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Hessen Hessen, with the lovely capital of Wiesbaden, just a few miles from Frankfurt, stretches from the Sauerland region in the north to the Odenwald forest in the south and from the Rhon hills in the east to the Taunus hills in the west. You can wander through heaths and ancient woodland, moors and enjoy beautiful lakes and rivers. Historical sites date back to the times of the Germanic tribes, the ancient Romans and the middle ages. Frankfurt is a major international financial center and Wiesbaden is a beautiful spa town complete with a classic casino. Visit the lovely old town of Fulda, home of the Brothers Grimm or the Abbey at Lorsch. ==== HESSEN - SIGHTSEEING Fulda- Baroque town, cathedral, palace, palace garden...


Rostock Rostock is the largest city in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, located in north-east Germany. With its 200.000 inhabitants the city is both an administrative and business centre and as well the centre of the holiday area among the German coastline of the Baltic Sea. The historical city centre of the former member of the Hanseatic League is dominated by old towers and fortifications, gabled houses and warehouse buildings and lovely churches and abbeys, most of them Gothic. Despite its nearly 800-year-old history the old university city of Rostock on the Baltic coast is a very modern town. The attractive seaside resort of Warnemunde also belongs to Rostock. With a lovely broad white sandy beach and everything else you need ...


Dessau Dessau, the third largest city in Saxony Anhalt, offers a wide range of interesting places. There are cultural events every year, like the Kurt Weill Festival, which offer a wide range of events during a month. The Anhalt Theater, built near the main station, is the largest theater in Saxony Anhalt. The city is the center of the Garden Realm Dessau-Woerlitz. ==== DESSAU - SIGHTSEEING Dessau-Worlitzer Gartenreich with Landscape Garden Gro Kuhnau, Oranienbaum, Sieglitzer Berg, Leiner Berg, Worlitzer Park and numerous Monuments like the Drehberg recorded in the UNESCO World Heritage. Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve (protected by UNESCO) Other Attraction - Zoo at Mausoleums park, Georgium Palace and Park, Kuh...


SchleswigHolstein The Schleswig-Holstein region located on the isthmus connecting Germany to Denmark has coastlines on both the North and Baltic Seas. This area has some of the most rural stretches of land in the country. Expansive sandy beaches and flat pasture land characterize the North Sea side and wide short beaches and rolling hills define the Baltic coast. ==== SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN-LOCATION Schleswig-Holstein lies on the base of the peninsula of Jutland between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. Schleswig-Holstein borders on Denmark in the north, the North Sea in the west, the Baltic Sea and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the east, and Lower Saxony and Hamburg in the south. Kiel is the capital of the Bundesland. ====SCHLESWIG-H...


Schleswig Schleswig (25,000 inhabitants) is a pleasant town at the Baltic Sea and the river Schlei. It's quite old - in 2004, the Schleswiger celebrate their city's 1200th birthday. Schleswig also called as South Juteland. ==== SCHLESWIG - SIGHTSEEING There are still a lot of beautiful medieval and other sights around. One of the highlights is the Dom with its famous carved wooden altar. Also worth seeing is Gottorf Castle (Schloss Gottorf) which is now a museum. Don't miss the Viking Museum Haithabu (Winkinger Museum Haithabu) and enjoy the Days of the Vikings (Wikingertage) in August....


Stucken The small village of Stucken lies about half an hour's drive south west of Berlin in the Nuthe-Nieplitz nature reserve. Stucken is popular with weekender's and day trippers from Berlin, most of whom like to wander or ride their bikes or horses along the various forest and farmland paths in the area, before settling down to a relaxing lunch and a beer at the local Kneipe. ==== STUCKEN - SIGHTSEEING The countryside surrounding Stucken is rolling and very pleasant. Most of the farmland in the area was formerly collectivized during the GDR, and so there are very few fences to obstruct the path or the view. The Nuthe-Nieplitz nature reserve is home to many species of birds and animals, such as storks, cranes, ducks, ...


Paderborn Paderborn is belongs to the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and is located in the region Ostwestfalen-Lippe (OWL). It is often referred to as the smallest large city in Germany. At the springs of the Pader River people settled already in pre-roman times. Once a year in summer, Paderborn celebrates the Libori, a big party that lasts one week. ==== PADERBORN - SIGHTSEEING Today Paderborn has much to offer. The cathedral in the town center is worth visiting as well as Paderborns main landmark, the Drei-Hasen-Fenster that shows three rabbits in a circle that share only three ears....


Mondorf Mondorf is a medium-sized village just south of Bonn. From Bonn take bus number 550 from the Hauptbahnhof to Mondorf. The village is known for being the first city in continental Europe featuring rhubarb. ==== MONDORF - FOOD AND DRINK If you wish you taste authentic Rhineland cuisine visit the Gasthaus Borsch near Provincials. Here you can have excellent food, good drinks and all at reasonable prices. It also has a comfortable hotel. ==== MONDORF - SIGHTSEEING Mondorf also features a beautiful cemitary behind the catholic church and is home to the infamous Konditorei Hausmann (just opposite from the church). Here youll get the best cakes and danish from the entire region. Further south you can find an old ...


Lichtenfels Lichtenfels is a small peaceful town between Bamberg and Coburg with about 20.000 inhabitants. It is the basket making capital of Germany with college to teach the subject. It is also a railway junction on the line from Bamberg to Bayreuth so it is easy to get to by rail. ==== LICHTENFELS - SIGHTSEEING Its two main tourist attractions apart from the town itself are the baroque Vierzehnheiligen (14 angels) church and the Kloster Banz monastery which sit on the skyline on either side of the valley of the River Main which flows through the town....


Luneburg Luneburg, located southeast of Hamburg, is the main economic and administrative centre for the region of northeastern Lower-Saxony. Since the city is directly connected with the A250 highway, the drive to Hamburg is only half an hour by car or train. The region of Luneburg grows by some 2000 people every year. Soon, the city of Luneburg will reach 70.000 inhabitants. For German people the name Luneburg is closely associated with the term Heide (heather). This association is correct, it really exists here, the Luneburger Heide. In spite of its name, the exceptional heather landscape is only approximately half an hour drive away from the city. However, beautiful and interesting things can also be found in the city Lu...




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