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Viterbo The ancient city of Viterbo is located about a 100 km northwest of Rome, between the lakes of Bolsano and Vico. Historically, Viterbo was the administrative and economic capital of Upper Latium once even seat of the papacy. The town contains some interesting monuments and museums such as the Museo Civico, the Museo Nazionale Archeologico and the Museo della Ceramica Medieval e Rinascimentale. Although heavy Allied bombing shattered Viterbo's old city walls, the medieval character of the town is almost perfectly preserved in the San Pellegrino quarter in the centre. This medieval identity is perhaps epitomized by the Gothic Palazzo degli Alessandri built in the first half of the 13th century. The 11th-century San Pe...


Ischia Ischia is the largest and most populous island in the Bay of Naples. Today it is furthermore one of the most important vacation destinations in southern Italy and a very famous spa. The island covers an area of 8,05 square kilometres and includes six communes: Ischia Porto & Ponte, Casamicciola Terme, Lacco Ameno, Forio, Serrara Fontana and Barano, furthermore the villages of Campagnano, San Michele and Sant' Antuono, all belonging to the town of Ischia. The island's population counts about 50.000 inhabitants. The first settlements on the islands date from the 8th century BC when Greeks from Eretria and Chalcis founded Pithecusae, the first Greek colony in the West, on the promotory of Mount Vico. Later, the Romans ...


Naples In the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, the fertile crescent of Campania cradles the Bay of Naples and the larger Gulf of Salerno. Some say this is Italy's most spectacular natural setting. A sunny climate, a wealth of historic sights, and a hospitable populace make the area around Naples a well-touristed domain. The city's commercial and cultural history has always been strictly connected with the importance of its port. Strategically located, Naples has been coveted ever since it was established as a Greek colony around 600 BC, named Neapolis (New City). Conquered by the Romans in 327 BC, it became a favorite residence of emperors and literary personages, including Virgil and Nero. A Byzantine dukedom in the 7th century...

Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna Emilia Romagna is visited mainly for its coast. And of course it does have a nice stretch of sandy beaches Especially around Rimini and Misano Adriatico. But travelers who just leave it at that, seriously shortchange themselves. Emilia Romagna has many historic cities with loads of sights. Ravenna for example with its fine examples of Byzantine religious art. But Ferrara and Bologna as well absolutely deserve a visit of at least a few days and, although it's a major industrial centre, Modena has a Romanesque cathedral as good as any in Italy. In the south of Emilia Romagna you find the ministate of San Marino. San Marino is an independant country - the oldest republic in the world or so they say. It's a bit of a t...


Bologna This finest city merits more than just a one-night visit. Bologna (pop. 422 000) has gardens, museums parks, fine buildings, churches and miles of shopping streets and don't forget the great food. Sometimes called Bologna the fat this city is a great place to indulge yourself. Other names for Bologna include Bologna the learned and Bologna the red. The first refers to the presence of the oldest still existing university in Europe, founded in 1088 AD. The presence of the university is quite noticable, in terms of cultural activities, bars, and general life. Bologna the red officially refers to the red roofs of the city. If you climb the Torre degle Asinelli you can see it for yourself. However, the intellectual left ha...


Florence Florence is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, as well as the world. Located in the heart of Tuscany, this is the Italy of stunning views, fields of sunflowers, miles of vineyards, rolling hills and mountaintop castles. It is the Renaissance capital of the world -- its famous sons are Leonardo DaVinci, Dante Alighieri, Machiavelli, Fra Angelico and Michelangelo. It is a destination not to be missed. Dominating the Florence skyline is the world famous Duomo (Cathedral Church) with the Brunelleschi cupola, Giotto's Bell Tower and the bronze sculpted doors of the marble-clad Baptistry. The side streets of the historic town centre are often narrow and dark, with bustling sidewalks and intimidating cro...


Pisa The 14th-century Romanesque Leaning Tower is of course Pisas main attraction (it has 294 stairs) and really seems to overturn any moment. The tower reopened in November 2001, and as of October 2003 tickets to climb the tower were 15 Euros. A fortification project has made some progress in stopping the increase in inclination and even managed to pull the tower back a bit (40 centimetres). The Leaning Tower belongs to an ensemble of four impressive buildings all located on Campo dei Miracoli (square of miracles): the cathedral Santa Maria Assunta, the campanile (leaning tower that was actually a bell tower), the baptistry (looks like a huge baci chocolate, that is a delicious Italian candy) and the Camposanto cemetery. ...

San Gimignano

San Gimignano San Gimignano in Tuscany is famous for its towers. The city gained its promenance due to its location rising from the hills of the Upper Elsa Valley, facing the land of Volterra and positioned right on one of the most important stretches of the mediaeval Via Francigena, is famous all over the world. A similar renown can also be claimed by its Vernaccia wine, recently awarded the D.O.C.G., the highest acknowledgement and guarantee for quality in Italian oenology. One of the most charming and picturesque of all the Tuscan hill towns (and thats saying a lot). San Gimignano is noted mainly for its medieval towers. They dominate the town in the way that skyscrapers dominate modern cities. At one time there were more tha...


Perugia Perugia is a nice medieval town, its setting in the hills of Umbria is enchanting, but this fact makes the town arduous for people with knee problems. However, You never saw a city with more steps. Furthermore Perugia is very famous for its university. Every year hundreds of exchange students join different language courses, mainly italian ones. This makes the city lively and multicultural. The burghers of Perugia are probably some of the politest and most pleasant people in Italy, although they once imprisoned St. Francis of Assisi. More than this, the town was infamous for celebrating the Battaglia de' Sassi (Battle of Stones), during which two teams threw rocks at each other until a sufficient number of casualties ...


Trevi On the lovely train journey from Perugia to Spoleto via Assisi, two lesser known places are Spello and Trevi. As a generalisation Spello is treated by the guidebooks as a nice sort of place to stay for a couple of nights if you want to avoid the crowds and Trevi is only mentioned for the view of it, an inaccessible hilltop village. Certainly accessibility can be a downside to this village, which is quite delightful once you get there. It is now trying to take its place in attracting tourists but it seems to assume that they are car-riding creatures. Buses between the station and the town are geared to the educational community - not to visitors. In particular there is no bus down from the town between 07.00 and 10...




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