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Puerto Lopez

Puerto Lopez Puerto Lpez is the ideal place from which to explore Machalilla National Park. This sleepy seaside town sits in a picturesque horseshoe bay with gentle waves, rocking fishing boats and a tree-lined promenade. The beach is the focus of local life with fishermen mending their nets, courting couples, unaccompanied cows wandering along the shore and kids running down to play in the breakers at sunset. ...


Banos Baos is one of the most popular destinations for every independent traveler in Ecuador. A lot of guesthouses and specialised restaurants serve only for the needs of this group of tourists. It is known for its rather mild climate and as the gateway between the Andes Mountains and the Oriente region of Amazonian jungle. The town is built dramatically on a shelf under the steep slopes of the Tungurahua Volcano and has been regularly threatened by volcanic activity. Many Ecuadorians come here for the weekend to enjoy the many popular hot springs and thermal baths. The area is also excellent for walking trails that frequently lead to high waterfalls set amid the spectacular mountain scenery. The town itself is famed for th...


Montanita Montanita is a small surfing village on the west coast of Ecuador. Montanita has developed in to a mecca of surf enthusiasts which come from all over the world to experience possibly Ecuadors best surfing location. The town is tiny and basically is only two streets filled with cafes, surf board renters, and vendors. During the week, the town is somewhat quite with tourists drinking in the small cafes while not catching waves. The weekends fill up as party goers get ready for a few drinks at Montanitas only real bar is open. There is also a monthly full moon party which normally occurs on the saturday closest to the full moon a few miles down the road. During the full moon party weekend, Montanita is quite full of ...

Amazon Basin

Amazon Basin Covering approximately 12'000,000 H., the major area of the Ecuadorian Amazon supports exuberant vegetation that is typical of humid tropical forests, its western limit is the Andes Mountain Range, Peru lies to the south and Colombia to the north. Immense quantities of material flowing from the Andes have been washed down the rivers, forming strips of alluvial soils and terraces that are used for farming. Temperature The annual average temperature falls between 25 and 25,5 C. Between 300 and 400 cm. of rainfall are distributed more or less equally throughout the year, although December through February are the drier months. Flora The principal attraction of the hilly forest is, of course, the trees...


Riobamba Riobamba is a small town in the Andes. It is mainly popular with travelers because of its Indian markets. The town is filled every Saturday with woolen blankets pigs and produce. The market frequented by Amerindians from the neighboring villages sprawls through several town squares and streets. The town houses a good museum, the Museum of Sacred Art (paintings sculptures and jewelry) housed in the old Convent of the Sisters of the Conception. The city itself has some fine old buildings and pretty views of the surrounding peaks. It also makes a good base for visiting Chimborazo. A cool thing to do is to take a 3-6 hour train trip through the Andean Sierra on one of the oldest trains in the world to a place ca...

Crucita Beach

Crucita Beach About 30 Minutes from Manta, Crucita is a very nice beach with and seafood restaurant along the beachfront. It is quiet during the week, with some tourists at the weekends. It is perfect for paragliding, kite surfing and swimming. It is a lovely place with wonderful sunsets. Crucita is growing bigger and better year by year. ...

Santa Marianita

Santa Marianita Santa Marianita is a small fishing village about 20 minutes south of the city of Manta. This is a 300 meters wide, 4km long sandy beach, with plenty of space for learning, launching and landing, and a sometimes surfable shorebreak with waves from 1 to 1.5-2 meters high for intermediate and expert riders. A couple of restaurants can be found near the launching area where riders gather. The beach is never crowed....

Playa Los Frailes

Playa Los Frailes Reputed to be the most beautiful beach in Ecuador and the star of countless posters, Los Frailes is 30 minutes North of Puerto Lopez by bus. If you wish to test that reputation but aren't planning to visit rest of the park you can buy a cheaper beach-only day ticket for USD 10 The bus drops you off at a signed turn off. There's a ticket booth and a house where you can store luggage and buy cokes and water. There are no refreshments available at the beach and the sun can be intense so it's important to stock up. From there it's a circular walk which takes 2-2.5 hrs. A 3.5-km trail winds down to the beach and leads across three separate beaches. The first two are in smaller protected bays on either side of a headland...

Agua Blanca

Agua Blanca You can get there independently by catching a bus to roughly 5 kms North of Puerto Lopez. From here there's a turn off and you walk 5 kms inland on an unpaved road. Alternatively various agencies in Puerto Lopez organise day trips with transport. From Agua Blanca there's an easy 45-minute walk to some pre-Inca ruins and guides can be hired in the village. ...

Isla de la Plata

Isla de la Plata The Isla is named after the silver that Sir Francis Drake allegedly stole from the Spanish and buried there. To this day it's not been recovered but there's no harm in looking. Even if you don't find hidden treasures it's well worth a visit. The Isla is generally considered to be a cheaper alternative to Galapagos and is home to various must-see birds including frigates with big red pouches on their necks, boobies with blue feet, boobies with red feet, masked boobies, pelicans and a small nesting colony of waved albatrosses. There's also a resident group of sea lions. The Isla is also a top spot for whale-watching, one of the primary sites in Ecuador for our large blubbery friends. Humpback whales cruise in from th...




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