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Split Split is the largest and most important city in Dalmatia. It is a Mediterranean city, situated on a small peninsula on the eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea. Split is also one of the oldest cities in the area, dating more that 1700 years, although some new archaeological researches show the possibility of the city being even older. ==== SPLIT - SIGHTSEEING The most important sight is big Diocletian's palace. Get a locally published guide in English which describes this monument in great detail. Do not miss the Peristyle which is the main open space in the palace and is surrounded by a colonnade of six columns to the eastern and western sides and an arch, decorated with garlands, in the centre. On the eastern...


Ston Ston-Peninsula Peljesac is situated on the peninsula Peljesac in South Dalmatia. Driving along the Coast road named Magistrala after you have passed coast territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, you turn toward signs to Orebic and the ferry and to the birthplace of Marco Polo, Korcula. The town of Ston is the center of the Ston municipality. === STON - ATTRACTION Fantastic view over the shellsfarm in the beginning of the long Peljesac bay. After you taste the fresh Austershells in the first villaga, continue 5 km to reach Mali Ston and turn to the right in the town, further to the wall and then to the right and follow the way around the tower on the beach and after 100m stop on the parking place in front of the mai...

Bacina Lakes

Bacina Lakes The Bacina Lakes at Ploce is one of the most spectacularly beautiful sights in Croatia. The six semi-linked lakes that lie about half an hours drive North of Komarna are visible from the coastal road. They more or less have the same colour as the brochures advertising diving trips to The Maldives. The lakes are a favoured spot for the locals so it's possible to buy food and drink. Remember to bring your diving glasses. It's not The Maldives but there is an abundance of fish in the water anyway....


Baska Baska is the best known tourist centre on the island of Krk. Its position in the northern part of the Croatian coastline putting it closest to the centre of Europe. The position of Baka has ensured it a distinctive spot on the tourist scene, Baka being one of the Top Ten of the tourist destinations of the Adriatic Sea. It is located in a gentle valley and in a bay surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and flowering broom, with a picturesque background of the rocky mountains and the islet of Prvic, which seems as if it is intent on giving all-round protection to the unique 1,800 m long pebble beach, justly said to be one of the most lovely in the Adriatic. Baka abounds in beaches, some thirty pebbled ...


Fazana Fazana is a town and a municipality in Croatia, a small port and fishermen's centre in the south-western part of the western Istrian coast in the Fazana Strait, 8 km northwest of Pula. It is located on a low part of the coast, well protected from the sea by Brijuni Islands. The town dates from the ancient Roman times when its name was Vasanium and was well-known for manufacturing amphorae, vases and tiles. ==== FAZANA - ATTRACTION Beautiful beaches, clear sea, Mediterranean climate and lush vegetation have contributed to the development of tourism in Fazana, Valbandon and Surida whose inhabitants have always been known for their hospitality. The guests who prefer camping are invited to spend their holidays in ...


Brac Brac is the third largest island in the Adriatic. It is easily reached from Split. Brac is an island covered with pine trees, vineyards and olive groves and the world famous stone from Brac has been used in the construction of many important buildings (e.g. The White House in Washington DC).The beautiful beach Zlatni rat is located in Bol, which is the biggest tourist draw on the island, located on the south side. It is a pebbly beach, the tip of which points east or west depending on the wind and waves. You'll have to admit that this is the only beach that you've heard of that changes its shape from day to day. There are many bathing-places and resorts on Brac: Postire, Milna, Supetar. The best Part of Br...


Karlovac Karlovac was founded in 1579, but the parish was already mentioned in 1334. Around it grew an important cultural, commercial and industrial centre. Still, the main reason to come are the sacral buildings of the town, including the early Baroque church of the Holy Trinity. ==== KARLOVAC - ATTRACTION The city of Karlovac has memorial-sites dedicated to Croatian veterans of the nation's Homeland War and to the veterans of the Croatian Home Guard. The national shrine of St. Joseph on Dubovac is of particular interest. This modern church began to be built in 1968 and was consecrated in 1975. It was officially designated a national shrine in 1987....


Lastovo Lastovo possesses all the basic characteristics of the Mediterranean climate dominated by mild, moist winters and warm, long and dry summers. The average annual temperature of the island is ca. 15C, while the average annual rainfall is 687 mm. The air moisture of the island is ca. 70% only in July and August falls to 65%. The dominant winds are Jugo (warm, moist and steady) and maestral (NW direction). The island spreads over 50 square kilometers. Its dolomitic valleys are located between limy hills and they often contain layers of red soil and quartz sand. The valleys are often surrounded by mild calcareous slopes rich in caves. The coast-line is mainly steep and the surrounding sea is deep. Although the covers are...

Komiza, Vis Island

Komiza, Vis Island Komiza, Vis island is the most distant and western of the larger Dalmatian islands, with an area of about 90 km2. This is a tourist oasis of untouched beauty, full of history and wild mountain scenery. Vis produces some of the best olives, figs, almonds, lemons in Croatia, and can rival anywhere in the Mediterranean for it's tasty fish and lobster, prepared the same way as the ancient Vis fishermen used to do. There are also many vineyards which produce some popular Croatian wine; Plavac is a strong heavy red and Vugava a rather rich white wine. ==== KOMIZA, VIS ISLAND - ATTRACTION There's a wonderful view of the Adriatic from the top, with the pale grey stripe of the Italian coastline far away to the west, and ...


Korcula Korcula s one of the biggest islands of Croatia. Few people know that Marco Polo, the famous Venetian explorer was actually born on here, in Croatia. The island's capital is also called Korcula. This ancient city, called Little Dubrovnik, is among the most beautiful towns on the Croatian coast and is known for its unique architecture. ==== KORCULA - ATTRACTION One of the main attractions is the house of Marco Polo, which can be visited in the old city center. The biggest and the most beautiful building of Korcula is the Cathedral of St. Marco. South from it, there is the Bishop's Palace where the Abbatial Treasury of St. Marco is placed today with a rich collection of Croatian and Italian Renaissance artists,...




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