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Lombardia Lombardia is the richest region of Italy. This is also where the Lega Nord, the ex-independence movement of the North of Italy, has its roots. Despite the opinion of this small group of people, Lombardia is very Italian. Milan, its capital, is also one of the leading cities in the world of fashion. It has a large number of monuments and you can spend days just in the town of Milan. In the North of Lombardia there are a few very pretty lakes, the Lago di Como, the Lago di Lugano, the Lago Maggiore. A little to the west, actually in Piemonte is the smaller but equally charming Lago d' Orta. The lakeside villages are very nice, you can take boat trips on the lakes and visit the islands in the lakes. The city of Com...


Milan Milan is the biggest city of North Italy. The powerhouse of the country and one of the most stylish cities of the planet. But it is also a city with many important museums and wonderful monuments. See the Castello Sforzesco the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie (which displays Leonardos Last Supper) the Brera Museum (Madonna and Child and Pieta by Bellini) and many other museums monuments and churches. Moreover, Milan is a lively city, with several pubs, discos and nightclubs. Being a fashion capital too, you might run into a top model or designer. The best chances are in the area around Brera (the artist zone) or the Navigli area. And if you have money to spend, just make a visit in via Montenapoleone and via dell...


Lucca Lucca, the birthplace of Giacomo Puccini is a lovely walled city. Its thick swathe of Renaissance walls, the almost entirely medieval street plan, its palaces and houses make Lucca one of my favorite cities in Italy. The most enjoyable way to get your bearings is to follow the path around the top of the walls - or even better, to rent a bike and cycle around. Lucca can be easily explored on foot (or bike), entering the medieval streets, walking along ancient house facades and doing some shoppings in one of the small and lovely shops in and around Via Fillungo makes you feel just fine. If you are interested in religious art, enter the 14th-century cathedral Duomo San Martino to see Nicola Pisanos Descent From the Cro...


Alessandria Situated 95 m. above sea level on the right bank of the Tanaro, slightly above its confluence with the Bormida, at the junction of important lines of communication between the Po Valley and Liguria. Formed in the 12th century through the union of several pre-existing centres, it took this name in 1168 (in honour of Pope Alexander III) when it joined the Lombard League. It formed part of the Duchy of Milan from 1348 to 1524 and remained in the hands of the Spanish until 1706, before passing to the Savoys and then to the Kingdom of Sardinia. Many times destroyed, the Cittadella (fortress), part of the ancient fortifications, and built in 1728 by Vittorio Amedeo II, is still standing; towards the end of last centur...


Siena In scenic hill country just 55 kilometres south of Florence this picturesque well-preserved medieval town lies in the right in the middle of the Tuscany wine region. A bitter competitor with Florence for much of its history Siena is a treasure trove of art pageantry and architecture. Inhabited continuously for over a thousand years, Siena flourished in the Late Middle Ages when the merchant oligarchy known as the Nine spent vast sums in order to create the most beautiful and impressive city in Tuscany. The many churches, palaces and military fortifications which survive from this period bear witness to the magnificence and sophistication of Sienese civilization. Most interesting are the wonderful black-and-white Got...


Puglia Pglia (or Apulia in English) is the the heel of the Italian boot. Traditionally not many tourists made it this far and some of those who went there, jut did so to take the boat to Greece. Yet Puglia has many things to offer. Bari is Puglia's largest city a town and boasts a long history and many sights where you easily spend a day or two. It is also a perfect starting points for seeing some of the charming villages of the hinterland. There are some good beaches and there is Lecce, a magnificent jewel of baroque architecture, constructed in yellow stone and marvellously preserved. Great ice cream and coffee in the main square. The houses of Alberobello are a unique sight in Italy - they look like big mushrooms. ...


Bari Bari is a large metropolitan area of 1,2 million inhabitants and a bustling port city, standing on the Adriatic coast, on the edge of the hollow of the same name. The city has conserved its ancient seafaring tradition over the centuries, becoming the trading centre in the southern Adriatic and Ionian areas, thanks partly to its busy port; this makes it an ideal bridge for traffic between Europe and the Middle East and favours the development of major economic events (Fiera del Levante, Expo-Levante, Expo-Mobili, etc.). Its urban structure is typical and divides the city into three distinct parts: the old, the new, the newest. The former, circumscribed by the ancient walls, occupies a headland between the i...


Sicily Sicily is a mountainous arid island an extension of the Apennine Mountains separated from the mainland by the Straits of Messina. Many powers have occupied this strategically important area: Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Phoenicians and of course the Mafia. Historical sites related to those powers are part of the islands attraction. (A Mafia tour visits sites of various Family activities and the graves of infamous godfathers and victims.) But there are many other reasons to visit Sicily: water sports, beaches of rock and sand (including black sand), natural beauty, good food and friendly people. For touring the island can be roughly divided into the north-shore and south-shore areas. The north shore has reefs, olive grove...


Pantelleria If you're looking for a beautiful island in Italy where you can relax, enjoy the sun, sea, and natural mineral hot springs, then consider a trip to Pantelleria. Most visitors are vacationers from Europe, but I also had the rare treat a few years back, when an Italian friend who owns a hotel here insisted I come to stay a few days with a traveling companion. Pantelleria, part of the province of Trapani, is one of the southernmost spots in Europe, just thirty miles from Africa. Like so many Sicilian islands, it was formed by two volcanic eruptions. You get there either by plane from Palermo or by boat from Trapani (about four hours). When arriving by boat, you come into the port where the town of Pantelleria is loca...


Trento Trento is a bit of a posh town. The history made it a proud town, with a number of large manors outside town, where bishops used to come for holidays. Nowadays it is one of the most expensive towns in Italy, with the wealth from farming, wine, and high-tech. At Easter the fields around Trento are in bloom with apple blosoms. The town centre is more or less an pedestrian area, and walking around the historic centre you can see a number of outdoor fresco's on historic buildings. In former days the river Adige flowed right outside the centre where now Torre Verde is. Apart from the council of Trento, which gathered in Trento in the sixteenth century for many periods of several years, which dominates the town centre...




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