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Abruzzo Abruzzo is a mountainous region to the northeast of Rome. It has a lot of natural parks that are worth visiting and a rather nice seaside. The territory of Abruzzo is, roughly, the shape of a semicircle with a diameter of about 150 kilometers. The coastline, 129 kilometers long, stretches from the river Tronto to the Trigno. The North borders with Marche, the South with Molise and the West with Lazio. The regional territory covers 10,794 square kilometers, oh which the majority of 65% is mountainous. This is how the tourist office puts it: Nature at its finest. All over Abruzzo, at the seaside, in the mountains, in the hills and even beyond the protected areas, nature is always the protagonist. The sandy shores to t...


Tarquinia A must for architecture lovers. Tarquinia was one of the most powerful Etruscan cities, not in the least because of its location nearby the sea. Main sights are the palaces, squares and tombs. The gothic Palazzo Vitelleschi will cost you nearly half a day when you take your time to marvel at the decorations and hire a guide to see the tombs in the underground section. The Tomb of the Augurs is probably the best known Etruscan tomb in Tarquinia. Dating from about 530 B.C., its frescoes depict Etruscan art and sports in all its facets. The National Museum of Tarquinia (Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Tarquinia) offers an excellent permanent exhibition on Greek and Etruscan art....

Bagno Vignoni

Bagno Vignoni Bagno Vignoni is a very little city in the hills around Siena, in Tuscany. Not very well known as a touristic destination, is actually an amazing place: the city was built around a thermal area that still gives the place is fisionomy. In the center of the town, other than the classical square, there is a very big thermal pool where, they say, S. Francesco used to refresh his feet after his long and medative walkings in the hills. Today it is forbidden to do the same, but there are little canals that from the pool make their way between the houses and out in the little, suggestive surroundings, where you will be permitted to refresh! The place is very near to Bagni San Filippo, another thermal place famous for its b...


Terracina Terracina is situated by the Thyrranian sea, between Rome and Naples . The sandy beach stretch out for five kilometers, and from ancient times Terracina and its surrounding areas have been the summer resort of the Romans. Terracina is great also for its strategic position - you can easily take daily trips to Rome, Naples, Pompei , Capri or the lovely islands of Ponza. Most of the summer guests visiting Terracina today are Italians, but the Terracinese people are curious of foreign tourists and welcome everybody!...


Maratea Maratea is the best Basilicata has to offer to travellers. There is an old historic centre, where you can wander trhough narrow streets and visit some splendid centruy-old churches, and there is a marina and some nice peaches. The Old Town built on the slopes of Monte San Biagio. The buildings date to the 17th and 18th Centuries. The main sight is the Sta Maria Maggiore church in the center of the village. The port is the most lively area. It has shops, several cafs and some good restaurants. You can take an excursion by boat to visit some of the caves nearby. The best (rocky) beaches are found at Acquafredda (10 km north) and Marina di Maratea (5 km south) along the coastal road. ...


Carunchio This is a peaceful quiet town where the church bells tell the time on the top of the hill. Noteworthy: Palazzo Tour D'Eau restaurant and hotel, where the owners speak English, www.palazzotd.com, and the main church San Giovanni Battista with its famous organ built in 1692, open for mass every Sunday morning. The whole town is located on a hill, so some walks around the historical center can be steep. The views are beautiful, as this is very close to one of the two highest mountains in the Appenine range (La Maiella). This is definitely a town to drive to, as public transport is limited to the bussing of the high school students to and from school. It's just off the highway (SS650) that leads from the Adriati...


Tivoli Tivoli is only some 40 kilometers away from Rome and serves as an excellent display of the opulence with which the emperors glorified themselves outside of the Imperial Capital. One need not a great imagination to envision the full glory of the still-present sumptuousness of the complexes, fountains, and gardens. Today, it is world-famous for its villas and sulphur baths. Villa d'Este is known for its water system and the architecture of its gardens, including the fountains and Villa Gregoriana, a green park with impressive waterfalls. Relaxation in one of the sulphur baths will refresh your tired muscles in order to make sure that you see the ruins of the Villa Adriana before you set off again for one of the ot...


Calabria Calabria is a place for two types of people: Calabrians (calabresi) and adventurers. It is bewildering, even frightening to all others, but richly rewarding for those who want to go beyond the Hollywood stereotype of Italy. You will find no Florences or Venices in Calabria. You won't even find a San Gimignano or a Positano (Although Tropea comes close!). Art treasures are often encountered in remote villages. There's a spectacular seacoast with a mix of resorts, seacoast villages (many seemingly hanging on the edge of cliffs), and expansive beaches. Calabria , known as Brutium in Roman times, is a region in southern Italy which occupies the toe of the Italian peninsula south of Naples . It is bounded in to the west ...


Alagna Alagna Valsesia is a small ski village where the road literally ends. Alagna is located in Piedmont and is found at the base of the mountain Monte Rosa. Monte Rosa, meaning 'Pink Mountain' got its name by an ancient local idiom: rosa come from ros meaning ice, iced in the local idiom of Valle d'Aosta. Then Monte Rosa means Ice Mountain. Alagna's nickname is Freeride Paradise and is a very hot spot for skiers and snowboarders. The actual town itself has a very nice Alpine charm and offers restaurants serving regional specialties such as Polenta or Miaccia. Polenta is a cornmeal dish served hot with toppings such as meat sauce or cheese. Miaccia is almost like a folded crepe. Other regional items include ...


Amantea Amantea ranks high on a list of Calabria's prettiest towns. It is also one of the region's most historically fascinating and most unique. However, long before the Romans and even the Greeks, Amantea has served as an important ground, as far as human history is concerned. Dozens of Bronze and Iron age art i facts have been located in and around the mouth of the river Savuto, which opens to the sea, nearby Amantea's port. The Bruzi , Calabria's native people, a tribe of warriors (still legendary throughout Calabria) are said to have kept out the Greek occupation for decades, hence the lack of Greek architecture in Amantea, unlike in almost every other Calabrese village. However, the Bruzi, were unable to hold...




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