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Dali Dali is one of the most popular spots for independent China travellers and hugely popular with those working, teaching and studying in China. Thirty minutes by plane and 5 hours by bus from Kunming, Dali is the perfect place to relax. Dali is the name of the Prefecture, the local city (aka Xiaguan) and the Dali Old Town. Travellers visit the Dali Old Town for its traditional architecture, minority cultures - mostly Bai but also with many Yi and Hui - and simply to relax. The Old Town has a population of approx. 40,000 and the entire Dali Prefecture around three million people. With the beautiful Cangshan Mountains a short distance to the West of Dali (approx 4200 meters at the peak) and Erhai Lake a few km to the E...


Lijiang Lijiang Prefecture includes the heritage site of the Old Town of Lijiang as well as picturesque nearby surroundings. In 1998, the Old Town of Lijiang was inscribed into the World Heritage List by the World Heritage Commission of the UNESCO. The Commission called it an exceptional ancient town set in a dramatic landscape which represents the harmonious fusion of different cultural traditions to produce an urban landscape of outstanding quality. Lijiang is the ideal destination for nature lovers and anyone interested in ancient people groups and their customs. Lijiang is located within the northwest part of Yunnan Province, in the southeastern part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the northwestern part of Yunnan-Guizhou ...


ShangriLa Shangri-La (Pinyin: Xianggelila), previously known as Zhongdian, is a small, primarily Tibetan town located 5 hours drive north of Lijiang. The Chinese part of town is typical for the area, but a recent bout of development in the old city center is creating an interesting old town to explore. Highlights within a day's trip from town include: * Song Lan Lin Monastery, reportedly the biggest Tibetan monastery complex in the province * Bai Shui Tai, a picturesque limestone formation * Tiger Leaping Gorge, a sheer gorge which has a well marked trail and good tourist infrastructure * Bita Hai, a lake featuring a small island in its middle, a popular destination * Da Bao Si, a small but famous monastery approxima...


Xishuangbanna Xishuangbanna, is one of the most fascinating areas in China, home to the Dai people as well as several other minorities. It's full of beautiful countryside, remarkable wildlife and interesting villages as well as the Menghai, Mengzhe and Menghan Buddhist temples. Located in the southern part of Yunnan, over 500km from Kunming, covering an area of 25,000sq kilometers. It is bounded on the south by Laos and Burma, with River Lancang running through the whole region. Jinghong, which is Xishuangbana's capital, the name means in the Dai language is a city at dawn. It is now open to foreign tourists as an excursion center. The whole region has a temperate and moist climate, fit for the growth of all kinds of vegetation....

Hainan Island

Hainan Island Situated in the southernmost of China, well-known for its the end of sky and the rim of the sea (Tianyahaijiao), Hainan Island, is the famous scenic spot in China for its golden beach, blue sea and the tropical climate. The province is administratively divided into the Hainan, Nansha, Xisha, Zhongsha islands, etc. Also having 3 municipalities, 16 counties and the agencies of the Xisha, Nansha, Zhongsha islands. (Haikou) is the capital city. The second-biggest city, (Sanya), with its tropical attractions and host to the 2003 Miss World Competition, earns the reputation as Hawaii of China. Sanya had been a poor little fishing village until 1954 when the government designate it as the Hainan Special Economic Zone. No...


Luhuitou A long time ago, a young hunter pursued a deer and brought it to bay on a cliff above the sea. When he aimed his arrow at his quarry, the deer turned her head toward him and suddenly transformed into a beautiful maiden. Dropping his bow, the startled hunter immediately fell in love with the doe-eyed beauty. This is the legend of Luhuitou, as told by the Li people. Luhuitou is located in a craggy peninsula, with the statue of the turning deer at its 300m summit. Just visible from Sanya. You can expect to pay around 10-20 yuan in a motor-rickshaw from the Dadonghai bay area. The park itself is a lovely walk and you walk up and up until you meet the 30 ft statue. On the way to the peak there are several things to ...

Huayang Village

Huayang Village Huayang Village is a tiny Chinese village where people still live a traditional lifestyle and practice traditional agricultural methods. The village's one hotel is modern, and equipped with air conditioning/heating, ensuite bathroom and televisions. Famous local dishes and Shaanxi Province specialties can be eaten in the restaurant opposite the hotel. The village is half an hour's drive from Changqing Nature Reserve, one of the few remaining sites in China where Giant Pandas can be seen in the wild. Changqing Nature Reserve is also home to Golden Monkeys, Golden Takin and Crested Ibis, along with 39 other threatened animals and 31 threatened plants. Hainan Airlines fly twice daily from Xian to Hanzhong City. T...


Shaoshan Shaoshan is some 90 km from Changsa the capital of Hunan. Shaoshan is small, but world famous as the birthplace of Mao Zedong. It is some sort of a pilgrimage site for commies, but it is also popular with Chinese tourists. There are a few hotels and services around the rail head and long-distance bus depot, the village itself is some 6km from here. Minibuses are frequent. Sights include Mao's Family Home (free; 8am-5pm), a compound of bare adobe buildings next to a lotus-filled pond, a bronze statue of an elderly Mao and the Mao Zedong Exhibition Hall (daily 8am-5pm; 7). Next door to the museum is the former Mao Ancestral Temple (5), now a memorial to the leader's early work amongst the peasants here. ...


Beijing Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China and is the centre of government, economy, culture, and international activitities, as well as a transportation hub. It has 18 districts and counties, with an area of 16,800 square kilometres and a population of 12 million. Beijing has a long history. As early as 500,000 years ago, Peking Man lived there. It is alos an ancient cultural city. It was established in 1045 B.C. and for 800 years served as the capital of the Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties. Beijing is also known as a tourist city for its many places of interest, including ancient buildings, royal gardens, temples, palaces, and modern structures. It is a gathering place of artists and other pe...


Guillin Guillin is an ancient city on the shore of the mesmerizing Lijiang River in northeastern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The serene mountains, sparkling waters, and exotic rocks typical of the karst landmass in the Lijiang River basin have inspired the saying:The landscape of Guillin is unmatched under heaven. Yangshuo: Yangshuo Country is enhanced by beautiful natural landscape. Hence the saying, The landscape of Yangshuo is unmatched in Guillin. Reed-Flute Rock: A cave is found in the middle of Guangming Mountain in the northwestern suburbs of Guillin. Legend has it that the reed growing by the cave's mouth could be made into flutes, thus the Cave's name Reed Flute Cave. There are more than 70 inscription...




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