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An Najaf

An Najaf An Najaf is one of the highlights for Shiites touring the Iraq. The shrine of Ali with a golden dome that can be seen from 40 km on a clear day. For more tombs, head for Wadi es Salaam, a big graveyard with 'streets', winding through the countless brick and cement tombs, some modest, some the size of small mosque-shrines. Some are gaily painted pink or green; some display photographs of the dead: turbaned graybeards or bright-eyed youngsters with proud mustaches and hair in fashionable quiffs. Finally you might want to visit the al Yazdi Medresa, a Coranic school with seventy rooms, immensely deep cellars and brick-lined wells that plummet down some one hundred feet. Young divines with beards, cropped hair, skullcap...

An Nasiriyah

An Nasiriyah Located in Southeast Iraq, on the Euphrates River, an Nasiriyah is a provincial capital and the center of a date-growing region. Founded in 1870, the city was captured by the British in 1915. The main reason to visit is because the city is a good base for visiting the nearby ruins of Ur. East of Nasariyah the marshes begin. Made famous by the Marsh Arabs of Wilfred Thesiger, the area is now in pretty bad shape and the main reason to visit is probably best described as Eco-disaster tourism. Government water control projects have drained most of the inhabited marsh areas by drying up or diverting the feeder streams and rivers; a once sizable population of Shi'a Muslims, who have inhabited these areas for thousands...


Karbala Karbala is loacted in central Iraq, roughly speaking about halfway between Baghdad and An najaf. It is one of the holiest places of Shia Islam and major place of pilgrimage. The Mosque where Husain, the son of Ali, the first Muslim after Muhammad, is buried is the main attraction for religious and non-religious visitors alike. The big golden dome and the three minarets can be seen from afar....


Arbil Arbil is a beautiful, safe City often called Hawler. It has many natural resources and a historic and deeply rooted cultural tradition. Arbil, the capital of the federal Kurdistan Region, is situated approximately 350 kilometers north of Baghdad. Lying on a flat, rich and fertile plain between two rivers, the Great Zab and the Small Zab, it is one of the oldest cities in the world. The name Arbil is mentioned in the holy writings of the Sumerians (circa 2000 BC) as Orblum or Urbilum, and also features in the Babylonian and Assyrian texts as Arba-Elu. The Kurdish name Hawler is derived from ancient times and may refer to the many historic buildings, castles, and minarets to be found in the city. Arbil has ...




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