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Makarska riviera

Makarska riviera Makarska riviera is one of the most beautiful parts of Adriatic coast and many says the most beautiful. ==== MAKARSKA RIVIERA - ATTRACTION Makarska riviera is based on kilometers of beaches, pebbled beaches stretched all along the riviera, or because the mountain Biokovo with its high peaks, which arises directly from the sea and give you such a beautiful view on the seaside surrounded by the islands of Brac and Hvar. Makarska is the center and famous touristic destination but not the only one: there are a lot of villages in which you will be able to catch Mediterranean spirit - and listen the symphony of cicades, sea and wind....

Pag Island

Pag Island Pag Island is an island in the north-Dalmatian archipelago, third largest in Kvarner, situated between Kvarneric and theVelebit Channel, with a northwest-southeast extension.The south-western coast of the island is low, and the north-western is steep and high: the Pag Bay (with the large Caska Cove) and Stara Novalja Bay; the southeast of the island features three capes. The climate is Mediterranean. No surface water streams are found on the island; there are springs near Metajna, Novalja, Povljane and Pag. Most of the island is rocky; smaller areas are covered with Mediterranean shrubs. ==== PAG ISLAND - ATTRACTION The old folk tradition has been partly preserved: tunes (following the same melody, the type o...


Sibenik Sibenik is located in central Dalmatia where the river Krka flows into the Adriatic Sea. Unlike other Dalmatian towns that were founded by the Illyrians, Greeks, and Romans, it is the oldest native Croatian town on the eastern shores of the Adriatic. ==== SIBENIK - ATTRACTION Sibenik is mainly famous for its Cathedral. The Cathedral of Saint Jakov, is a three-aisled basilica with three apses and a cupola (interior height 32 m). Construction of the cathedral was begun in the Venetian Gothic style, but was completed in the Toscana Renaissance style....


Sinj Sinj is a town in the continental part of Split-Dalmatia county, Croatia. Sinj lies between four mountains: Svilaja, Dinara, Kamesnica and Visoka. Those mountains give Sinj it's specific sub Mediterranean climate. ==== SINJ - ATTRACTION The major attraction, for which the town is known at home and abroad, is certainly the traditional Tilters Tournament of Sinj (Alka). It takes place every year on the first Sunday in August to commemorate the victory over the Turkish army in 1715. The tilters, dressed in the traditional costumes, ride on horseback in full gallop, trying to thrust a ring (alka), hanging from a wire, with a lance.The tilter who scores the highest number of points (punat) is declared victor. Many t...


Brela Brela is surrounded by the longest and loveliest coastline in Dalmatia. Six kilometres of pebble beaches curve around coves thickly forested with pine trees. A shady promenade winds around the coves. It located between the Biokovo mountain and the Adriatic Sea. It's known as the pearl of Makarska riviera. The pearl of Adriatic or the pearl of Mediterranean is the name given to the city of Dubrovnik. In 1968 Brela was crowned as Champion of Adriatic for high achievements in tourist activity. ==== BRELA - ATTRACTION It maintains a relaxed atmosphere and remains a place for families rather than the young party crowd. The beach is pebble and the water crystal clear, which is due to the filtration provided by the sh...

Brioni Islands

Brioni Islands Brioni or Brijuni are a group of fourteen small islands in the Croatian part of the northern Adriatic Sea, separated from the west coast of the Istrian peninsula by the narrow Fazana Strait. The largest island, Veli Brijun (5.6 sq km), lies 2 km off the coast. Famous for their scenic beauty, the islands are a holiday resort and a Croatian National Park. ==== BRIONI ISLANDS - ATTRACTION The Brioni islands are a naturally beautiful archipelago composed of two larger and eleven smaller islands. An ecological paradise and declared national park, deer frolic in the open fields and horse-drawn carriages ply the country lanes. Ancient ruins, sandy coves, hotels, cottages and yachts....


Drasnice Drasnice is a tourist locality in southern Dalmatia, Croatia, located between Makarska and Ploce. First time mentioned in 1477 in Turkish document. The Makarska Riviera, which is a part of the central dalmatian coast about 60 km long and only several kilometers wide, is situated under the towering mountain Biokovo. The Makarska Riviera consists of a string of settlements along the coast from the town of Omis in the northwest to the river Neretva delta in the southeast. The sunny climate and long pebbly beaches make this region a popular tourist destination. ==== DRASNICE - ATTRACTION Drasnice is situated about 75km south of the city of Split, and 150km north of the UNESCO world heritage town of Dubrovnik. It i...


Hvar Hvaris a town and port on the south-western coast of the island of Hvar. It lies in a cove protected by the Pakleni Islands in the south and a low crest in the north. It's main attractions are a pleasant, sunny climate, natural beauties, various accommodation facilities, gastronomic offer (seafood galore), sports and recreational opportunities. The island measures approximately 80 km, east to west and is a tourist destination. ==== HVAR - ATTRACTION Tourists are attracted by a visit to the Pakleni Islands - A small archipelago in front of the Hvar port, where one may enjoy the sun and the sea in one of the many solitary, wooded coves. Restaurants and taverns on the island offer excellent fish specialties, with ...


Jablanac Jablanac is a village in Croatia, located on the Adriatic Sea underneath the Velebit mountain, overlooking the island of Rab. The village has a ferry port that connects it to Rab. ==== JABLANAC - ATTRACTION Jablanac is mostly known about the fjord Zavratnica, and the National Park around it. From here goes the ferry to the Otok Rab (Rab Island) as well, and in the summer months you can buy great ice-cream in the dock....

Krk Island

Krk Island Krk is an island off the coast of Croatia. It is about 400 sq kilometers big. The capital of the island is also called Krk. Sights in Krk include the medieval moats and a cathedral from the 13th century. Other sights on the island include Roman terms, churches and Venetian paintings. ==== KRK ISLAND - ATTRACTION Main destinations on Krk are Malinska for sun sea sand, Punat for its marina, Baska famous as top destination if you are looking for nicest beaches and Vrbnik because of its good looks. The golden island, as the island of Krk has been called since ancient times, is the nearest island to western Europe. ==== KRK ISLAND - GETTING THERE You can reach Krk by land, sea and by air because there i...




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