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Hilltowns of the Savuto

Hilltowns of the Savuto These towns are a paradox: they are your typical modern Calabrian Hilltowns, but unlike any other: Re known as the home of the scalidde, its immigrants have contributed to the building of Canada, Argentina, Brazil, the USA and Australia (not to mention the rest of Italy and Europe!). Grimaldi, a town of about 2200 people is the region's geographical centre. Today Grimaldi comprises of a somewhat abandoned old town, of no particular beauty, preceded on the auto route by suburban style houses (with lawns and fences) at various stages of completion. Great in summer when many former residents and/or their offspring and families visit... fairly close to ocean beaches, italian farms and night life in the nearby resorts. ...


Assisi Assisi is particularly known for the fact that its the place of birth of St. Francis in 1181 or 1182 and that of Santa Chiara. Peace is the lifestyle in the city, a long-standing tradition started by St. Francis. But not just as goal for a religious pilgrimage, Assisi is also the famous for the nearly destroyed frescos by the medieval painter Giotto in the Arena chapel. The church of San Francesco--upper and lower--houses some of the most famous late Gothic paintings by artists such as Ambrogio and Pietro Lorenzetti, Simone Martini and Giotto. The city itself has preserved its medieval character and awaits her visitors on the sun baked side of Mount Subasio. A day spent wandering through Assisi's streets will literall...

Sybari's Marine

Sybari's Marine Sybaris (Sibari) was the most important city of Old Magna Graecia. Today, Sybaris included excavation of the 500 b.c. and The National Museum of Old Greek....


Gubbio Gubbio, located some kilometres north of Assisi and 40 km north of Perugia is one of Umbria's nicest towns, spread out along the foothills of Mt. Ingino from where it has a commanding view of the fertile valley below. Gubbio was first inhabited during the prehistoric era, later the primitive community of Ikuvium, founded by the Umbrians, settled here. In the 1st century BC Gubbio became a Roman municipality and lived a period of peace and prosperity, until the fall of the Roman Empire. In 552 Gubbio is attacked and destroyed by the Goths, in 592 the Goths were succeeded by the Byzantines and later by the Longobards (772). Today Gubbio represents the compact masterpiece of medieval civilization. For this reason it ha...


Alberobello At first sight, you might think that you ended up in a fairytale and that within ample seconds, several dwarfs and elfs will come out of the white washed little houses with their cone-shaped roofs. When you come to think about it, you know that youve arrived in Alberobella. The historical centre with its trulli (as the houses are called, sing. 'trullo') has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The trulli are old, round buildings of limestone blocks built without mortar (but mortar has usually been added more recently in inhabited trulli). The conical roofs are made up of flat stones ('chianche'). Today one can still visit the little houses set amidst almonds and olive trees and see people making ceramics acco...


Forio On the northern side of the Ischia island you will find Forio, the second major town of Ischia according to population number and importance. It stretches between two promontories, Punta Caruso (at Zaro) and Punta Imperatore, between the considered most beautiful beaches on the island and into the metallic green of the vineyards which cover the slopes of Mount Epomeo, descending into a scene of incomparable beauty and a lot of evocative areas of naturalistic interest. Forio's territory covers 13 square kilometers and is particularly used for wine industry: the 60% about of the island's wine production come from these areas. Forio has a population of 12.638 inhabitants; it ranges from 0 km above sea level to 700 in ...


Venice Venice is built on three hundred and seventeen small islands, and holds one hundred and fifty canals, connected by an amazing four hundred and nine bridges, of which only three cross the main canal. The area it covers is a mere 458 kilometres. Although the city appears small, it is really quite extensive for its size. While most tour guides dont recommend getting lost in the majority of cities, Venice is the place to get hopelessly lost for a day; it is certainly more advisable than getting lost in a shopping centre and hiding out in the frozen foods section. However, Venice isnt all cities and crowded streets: through the mysterious alleyways leading off from the city, endless mazes of backstreets and deserted square...

Ischia Porto & Ponte

Ischia Porto & Ponte Ischia is the main town on the island of Ischia and is situated at the north-east end of the island. It covers about 9 square kilometers and has a population of 16.013 inhabitants. The average altitude is 70 meters. Situated on the eastern side of the island it stretches from the hills of St. Alexander to the Aragonese Castle. The territory was divided into two main areas: Ischia Port, which used to be called the Villa of the Baths in ancient times due to the many spas and Ischia Ponte (Bridge), which was once known as the Borgo of Celsa. Other quarters are S Michele, S Antuono, Campagnano, S Alessandro and S Ciro. Ischia Porto, formerly known as Villa Bagni is the trading part of the town, situated on the easte...


Verona A trip to Verona is a plunge into the emotions of bygone times, of a city that conserves values and forms related to an ancient past of medieval and renaissance splendour, albeit it is in constant expansion in our own day. According to the poet, Shakespeare, There is no world outside these walls but this also expresses the impression that strikes tourists when they enter the ancient walls that surround the city. The tragic story of the love of Romeo and Juliet, which Shakespeare situates in the Verona of the Scala seigniory, makes the city a preferred destination for lovers and tourists seeking emotions. You experience a serene and relaxing rhythm in the historical centre, marked by the placid current of the Adi...


Bellaria Named after the Greek Goddess of Health, Bellaria-lgea Marina, an ancient village formerly of fisherman, is now a charming resort, where the sea, entertainment and sports activities play a leading role. The fortified castle built by the Malatesta family and the Saracen Tower, housing the Museum of Shells and Banknotes, are reminders of is historic past. The nearby San Mauro the birthplace of the poet G. Pascoli, is a must for lovers of literature and culture. The Isle of Sycamores a luxuriant green oasis, is the ideal spot for long walks and shopping by day and night. Its modern premises, top quality facilities and impeccable service make, Bellaria-lgea Marina the perfect venue for congresses, conferences ...




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