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Basilicata Though not very well-known, Basilicata is without doubt a region with considerable tourist potential. The province offers a great variety of scenery on relatively small territory. The Ionian coast is characterized by a wide sandy shore, stretching from the Apulian to the Calabrian borders. All along the coast are small seaside resorts, like Lido di Metaponto, (with its archeological remains), Marina di Pisticci, Lido di Scanzano, Lido di Policoro; the Tyrrhenian coast has a distinct athmosphere: is a jagged rocky coastline behind which luxuriant mediterranean vegetation flourishes. Maratea, with its charming outlying hamlets, is one of the most beautiful resorts of the south Tyrrhenian Sea. The mountain scenery is a...


Catanzaro Catanzaro is the capital of the Province of Catanzaro and also of the region Calabria since 1970 (before then the region capital was Reggio Calabria ). This town rises on a rock and is split into two parts by the steep Fiumarella valley, the two sections being connected by a huge concrete steel bridge (the Viadotto Morandi ), among the highest in Europe, built in 1960 to the design of architect Riccardo Morandi . The beach town Catanzaro Lido, located about 5 kilometers south, has a wide promenade and a harbor for small fishing and pleasure boats. The old town was built over three hills (St. Trifone or St. Rocco Hill; Episcopate's Hill; St. John's Hill) in Byzantine times. Catanzaro was since the 11th century th...


Campania Campania has attracted visitors over the centuries: Capri, Ischia, Positano, Sorrento Amalfi and Agropoli became the chosen destinations of visitors from many countries. This still is the main touristic area of the region. The town of Naples (Napoli in Italian) took its name from the Greek word for new city, Neapolis. It is far from that. It is an old port town, with a lot of charm and some great museums. It is not a museum town like some of the smaller Italian towns e.g. in Tuscany, but a very living, bustling city. Other interesting tourist sights lie in the area of the Valle di Diano between the Cilento uplands and the Monti della Maddalena, on the Lucanian boundary. These include the Certosa di S. Lorenzo (...


Cosenza Cosenza (population 104,000), a provincial capital in Calabria, stands at the confluence of two rivers. The old town, overshadowed by its castle, descends to the River Crati, whereas the growing modern city lies to the north, beyond the Busento, on level ground. The historic city centre is crossed by the winding Corso Telesio. To call the town picturesque is to use an inadequate word, wrote George Gissing in his 1901 travelogue, By The Ionian Sea. At every step, from the opening of the main street at the hill-foot up to the stern medieval castle crowning its height, one marels and admires. So narrow are the ways that a cart drives the pedestrian into shop or alley; two vehicles (but perhaps the thing never happ...


Rome The name inverts neatly to form amor[e]. No wonder that a natural occurrence is to fall in love with Rome, the fabled Eternal City, the city that exerts the most fascination in the mind of the traveler, and can reward as no other city can. Do not expect her playful, exuberant fountains to cease from casting their liquid diamonds into the sky, even during the quiet hours of the night, for there is no stopping the flow of her hundreds of miles of acqueducts, which will also be serving your hotel room. Yet, as no other city has been the focal point of the world for such a long period of time, few have such a long and turbulent history as has Roma. Lavished with architectural jewelry from republican to imperial to ear...


Reggio Reggio Calabria , located on the toe of the Italian boot, and is the capital of the province of Reggio Calabria . It was once the capital of the southern region of Calabria, until 1970 when this became Catanzaro . It has about 180,000 inhabitants, and is also known as Reggio di Calabria . Founded as Rhegion by Greek settlers in the 8th century BC , the city was devastated by several major earthquakes and associated tsunami . It was later called Rhegium and became part of the Kingdom of Sicily ( 12th century ) and the Kingdom of Naples ( 13th century ). Reggio di Calabria is known as the location of the first dated Hebrew book, a Rashi commentary on the Pentateuch printed in 1475. Reggio di Calabria is located on...


Ancona Ancona is located in central Italy on the Adriatic coast. Its characteristic aspect is the mountain chain which, from the Appennines summits, descends gracefully to the beach. The climate is ideal thanks to the ever present breeze from the sea. In this area we can find urban and medieval buildings, architecture from each epoch, and prestigious art collections. Ancona is a city of art with magnificent views of the beach. Above all, the province of Ancona offers the tourist a stupendous seaside, sandy and rocky from Senigallia to the Conero Riviera kilometers and kilometers of beach for a serene and fun filled holiday. There are many moderately priced efficient and modern facilities Ancona's cuisine consists of simple d...


Amalfi Occupying the southern side of the Sorrento peninsula, the Amalfi coast lays claim to be Italys most beautiful stretch of coast. Dont miss its corniche road winding around the towering cliffs an incredible ride. The most famous location along this coastline is possibly Positano with its pyramid high above the water, that has inspired a thousand picture postcards. But for food and accommodation we do recommend the more inexpensive and bigger town of Amalfi, an established seaside resort since Edwardian times, when the British upper class spent their winters here. Once an independent republic in Byzantine times, Amalfi was one of the four great naval powers (others were Genoa, Venice and Pisa) with a population of so...

Trentino Alto Adige

Trentino Alto Adige Trentino-Alto Adige is a region made up by two provinces: Trentino around the city of Trento, and Alto Adige, or South Tirol, around the city of Bolzano. Alto Adige is officially bilingual: both Italian and German are spoken. Trento was put on the map by the Consiglio of Trento the treaty between the papal power and the South german princes resulting in the contra-reformation. The local castle is a reminder of those days, with some nice murals (the best only by appointment) and boring furniture. There is also a cathedral and a diocese museum. But nicer is the modern art museum just outside the centre in a palace next to the river. It has changing exhibitions. Night life in Trento is rather boring, altough it is a ...


Cattolica Built in small bay, Cattolica is favoured by a mild climate perfect for a relaxing holiday. The acient origin of its port is testified by the paleontological site on the bottom of the sea. Fishing is still one of the most important activities here. In summer, as part of a village folk festival with music and fireworks, tradition is renewed with Fish Rustida (grilled fish) prepared by the fishermen and served to visitors. The Deep-sea-fishing Championship and the Windsurf-day are sports events which indicate the vitality of this resort that has made the sea the main attraction. Great fun for children and families, as this seaside resort is small and full of amusements, squares where a lot of shows take place ...




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