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Kravica Waterfalls
Kravica Waterfalls

A trip to the waterfalls will be one of your vacation's absolute highlights. Apart from offering spectacular scenery it's a great place to fish and it's an even better place to swim.


The cold, clear water falls into a small valley. From noon onwards (when the sun gets hot) some of the water particles being hurdled into the air vaporise putting a lid of mist on top of the valley making it a pleasant shade-like feeling to be there.

Getting tired of relaxing on the sandy beach you can head out into the pool of water which is also covered by a sandy bottom. If you are up to it you can swim across the pool (notice how the water gets colder and colder), climb the rocks and jump. This is what the local teenagers do to impress one another.

There is also a restaurant where you can enjoy the view and relax by listening to the rumbling from the waterfalls.

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