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Amanohashidate Amanohashidate (Bridge to Heaven) is one of the Nihon Sangei, or Three Great Views of Japan. It is actually a long sand-spit, covered with pine trees. There are chair-lifts at each end, to bring you to higher elevation to see the sand-spit. You are supposed to observe it, by bending over, and viewing it framed by your legs! It can be viewed from mountains on either side of the bay or it can be traversed on foot. Near the southern end is Chion-ji, a Buddhist temple. Amanohashidate Station on the Miyazu Line railway, about two hours from Kyoto Station or Osaka Station, is located within walking distance from the southern end of Amanohashidate....


Izumo A small city of roughly 88,000 people situated in the very picture-esque prefecture of Shimane. Izumo is home to the tallest lighthouse in Asia (Hinomisaki), one of the largest wooden domes in Japan (the Izumo Dome) and most importantly Izumo-Taisha, home of the most important Shinto Shrine in Japan (and second oldest). Izumo is also located near Lake Shinji (the seventh largest lake in Japan). Izumo is famous for it's soba noodles and special cloth dying process. Located near the capital city of Matsue, Izumo is the perfect blend of country city life and beautiful country views. Travelers feel welcomed here by the very hostpitable Izumo-ites. A definite must-see for any serious Japan traveler. ...

Kanazawa City

Kanazawa City The principal city of Ishikawa prefecture and the capital city of Ishikawa, Kanazawa was, along with Kyoto, one of the only major Japanese cities to escape bombing in World War II. Oft-regarded as a little Kyoto for its numerous temples, shrines, traditional gardens and historic streets, it is considered today as somewhat of a backwater. Situated on the Sea of Japan coast, it sees heavy snowfall in winter and a rather wet climate for much of the year. Although home to a number of worthwhile sights, it also serves as a convenient springboard for the rural Noto peninsula to the north. Kanazawa's most famous sight is unquestionably Kenroku-en, rated among Japan's top three traditional gardens. Although this ranking ha...


Kobe Located roughly in the center of Honshu, Japan's main island, Kobe is easily accessible by land, sea, and air. It is about 3 hours and 20 minutes from Tokyo by Bullet Train. Together with Osaka and Kyoto, it forms the focal point for the economy of western Japan. One of the more interesting areas is Kitano. Since the late 1800s the area has served as a residential district for foreigners. With many houses in semi-Western and semi-Japanese style, the town is rich in exotic atmosphere characteristic of Kobe. Some of the houses, called ijinkan in Japanese, are open to the public, or used as boutiques and restaurants offering ethnic foods; others are still inhabited by foreign residents. Kyukyoruchi also has many old ...


Mito Mito is the perfect Japanese little, big city, close to Hitachi-naka, where I lived. Mito is situated in the southeast of Honshu Island 125 km north of Tokyo. It is the capital of Ibaraki prefecture and has a wonderful mix of old and new. It is well known for its Natto. Natto wrapped in the traditional manner. You can find it not wrapped like this easily in stores. Natto is sort of a stringy bean food. Nothing good in texture, but add some soy sauce and you might ONLY hate it. (Again... 6 months) Scenic spots worth seeing include the imperial park. It looks stunning during the cherry blossums. In the off-centre of the park lies two rather beautiful Go boards. Go is currently a very popular game...


Niigata Niigata Prefecture is on the northwest coast of Honshu. It lays in beautiful mountain surroundings on the Echigo Plains and is easily accessible via the Joetsu or Nagano shinkansen (bullet train). Not many foreign tourists get here but the region is famed for the quality of it's rice and sake. Many Japanese families buy these items from here because of their high quality. The region is also steeped in history and tradition. The 'Snow Country' of Niigata is famous throughout Japan and has inspired countless writers, poets and artists. If you want a glimpse of rural Japan through the window of an old one-carriage train, this is the place. Across from Niigata is Sado Island (a former place of exile for outcasts),...


Osaka Located in the west of Honshu, Osaka offers many sights and is worth a visit. It is the third largest city in Japan, and is known to be a friendly, easygoing city. Though there are relatively few historical sights, the nigthlife is extensive and it is an excellent place for shopping. The variety and quality of restaurants is perhaps the best in the country. A trip to Osaka can easily be combined with a visit to Kobe, Nara and Kyoto which are nearby. Kobe is an international city with ethnic restaurants and a Chinatown, while Kyoto is the ancient capital full of historical temples, and Osaka is a bustling metropolis. Nara is a smaller, more intimate city, and was the first imperial capital. ...


Saitama Teioh (aka Hiros Yaki Tori Restaurant) has long been famous for its great food and even better hospitality throughout Saitama City. Testimonials from customers past and present are scrawled in Japanese, English and even French all over the wooden walls. Hiro, or as he is affectionately known to local gaijin Supa Hiro (Super Hero), can remember the nationality and occupations of all past gaijin friends who have left their marks on his hallowed walls. His English is not quite as good as his food, but his sense of humour certainly transcends all language barriers. Also working at the restaurant are his wife, Mitsuyo, and his daughter, Chizu, who also speak English. Chizu is extremely fluent, practically n...


Sendai Sendai is the main big city in northern Honshu, and is a major Shinkansen stop. It can be used as a base to explore northern Honshu, and Matsushima is a short train-ride away. In the summer, the Sendai Tanabata Festival, the largest Tanabata festival in Japan, is held. In winter, the trees are decorated with thousands of lights for the Pageant of Starlight lasting through most of December. Sendai is home to various historical sites related to the Date family. The ruins of Sendai Castle are located close to downtown on Aobayama, which also gives a panoramic view of the city. The Zuihōden is the tomb of Date Masamune and is also home to artifacts related to the Date family. It is located on a hill called Kyogamin...


Kyushu Steeped in tradition and covered with rugged mountains, the island of Kyushu-Japan's third largest and most southerly island-mixes ancient history and quaint rural towns, with ultra modern wonders like the world's largest indoor water Park, Ocean Dome, and the meticulously recreated Dutch village of Huis Ten Bosch. An early center of Japanese civilization, Kyushu offers many historic treasures, modern cities and natural beauty. The Kyushu region is composed of seven prefectures, including the outlying island of Okinawa. In addition to Ocean Dome and Huis Ten Bosch, travelers visit Kyushu to see Japan's largest active volcano, the 5,223 foot Mt. Aso, or relax in the soothing waters of the Beppu hot springs. Anot...




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