Bay) area. Among the many Osaka tourist attractions in this district is the world-famous Osaka Aquarium. Also known as the Kaiyukan Aquarium, it is one of the worlds largest, and a model of Japan tourism at its best. Of all the attractions at the Osaka Wan harbor area, the Osaka Aquarium is still the most famous and unique Japan tourism idea during your stay in Osaka. Kaiyukan literally means, playing in the Sea Pavilion and is one of the largest aquariums in the world. Here, marine life is contained within 15 tanks, each representing a region of the Pacific Rim on which Japan sits. The aquarium is center...

Japan Alps

Japan Alps If you are looking to explore rural Japanese mountain life, while also hitting the slopes at some of the worlds best ski areas, head for the Japan Alps National Park in Central Honshu. In the Japan Alps high alpine adventure meets old world living and the result is a travel tour that pleases the young and the old, the history buff, and the ski bum. Besides hiking and skiing, a tour through the region will take you to the town of Ogimachi and a series of old farmhouses that have been converted into authentic Japanese lodgings. Also on your tour you can explore the imposing Matsumoto Castle, or take part in the puppetry and pageantry during the colorful Takayama festival. Matsumoto Due to their isolation, the to...

Japanese Hot Springs

Japanese Hot Springs The Japanese do a wonderful job of taking a glass-half-full approach to all the geological activity that their archipelago, with its location on the morbidly named Pacific Ring of Fire, is subject to. Rather than dwell on a history of debilitating earthquakes, or the possibility of cataclysmic volcanic eruptions, they just take off all their clothes and let their cares evaporate in the steam of a Japanese hot spring. Known as onsen, these hot springs in Japan can be found in almost every corner of the country, and constitute some of the best sightseeing in Japan. All puns aside, onsen are a great way to relax after climbing Mount Fuji, or at the end of a hectic week of business meetings. A result of the massive qu...

Kansai District

Kansai District The Kansai district is arguably Japan's most historic region and home to both the Himeji Castlea UNESCO World Heritage Siteand Ise Shima National park, the most prominent ocean park of Japan and a major source of cultured pearls. The Kansai district encompasses seven of Japan's 47 prefectures, and includes the important port cities of Kobe and Osaka. Also within the Kansai District is Japan's former capital, the cultural and architectural wonder, Kyoto. Travel to the Kansai district became easier when the Kansai International Airport outside Osaka was opened in 1994. Today, many tourists visiting the Himeji Castle and Ise Shima National Park bypass Tokyo altogether, and head straight for the cultural heart of Japan. ...


Kurashiki A city of half a million located in the Okayama Prefecture of Chugoku region, Kurashiki is the perfect stop for travelers looking to explore the architecture and lifestyle of 17th century Japan. Kurashiki is just a few kilometers east of Okayama City, and though at first glance seems to offer little for the tourist, a trip through the citys Bikan Historical Quarter plunges you back into a picturesque 17th century Japanese city. So if youve traveled to Okayama Prefecture, make sure to visit Kurashiki. During the Tokugawa period, Kurashiki was a farming town renowned for its high-quality Bizen-mai Rice. More importantly, however, Kurashiki served as a storage center for rice harvested throughout the Okayama Prefectu...

Mount Koya

Mount Koya Located in the mist shrouded mountains of the Wakayama Prefecture, Mount Koya (Koyasan) is one of the countrys holiest mountains and the center of Shingon Buddhism in Japan. Shingon Buddhism was introduced to Japan in 805 by Kobo Daishi, otherwise known as Kukai. Long off limits to women, Koyasan and its 100 Shingon monasteries are now open to the public at large, and offer a quiet retreat for tourists seeking a bit of meditation during their journey through Japan. On the way to the top of Koyasan, travelers journey through a cedar valley surrounded by eight mountain peaks. Once on top of the mountain, the highlight is spending a night at a temple. One of the most authentic Japan attractions, tourists can chose fr...

Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji Perhaps the most recognizable symbol of Japan is the near-perfect, snow-capped cone of Mt Fuji dominating the Tokyo skyline. Known affectionately as Fuji-san, Mt Fuji is not only a natural wonder, it is a sacred site said to be imbued with a living spirit, and has long been a source of inspiration for poets and artists alike. Rising up from the Pacific Ocean to a majestic height of 12,388 ft, Mt. Fuji stands on the border between Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures. One of the most visible Japan attractions and easily one of the most picturesque mountains in Japan, Mt Fuji can be seen from both Tokyo and Yokohama on a clear day. Today a dormant volcano, Fuji-san last erupted in 1707 and covered Edo (present day Tok...


Kaga Kaga is located in the prefecture of Ishikawa located between the cities of Komatsu and Fukui. Kaga was the first city in Japan to twin with a Canadian city (Dundas which now is part of Hamilton) in 1968. Student exchanges have been occuring between Kaga and Dundas since then. When visiting Kaga, normally there are no other foreigners in the city except for the Canadians, thus you really experience Japanese life as the group lives with host families for the three or four week duration. With Kaga being on The Sea of Japan, there is a lovely sandy beach in the Shioya section of Kaga. Beside this there is other nature's beauty too....

Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills At the Roppongi Hills complex in Central Tokyo the question isnt what is there to do but, what isnt there to do Art museums, gardens, schools, movie theatres, apartments, world famous restaurants, designer shopping, and some of the best Tokyo sightseeing are all found here. And every building, bush, and brush stroke in this mini-city has that gleaming look of newness. Opened in 2003 after 17 years of planning and construction, The Roppongi Hills complex is arguably Tokyos most upscale neighborhood. Though perhaps neighborhood isnt really the right wordRoppongi Hills is more of a city within a city. Eight themed areas blend into one another, with the focal point being the 54 story Mori Tower (which houses the art mu...


Daisetsuzan Daisetsuzan N.P. is the largest National Park in Japan. It consists of several mountain groups, volcanoes, forests and lakes. It is incredibly good for hiking and skiing. The main entrances to the park are in Kamikawa and Asahikawa in the North, Furano in the West and Shintoku in the south. all of these cities can be reached by train from Sapporo. There are many options for hiking here, from a few hours to a week or more across the whole park. There are trails connecting the far south to the far north, also out east. Daisetsuzan is bigger than Kanagawa prefecture and to hike all the trails takes not days but years! In southern Daisetsuzan (Furano Area) you can find fuming volcanoes, spring flowers galore...




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