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Orvieto Orvieto is probably Umbria's most peculiar town, built high up on a vulcanic rock of tufa-stone. It was founded by the Etruscans more than 2700 years ago. In spite of the destruction by the Romans in 264 b.C. many remains of its ancient civilization have come back to light. A footpath along the rock offers a remarkable view over one of the largest excavation areas, a cemetery dating back to the second century b.C. In the heart of the late medieval town is one of Italy's most astonishing late gothic churches, the Cathedral of St Mary. The sanctuary was built to celebrate the precious relic of Bolsena, a piece of altarcloth with the blood-stains of Jesus Christ. The side-chapel of San Brizio* boasts an superb...


Positano Positano is a small sea-side resort town literally built into the side of a mountain. Make sure to take the local bus up to the top of the mountain. From the last stop you can hike up to Nocelle, a tiny village carved into the side of the mountain. The sights are amazing and getting off the beaten path is worth the effort....


Sorrento Sorrento is wonderful. It's about 45 minutes from Naples by train or car, and the connections are frequent and not difficult. Sorrento's also a great base for visiting Campania as it's centrally located and has good connections for easy day trips to Capri, Pompei, Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Ischia and many other places (really too many to mention). Each place in the region has its own different and particular personality and appeal, and can be reached from Sorrento in only a half hour to an hour. Sorrento has what you would expect in Italy incredible natural beauty (including amazing views of Vesuvius), history, great restaurants, shopping, friendly people; there is really a welcoming, small-town atmosphere here. My f...


Rimini Rimini is the no. 1 beach resort on the Adriatic Sea. It is part of a stretch of coast that runs from the Po Delta to Cattolica with lots of sandy beaches, nightlife and restaurants. Of all the towns on the coast Rimini is the biggest and has most to offer. The city dates back to the 1 st century before Christ, and the Arch of Augustus is one of the monuments stemming from Roman times. In the historic centre you should also have a look at the Palazzo della Podest and the Palazzo Arengo, the Fish Market and the Fontana della Pigna. They are all located on the main square (Piazza Cavour). Other sights include the Castel Sismondo, the Roman Bridge of Tiberius, the Tempio Malatestiano, and the Museo Civico housing work...


Trieste Trieste is situated on the gulf of the same name near the first ramifications of the Carso Triestino or Karst. This plateau is famous for its many caves, both in the Italian parts as in the parts in neighboring Slovenia and Croatia. So is therefore that the speleology was born here in the late 19th century. It is the most northerly located harbour of Italy. Its idyllically placed on the slopes of a limestone plateau as they say: where the Mediterranean touches the heart of Europe. Up till the 18th century, walls surrounded the town and pressed it in its orthogonal structure. The centre was gradually expanded beyond these limits after the demolishing of these walls from 1719 on, when by imperial decree; the town bec...


Frascati Frascati is located in the Castelli Romani hills overlooking the city of Rome. The town is famous for its white wines and opulent villas. If you go during the Vendemmia in October / November you can witness the traditional celebration of the grape harvest. The main attractions in town include the Piazza, the Villa Aldobranni built in 1598 by Giacomo della Porta with a great garden and the Duomo a few blocks from the Villa. At the porta Porticella there is a market, where you can get picnic supplies. A good night out in this little town in one of the authentic restaurants with Frascati wine is a real experience....

Lake Bracciano

Lake Bracciano Visiting Rome but all of a sudden longing for a place to swim It might be a good idea to take the train and go to Lake Bracciano. Braccanio is one of the eight largest lakes in Italy and fills one of the parts of the old Sabatina volcano. It serves as a reserve water reservoir for the city of Rome, hence why youre not allowed on the water with motor boats. Any other kind of activity relating to water can be exercised. The lake is dominated by the Orsini Odescalchi castle, dating from the 12th century. The only way to reach the lake is by following the winding road all the way down to the waterside. Trevigna Rome is a nice village located on cliffs on the Braccanio shore. The medieval village quarter is a nice ar...

Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica Ostia is the old Harbour of the Romans. Visiting Ostia is like visiting Tivoli and Hadrian's villa: a relaxing trip, that takes you away from the noise and incessant police-sirens of Rome. Reserve a whole day for your visit - not just to relax, but also because Ostia deserves it. The best way to reach Ostia from Rome is by using the metro. Trains leave at station Piramide: get off the regular metro at Piramide, go up the escalator, turn immediately left and down the steps into the Roma-Lido station. Trains also leave at station Magliana, but we advise Piramide: this way you're sure to find a seat on the train. A normal metro ticket will suffice for the entire journey. Get out at the stop Ostia Antica. There is a...

Pontine Islands

Pontine Islands A stunning volcanic archipelago just off the coast of Lazio, the Pontine islands offer you turquoise waters, tiny vineyards, wild herbs and flowers. In the summer it can be pretty crowded with Italians flocking in from Rome but foreigners are still some sort of a rarity. Ponza is the most interesting island. It's full of grottoes and secluded beaches. The Pilatus Caves are one of the main highlights and most visitors take one or more boat trips. Ventotene is smaller and more tranquil. For most of its history it was a prison and there's not a lot to see and do now. There are remains of a Roman villa - but they're not exactly spectacular. The beaches are okay but the tranquility of the island is probably the main ...

San Felice Circeo

San Felice Circeo A truely magical and unspoiled area of beaches and natural beauty. This rock in the shape of a witches profile (giving it its name) stands alone on the Pontinian Plain, Also famous as the landing spot of Ulysses in the Iliad, this area is seeped in history, beauty and culture. The Monte Circeo is a protected area of natural parkland....




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