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Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa Near the center of the country at an elevation of 7 600 ft/2 500 m capital city Addis Ababa sits in a narrow valley in the shadow of impressive Mt. Entotto. Founded in 1880 Addis, which means New Flower in the the native language of amharic, is a fairly new city whose impressive monuments of colonial architecture are dispersed amid stretches of sun-bleached shacks and empty lots. The smoky pine-covered hills surrounding Addis add to the enjoyment of walking the city streets especially in the evening or early morning. While there see the Emperors Palace and the Imperial Zoo (when we were last there they allowed visitors to pet the cheetahs). Other sights include the Menelik II Mausoleum located in a cellar unde...


Axum Axum is one of the highlights of any trip to Ethiopia. Axum was the capital of the Tigray for 2 000 years and supposedly the place where the Queen of Sheba lived. According to Ethiopian legend the Ark remains in the 17th-century Cathedral of St. Mary of Zion built by Emperor Haile Selasie, who also happens to be the 227th direct decedent of Menelik 1 (refer to the personal essay under the section The Ark of the Covenant, for background information) . Unfortunately the chapel is guarded night and day by a monk who refuses to let anyone check out the story. The chapel is considered too holy for anyone to enter, except the chosen guardian monk. Although the civil war left its scars, most of Axums ruins which date from AD...


Harar The foundation of Harar goes back to the foundation of the first Muslim sultanate at the central and southern Ethiopia in 896 A.D. In 1521 A.D. Amir Abubakar Muhammad tranferred his capital from Dakar to Harar which before long emerged as the most important town in the horn of Africa. After the fourteen years of successive holy wars and the defeat of Iman Ahmad Ibn Ibrahim Algaz (Gran) in 1543, the power was assumed by his nephew, Amir Nur ibn Alwazir Mujahid, who married the late Imam's widow, Bati Del Wambara. It was he who was responsible for the construction of the great wall (Jugal) around Harar for defensive purpose. This structure becomes the towns' most important feature. Because of its strategy, s...

The Simien National Park

The Simien National Park The Simien national park is located in the Simien central masif, a major highland area that includes Ethiopia's highest mountain, Ras Dejen (4620). It is home to many indigenous species. Some such as the Walia Ibex and Abyssinian Wolf are very rare but the gregarious Gelada baboons are always easy to find. The Simien Mountains National Park is easily accessible and excellent for trekking, with stirring views and a large variety of wildlife. The mountains are home to three of Ethiopia's larger endemic mammals: the walia ibex, the gelada baboon and the elusive Ethiopian wolf. Other mammals sometimes seen are rock hyraxes, jackals, bushbucks and klipspringers. Endemic bird species include the commonly seen th...




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