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Abruzzo National Park

Abruzzo National Park A visit to The Abruzzo National Park, its scenery and environment changing from season to season, is always an enjoyable experience. Thanks to the temperate climate, it is possible to visit the Park all year round. It is advisable, however, to avoid holiday periods, when the Park is usually crowded: spring and the beginning of summer are preferable, when nature reawakens with its blossoming and birdsong; or autumn, when the forests are clothed in rich warm colours. During these periods, besides a more peaceful atmosphere, you can count on a better service from the Park authorities. It is advisable to book your visit well in advance, consulting the Area Offices of the Park for the use of refuges, camp sites and s...


L'Aquila L'Aquilas late medieval glory can still be seen despite the deviating impact of the earthquake at the beginning of the eighteenth century. Its main sight is the castle that was erected by Don Pedro of Toledo midway the 16th century. It was meant to protect the residents of the city but also to keep them under control. it was built under duress by the Abruzzesi, who hated their Spanish overlords. The fortress is only one of many castles in the area that served as strongholds, as the story goes that the inhabitants of the round and about 100 castles in the area helped to built the city in the 12th century. However, from a military architectural point of view it is definitely the most impressive one. It even includes an ...


Opi Opi is a very small village near to Pescasseroli in the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise. It is the nearest place to the Val Fondillo, not only one of the really great parts of the park but with an easy trail to walk. Opi itself is delightful, with splendid views from the top, but not provide much by way of specific sights. It is a good base for seeing the National Park....

Lido di Metaponto

Lido di Metaponto Lido di Metaponto has beaches that are great for sea-lovers; Lido di Metaponto is a nice beach resort also as it offers a range of excursions in the entire province of Matera. Near this place there is a railroad station a large golf camp, a yacht rent, an active disco, tennis courts and a lot of children areas. This year (2006) it is also Bandiera Blu as it has a pure water....


Montescaglioso One of the highlights of the region, Montescaglioso is famous for its Abbay of the Archangelo S. Michele, but it is far from the only sight in town. In august the Festa San Rocco is a colorful local festival worth visiting. ...


Pisticci Set in a region that is very rough and is great for hiking, Pisticci is a village with a long history. The town boosted during the Norman period. In 1688 the area surrounding the castle was destroyed by a landslide which caused more than 400 deaths - many inhabitants built small houses near the ravine - they can still be seen. Nearby in San Basilio, you find the Masseria Fortificata a Roman castle built by Roger I and transformed into an abbey by Basilian monks in 1133....

Vulture Area

Vulture Area The Vulture area lies in North of the Province of Potenza in the region of Basilicata ( Italy) comprising the communities of Atella, Barile, Ginestra, Melfi, Rapolla, Ripacandida, Rionero in Vulture, Maschito, Venosa, Ruvo del Monte, Rapolla, and San Fele. The name of the area is given by the most prominent landmark Monte Vulture (1326 m), an extinct Volcano. The fertile lava soil allows the cultivation of excellent grapes and olives and is rich in mineral waters. The most famous DOC vine of Basilicata is the Aglianico del Vulture. Among the sights to visit are the two lakes of Monticchio within the volcano and the two castles of Frederick II of Swabia at Castel Lagopesole and Melfi....


Scalea Scalea is a town situated in Calabria in southern Italy, on the enchanting coast of the Tyrrhenian sea. The old town is placed on the heights and preserves the remains of an ancient wall and tower, while towards the beach, the Scalea Marina centre has recently been developed, with modern, comfortable hotels splendid villas and numerous, fully-equipped bathing areas on the beach. These enchanting beaches look out onto a sea of incomparable beauty. As of 2006 the region of Calabria has a new airport called Lamezia Terme. Low cost airlines fly several times a week direct to this airport from the UK making it much more accessible than it has been in the past. Scalea is an excellent option if you are living in the U...


Steccato The town of Steccato lies in the Crotone province of Calabria in Southern Italy. Steccato is a small town typical of the Calabrian region of Italy and located on the coast of the Ionian sea in the Capo Rizzuto national park and as such forms part or the protected marine area for the region providing the area with rich and diverse sea life. Steccato makes an excellent base to visit the Sila mountains. A beautiful area of Calabria which is also a national park and full of flora, fauna and spectacular views of the lakes and mountains. 25km from Steccato can be found the archaeological site of Capo Colonna. A site from the Magna Grecia aga. The most famous part of which is the column from the famous temple dedicated to...


Agropoli The Village of Agropoli is the perfect spot to discover the Campania region and bears witness of the presence of ancient Greek settlers, who built the temple of Artemis on the promontory. The following settlers where the Romans. The Byzantines made it a safe landing place, fortifying it and giving it the name Acropolis from the old Greek language: acro and polis / high and town In 882 a.d. the town fell under Saracen control which lasted until 915 a.d. when it came under the rule of the church which laster until the 15.th century. Various noble families controlled Agropoli straight after the rule of the church. In the 16th and 17th century Agropoli and its inhabitants became particularly the target of barbarian invas...




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