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Civita Castellana

Civita Castellana Civita Castellana is an artistic town which lies in the heart of the ancient Etruscan territory, not far from Rome and that has got an ancient tradition for ceramic arts. The archaeological sites of [Tarquinia}, Cerveteri and Ostia Antica, as well as Viterbo, the medieval Papal seat, and the great Romanic cathedrals of Tuscania are easily reachable from here....


Subiaco Subiaco is some 70 km east of Rome. It's been a favourite getaway for more than two millennium now. Nero came here after setting fire to the eternal city and built himself a nice villa. St. Benedict came here to repent and built himself a monastery close to the ruins of Nero's villa. You may come here just to relax a bit after the hustle and bustle of Rome. The main attractions in town are the churches of San Francesco, the Borgia's Fortress on the top of the Rocca Abbaziale, the highest point of the old medieval town and the Convento di Santa Scolastica just outside of the city. If you go up the hill from the Convento you finally reach the Sacro Specco a complex built around St. Benedicts favorite grotto. It's a s...


Tusculum Ancient Italic city (now Frascati) in Latium, 15 miles (24 kilometers) southeast of Rome, a favourite resort of wealthy Romans under the late republic and the empire (1st century BC4th century AD). Tusculum was a Latin settlement during the early Iron Age (early 1st millennium BC) and was probably under Etruscan influence. According to Roman tradition Octavius Mamilius of Tusculum, son-in-law Frascati. One of the six suburbicarian (i.e. neighbouring) dioceses from an immemorial date closely related to the Roman Church. The city of Frascati is about twelve miles from Rome on the northern slopes of the Alban Hills, pleasantly and healthfully situated. Its principal source of wealth is its vineyards, which yield an ex...

Bergeggi Park

Bergeggi Park The Bergeggi Island Regional Park is just in front of Bergeggi village and is enclosing also a small area just over the cave of the same name along the coast. It was populated since the Neolithic period and in the Roman era was probably the lantern of the port of Vada sabatia. In 992 a monastery built on the island by the bishops of Savona and thanks to the built fortification was a front line aginst Saracens. The island was under Genoa domination in 1385 and became a colony of deportees. The towers dates from the Middle and medieval ages. In the origins of Christianity there was a community of hermits and the vestiges of a monastery built by the Lerino monks dating probably around the fourth century are still visible...

Bocca di Magra

Bocca di Magra The town of Bocca di Magra is located at the place where the Magra River flows into the Mediterranean Sea out of the Magra Valley. Bocca means mouth, so this is the mouth of the river but it is so wide and well connected to the sea that it is a sea port. The Monastery of Santa Croce has the best position on the top of the hill and you can see all the way down the Italian Riviera. This Monastery has a chapel with a wonderful cross of Jesus and Dante is said to have stopped by here searching for peace. This is also a good starting place to see the Bay of the Poets, the National Park, take ferryboat rides to different destinations and visit local Roman ruins such as Luni....


Ceriale Along the coast, after Albenga, we find Ceriale (pop. about 5,000), not far from Arroscia valley and Pennavaire valley it is a nice seaside resort at the foot of Monte Croce (541 meters or 1775 feet). The most famous place is the Bastion which is a circular tower built around 1563 as defense from Saracens raids. Valuable works of art are housed in the baroque parish church of Santi Giovanni ed Eugenio, while the church of the cemetery, at Peagna, contains traces of frescoes from the fifteenth-sixteenth century. This small village in the immediate hinterland of Ceriale is accessible (a part from the main road) by means of a narrow and gently sloping alley, lined with pots of geraniums and basil. An important cultura...


Liguria Liguria is located in the north of Italy, between the French Riviera, Piemonte and Tuscany. Ligurian sea, mild weather, sceneries and good food are well known worldwide. This is the land of the ancient Ligurians. They founded towns here before the romans. Their home land was from the now Tuscany border down to south of France. Along its coasts arrived people from north countries like vikings and from the south like the saracens. The inland is full of history and places to visit and enjoy due to powerful Ligurians and Genoese families which used to travel and trade all over the world and build castles and mantion houses which now, in many cases, are nice hotels and good restaurants. It was really here, along the Liguri...


Lucignano Lucignano, piccolo borgo della Toscana meridionale, rappresenta uno degli esempi pi straordinari di urbanistica medievale, per il suo impianto a forma ellittica ad anelli viari circoncentrici, pervenutoci intatto dai secoli. Percorrere le sue strade ha il senso di un piacevole gioco attraverso un intricato labirinto che si risolve finalmente una volta arrivati nella zona alta del paese, comprendente il Palazzo Comunale, la Chiesa di S. Francesco, la Collegiata. L'impianto urbanistico si sviluppa attraverso un'interessante articolazione spaziale e funzionale fra una via ricca, coincidente con l'attuale Via Matteotti esposta a Sud luminosa ed ampia dove sorgono i palazzi residenziali costruiti dalla nobilt, e una vi...


Sardinia Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia with its app. 1.800 kilometres of coastline, is one of the most popular destinations for people who love aquatic sports and seaside holidays, not only for its natural beauty and geographical position but also for its history. In fact the Sardinian people are renowned for their spontaneous hospitality, and like all islanders thirst for contact with the external world. People who visit Sardinia discover not only one of the most beautiful and original places in the world but also have an unforgettable holiday. When approaching the island of Sardinia by boat, youll be impressed by the colors of its rocks, ranging from black to basalt, from silver to granite and f...


Olbia Olbia is the real main port for tourist on Sardinia. It has a big port where the ferries from the Italian mainland arrive and a small airport. The town itself is not as pretty as the coast around but it does have a few attractions and more facilities than other towns. There are a few internet cafes here, there are a few good italian restaurants and some nice bars and pubs. Its ancient origins go back to the nuragic age; in days gone by it was colonized by Phoenicians, Punics, Romans and Carthaginians. Due to its fertile hinterland and its strategic position for the trade towards other Mediterranean countries, Olbia became a rich and important town. The ancient history of this town can still be seen today. There ...




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