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Nuqui In Nuqui, several black men loaded with fishing nets and hooks, cross the irreverent waters of the Pacific Ocean in their fragile canoes. Others, with faster and more powerful boats, take tourists to the beach of Terquito. The Amor and Folker waterfalls, the trips up the Terco and Jovi rivers, and the thermal baths located fifty minutes from the beach, are magical places where the magnificent jungle scenery and the solitude guarantee an unforgettable experience for lovers of ecotourism. And expert and novice divers can explore submarine platform to watch one of the liveliest places in the Pacific. Multi-colored coral, shoals of fish, and sea turtles abound. And, as in other areas of the Colombian Pacific, humpba...


Santander From the majestic view of the Chicamocha river canyon to the placid El Gallineral park, the land of Santander offers striking landscapes that have made this department a favorite destination with lovers of extreme sports and ecotourism. The adventure is for real: paragliding, kayaking, rafting, bungee jumping, rappelling, and cave exploration are part of the menu. Beautiful colonial towns, biodiversity, handicrafts, and agriculture invite visitors to learn about history and culture, or simply rest and relax. Good lodging is found in Bucaramanga, the capital, and San Gil, Socorro, and Barichara. With so many natural, cultural and architectural attractions, getting to know Santander will take some time. Aside from...

Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva Villa de Leyva is where time stands still. Declared a national monument in 1954, the town has been preserved in its entirety and virtually no modern architecture exists. The result is a colonial town par excellence - a place where the streets are still cobbled and the walls still whitewashed. It's easy to see the place in just a day, but many travelers find themselves caught in its magical grasp and hang on for several more. The town was founded in 1572 by Hernan Suarez de Villalobos and named Nuestra Senora de la Villa Santa Maria de Leyva. It enjoys a healthy, mild climate, warmer than Tunja, just 39km away but 700m higher. Villa de Leyva's proximity to Bogot has made it a popular weekend destination for touri...

Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena de Indias The city is a special destination, always alive, and the venue for important cultural events - like that memorable concert - that highlight its colors. In this case, it was fuchsia, the symbol of the extensive schedule of shows and festivals that welcome visitors: The International Music Festival, the Film and TV Festivals, the Bolero and Caribbean Son Festivals, the Cartagena Jazz Festival, the Independence Feasts, and the Feasts of the Virgen de La Candelaria. The heroic city is music and culture throughout the whole year. News takes place without interruption. Thanks to its cultural offer, Cartagena is now on the tourism horizon of many Colombians and foreigners who want to participate in the city's various fest...


Bogota Also known as Santa F de Bogot or the Athens of the Americas, Bogot is set at an altitude of over 2600 m (>8000 feet) with high ranges of the Cordillera to the east. You may need some time to adjust to this altitude, especially if you are arriving from lower parts of the country or flying in. Most of the sights of the city are in the historic central neighborhood of La Candelaria. The Plaza de Bolivar is the principal square in the city and it is where the seat of both Federal and Local governments are housed. The buildings in the surrounding areas are built in the colonial style with wide-eaved balconies. Sitting on the main square, you may also see and visit the First Cathedral, built back in the late 1500's. B...


Cali Cali is known in Colombia as the capital of fiestas, street partying, dancing, and salsa as Cali's Salsa Clubs are among the most famous in the entire continent. Among many other things, the people from Cali have developed a playful and hedonistic culture in harmony with the natural surroundings and country life. Cali is a great place for tourism and leisure. The capital of the department of Valle del Cauca has become a mecca for tourism thanks to the beauty of its women, its historical sites, and a multitude of spots for day and night entertainment. Cali is one of the major economic and industrial centers of the country, and the main urban, economic, industrial, and agrarian city of southwest Colombia. On Sunda...


Barranquilla Barranquilla is one of the most beautiful cities in Colombia. It's worth to travel and be witness to one of the most representative festivities in the whole latinoamerican region: the Carnival. It is ranked as the second in South America, but truly they have their own charm and can be a very exciting and memorable experience. You can shop in any of the modern malls in the downtown area. The city has plenty to offer: a very exciting night life as well as many international restaurants. Visit the Museo Romantico to get a taste of the city's traditions. The city is ranked as the fourth one in importance of Colombia, and it's the most important sea port on the Colombian Caribbean. Its economy is based on industry an...


Cartagena With just under 1 million inhabitants, Cartagena is the most popular tourist resort town in Colombia. It is divided into two main parts: the Ciudad Antigua (Old City) and the Ciudad Nueva (New City). Cartagena used to be a popular place for the privateers of the Caribbean (the most famous being Sir Francis Drake). Accordingly, the Spanish invested heavily in thick walls to protect this important harbour from attacks. The walls are over 10km long and enclose the pleasant Ciudad Antigua, built in 1533 along a beautiful Caribbean harbor. Its very pleasant to stroll down the narrow streets and take in the stylish colonial architecture. The cathedrals and palaces face cool shady plazas, where you can buy little cups o...


Huila The tourist attractions of Huila are spread in parallel to its geography. Located in the lowest part of Colombias central area, this department is characterized by varied agricultural production and amazingly different landscapes that capture the attention of travelers, especially the Desert of La Tatacoa and the Colombian Massif, which are situated at opposite ends of the department. Traveling from Bogota, one of the first surprises along the road is the Desert of La Tatacoa. This 330 square km tropical dry forest, paradoxically, very near the Magdalena and Cabrera Rivers, where the erosion of hundreds of years created an ochre and ash-colored environment, attracts tourists with its forms and mazes. The Desert ...


Neiva This city, located at 442 meters above sea level, has an average temperature of 28 degree C that seems to rise due to the warmth and hospitality of its people, especially at mid-year during the Folk Festival and National Bambuco Pageant. At this time, the rule is to welcome visitors with affection and kindness for them to fully enjoy one of the most authentic feasts in Colombia. Neiva stands out for being a port on the Magdalena River, as well as for the typical restaurants on the riverside, the Isla del Mohn Park, and the monument to La Gaitana - all close to the pier. Continuing south, it is a good idea to bathe in the medicinal hot springs of the municipality of Rivera before going on to the towns where the b...




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