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Asolo Located roughly between Venice and Vicenza Asolo is worth a visit of at least one day. The city has maintained a suggestive medieval look, sited between the very old walls and dominated by the millenary Rocca on the top on the hill, protecting the City. The best thing to do is just wander around in the old centre. The old streets are gorgeous. Gothic arcades, facades decorated with frescoes and beautiful balconies. The main sight is the Castle. From 1489 to 1509 it was the Palace of Caterina Cornaroto 1509; it is an old massive construction which has been often altered; its typical tower with the clock is original. The medieval Cathedral was rehandled in 1747 according to Giorgio Massari's plans. Inside you can ...


Albenga Along the coast, after Ceriale we find Albenga. The town is one of the most interesting in Liguria and for some historical aspects is second only to Genoa. The town dates back to Roman origins and settlement can be seen in the remains of suburban villas along the route of the ancient Via Julia Augusta, and the ruins of the baths, an aqueduct, the amphitheater and a number of tombs, including the so-called Pilone. Albenga's center has retained its compact medieval structure. The center is Piazza San Michele, where you find the cathedral, considered one of the finest late Gothic monuments in Liguria. The interior of the church, which has been restored to its medieval appearance, houses frescoes by Carrega, a panel paint...


Matera Matera is the city of the Sassi, the charming ancient districts, which are an example of a unique and complex urban structure and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Matera is also host to over 100 rock churches, a testimony of the Greek-Byzantine Monastic civilizations which held a significant influence. It is the city of art and folklore, and is considered to be one of the most ancient settlements in the world due to it being continuously inhabited by man from the Palaeolithic. The Sassi were inhabited until the 50s, now some of them are being turned into luxury apartments....


Miglionico One of the nicest towns of Basilicate. Located on a hilltop between the Bradano and Basento river, Miglionico has a great setting and a long history. The main sight is the Norman-Schwabian castle, with six towers. Other sights include the Chiesa Madre di Santa Maria Maggiore with a Renaissance portal and a Romanesque belfry....


Scilla Perhaps Calabria's most picturesque fishing village. If you've read The Odyssey, you'll remember what a terrible time Ulysses had getting past Scylla and Charybdis, which flank what is now known as the Straits of Messina. When the atmospheric conditions are right, you can stand in Marina Grande, gaze out towards Sicily and see the Fata Morgana, an eery mirage that seems to be the city of Messina reflected (right-side up) in the sea waters. What definitely is not a mirage is the delightful neighborhood of Chianalea, where a narrow row of pastel-hued houses are squeezed between the highway and the beach. Scilla also has an elegant 17th-century downtown and an imposing castle, whose ramparts offer a great vantage poin...


Tropea Wonderful place in Calabria. Great sandy beaches, old town, steep streets, old churches. Tropea is perhaps the most famous destination in all of Calabria. The highlight is the Santa Maria dell'Isola, built on a rock with sea on three sides and a beach on one. Ringed by cliffs and wonderful sandy beaches, the Tropea promontory is still undiscovered by the big tour operators. The main town, Tropea, easily wins the contest for prettiest town on the Calabria Tyrrhenian coast, its old palazzi built in simple golden stone on an elevation above the sea....

Lake Vico

Lake Vico Lake Vico is located in North Lazio at the bottom of a volcanic crater. The lake is surrounded by mountains, such as the vast Mount Venere. The lake is some 15 sq meters and good for fishing. Although it is fairly difficult to reach because of the dense vegetation, recently a tourist area was developed on the northern side where you can swim and do some fishing....


Arenzano Look at this site Arenzano.Arenzano and Cogoleto extend along the coast between Cape Invrea and the cliffs of the Lastroni, where there is a characteristic rock called Aguggia which has given the name to the area. The natural boundary between the two territories is Cape San Martino, beyond which there is the small valley of the stream Lerone. The high grounds sheer to the sea, have been exploited as lime quarries at Cogoleto and as copper and stone quarries at Arenzano....

Gallinara Park

Gallinara Park The Gallinara Island Regional Park is concerning this rocky and luxuriant island just one mile off the Albenga beach. It was inhabited since ancient times. Its name derive from the presence in the roman age of wild hens (galline in Italian) and it is largely mentioned by Latin writers. From documents we know that St. Martin de Tours lived here from 356 to 360 A.C. and the afterwards a community of hermits was founded on the island. A monastery was dedicated to St. Mary and St. Martin and probably run by benedectines after the 8th century becoming so an outpost of Christianity in Liguria. They became extremely rich and powerful to arrive to own large properties in Liguria, Provence and Catalogne. In the 15th century...


Piemonte iemonte (Piedmont) means at the foot of the mountains and that is just where you should look for it. Here you will find a very interesting region, with French influences, delicious food and great wines. Turin the capital of Piemonte is very much a European city, with a very open and international atmosphere. It is also the center of a region renowned for its culture of wines and cuisine. A city of many souls, Turin is imperial, and bourgeois; it is a masterpiece of aesthetic urban design, and has immense suburban landscapes of cement; it is centered on the slow pace of the Po river, and it is enlightened by the beauty of its green hilly flanks. In the city you find the world's most important museum of Egyptian artif...




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