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Prefecture of Serres

Prefecture of Serres The prefecture of Serres is one of the 13 prefectures of the region of Macedonia, the greatest and most prosperous region of Greece. It occupies the eastern part of Macedonia and it stretches from the gulf of Strymon to the Greek Bulgarian frontiers. From the East it has common boundaries with the prefectures of Drama and Kavala and from the West with the prefectures of Thessaloniki and Kilkis. ==== PREFECTURE OF SERRES - ATTRACTION The prefecture of Serres has many plains surrounded by the mountains Kerkini, Vertisko, Kerdilia, Orvilo, Menikio, and Pagaio. The river Strimon that runs through it originates from Bulgaria and leads out in the gulf of Strimon....


Halkidiki Halkidiki or Chalkidiki or Khalkidikiis one of the prefectures of Greece. It is located in the southeastern portion of Central Macedonia. The Cholomontas or the Cholomon mountains lie in the north central part. ==== HALKIDIKI - ATTRACTION This area extends out over 3000 square km, eventually forming the three famous peninsulas, like fingers stretching out into the Aegean Sea. The western peninsula is Kassandra, Sithonia (or Loggos) lies in the middle and Athos (Agio Oros) is the easternmost of the three. A blessed place of extraordinary beauty, as the sea curves into the land, unique in Greece....


Rhodes Rhodes is one of the most visited Greek islands. It is the largest of the Dodecanese islands in terms of both land area and population, situated in eastern Aegean Sea. It is spearheaded in shape. Historically, Rhodes was famous worldwide for the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The medieval Old Town of the City of Rhodes has been declared a World Heritage Site. Today Rhodes is a major international tourist destination. ==== RHODES - ATTRACTION The island is famous for its sun, sea and sand: the ideal place for vacations. It is officially, the sunniest place in the Europe. Rhodes City is among the finest, not only in Greece but in the whole of the Mediterranean. The city of Lindos...


Ios Mountainous Ios, with its green sea and beautiful beaches, is popular with a young crowd but slowly changing to accommodate older, higher-end visitors. Though there are many beaches on the Island, Far Out beach down in the Mylopotas area is the place most people head for during the day that offers sand, sun and water sports. ==== IOS - ATTRACTION The Island's main town is white Chora where one can spot the ruins of an old Apollo temple and the church of Panaghia Gremiotissa. It is the only settlement that stay inhabited during winter time. You can visit the tomb of the poet Homer by bus or by hire your private motorbike. The architecture in Ios is typically Cycladic. Little whitewashed cubic houses with bl...


Samos Samos is a Greek island in the North Aegean sea, south of Chios, north of Patmos and the Dodecanese, and off the coast of the Ionian coast of Turkey. It is one of the northern Aegean islands with waterfalls, green scenery and impressive rock formations. This is the place where Pythagoras the mathematician was born, hence why the University of Mathematics is located on the island. ==== SAMOS - SIGHTSEEING There are several interesting historical sights, such as the temple of Hera (located in Herion), Roman ruins and white washed monasteries. Larger towns (Samos and Vathi) on the eastern side that offer some small museums. ==== SAMOS - GETTING THERE Samos can be reached by ferry from Turkey and a lot o...


Kalamata Kalamata is famous as the town of olive trees, and as the gateway to Mani. The meaning of it's name is Beautiful Eyes in Greek. It is the second-largest city of the Peloponnese in southern Greece. Kalamata Olives are featured in finer restaurants around the world, but it has other culinary distinctions. ==== KALAMATA - ATTRACTION The area to the south has various honeys that have been praised by travelers back to the French Morea expeditions of the 1700's. Honey from the region is held in high regard even today. Honey was used in Roman times for treatment of hysteria and other ailments, and in the area today it has some reputation for enhancing romance. The Messenian Gulf where Kalamata is located has variou...


Santorini Santorini is a small, circular archipelago of volcanic islands located in the southern Aegean Sea. It is one of the cycladic islands, created by the eruption of the volcano. ==== SANTORINI - ATTRACTION Due to created from the eruption of volcano the island offers a versatile landscape with on the one hand steep darkish rock formations and on the other hand beaches and small white villages. There are several interesting monuments and the active volcano of course. Thira offers, besides remnants from several eras, ruins of the old Roman baths, theaters and markets....


Karpathos Karpathos is the second largest of the Greek Dodecanese islands, in the southeastern Aegean Sea. The island is comprised of the municipality of Karpathos plus the community of Olympos. The island is located about 29.4 miles south-west of Rhodes, in the part of the Mediterranean which is called, after it, the Carpathian Sea. ==== KARPATHOS - ATTRACTION In the North one can find Mesochori, Spoa and Olympos the last village in the North of the island, of great folkloric and architectural interest. Karpathos has great scenic view also....


Sikinos Sikinos is a Greek island and community in Cyclades. An out of the way and relatively untouristed islandoffers some real respite from the tourist hordes to view the real Greek life on some of the more isolated islands. ==== SIKINOS - ATTRACTION Sikinos is a settlement which is divided into two villages: Kastro which is the largest and the the unspoiled picturesque Hora. Kastro with its maze lanes is one of the most authentic with an outstanding beauty, villages in Cyclades. Hora is superb with a trail of windmills. Panagia Pantanassa church has an excellent temple and beautiful meta-byzantine icons. Zoodohos Pigi Monastery is overlooking the main town and gives the impression of a castle. North-east from Hora is...


Kefalonia Kefalonia is the natural beauty that awaits you on this most enchanting of islands. It is the largest of the Ionian Islands in western Greece. It is also the larger of the two islands forming the Kefalonia and Ithaka Prefecture, and contains eight of the prefecture's nine municipalities or communities. The island is named after the mythological figure Cephalus. ==== KEFALONIA - ATTRACTION An island begging to be explored, famous for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters. he island is still largely unspoilt, and offers the visitor some of the most dramatic views in the Mediterranean. The variety of landscape is staggering: green valleys at Agios Gerasimos, fir-clad Mount Ainos, the rugged and...




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