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Manzhouli Manzhouli is in the far North East of Inner Mongolia & is a main border crossing from China into Russia. Its a small, modern town that has seen itself develop dramatically over the last 10 years. The easiest way to get to Manzhouli is by train via Harbin(Hailongjang), a journey of 16 hours. For a traveler visiting China the main attractions in Manzhouli are the Mongolian Grasslands which are easily accessible from the town. One of the main destinations for tourists is the famed Dalai lake which is about 30kms from the city. The lake has undergone some scrappy development in recent years but during summer months you can rent a yurt(or stay in a hotel) & enjoy the relative tranquility of the Mongolian country side. ...

Shandong Province

Shandong Province Shandong is often considered to be the seat of Chinese culture. Located along the East coast of China between Hebei and Jiangsu provinces it juts out into the East China Sea. If China looks like a chicken, then Shandong province looks like a vulture. There are a number of famous cities in Shadong Province. Jinan is the capitol of the province located along the primary north-south rail line along the East coast and is known for Baotou springs. Tai'an, an hour south of Jinan, is known for Taishan (Tai mountain). Qufu, an hour south of Tai'an, was the home of Confucius (K'ung Fu Tzu). Qingdao was a German treaty port and is now a beautiful coastal city with sandy beaches and German architecture. It's also home of Chin...


Qingdao Located at the southwestern tip of the Shandong Peninsular, facing the Yellow Sea on the east and south, Qingdao is a beautiful coastal city with bright sea, blue-sky, cool sea breezes, cobbled streets, and there is much more waiting for you to explore. Historically, Qingdao was once a sleepy fishing town but in 1897 Germany annexed Qingdao and the surrounding Jiazhou peninsula and introduced German style brewing. Its German legacy more or less intact, Qingdao takes pride in its Bavarian appearance-the Chinese call the town Chinas Switzerland . In recent years, Qingdao became one of China's first open door cities, and it continues to produce the world-renowned Qingdao Beer. Qingdao has plenty of diversions to offe...

Shanxi Province

Shanxi Province Shanxi is in the middle reaches of Huang He (Yellow River). Located to the west of the Taihang range of mountain, it is so named Shanxi (west of the mountain) which makes it easy to distinguish from its neighbour Shaanxi. The total area of the province is 156,000 sq km with 31.4 million in population. Shanxi has rich cultural and historical sites. After Qin Shihuang unified Chinese states, Shanxi became one of the earliest centres of Chinese culture and civilization, whose northern area became a defensive bulwark against marauding tribes from the north and west. During the Sui and the Tang dynasties (chao) it once developed as a financial center. Pinyao, one of the four best-preserved ancient cities in China, is t...


Pingyao In the middle of Shanxi Province, covers an area of 2.25 sq kilometers, 90km southward from Taiyuan, the capital of the province, Pingyao Ancient Town is one of the four best-preserved ancient cities in China. Being prosperous and well developed in both Ming and Qing dynasties as a financial and business center, Pingyao was the assembly place of wealthy merchants who built the eye-catching courtyards one after the other, thus made the town the typical folk house in northern China. With more than 1700 years history, the ancient town is the birthplace of the earliest bank in China, named Piaohao, means the firm for exchanging and transferring of money. The most brilliant spot of this ancient town is its city wall whi...

Sichuan Province

Sichuan Province Sichuan Province is located in the centre of China, bordering Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Shaanxi, Chongqing, Guizhou and Yunnan Provinces. The Yangtze river goes through the south east region of Sichuan Province. Both the capital Chengdu in Sichuan and neighbouring municipality Chongqing are well worth a visit. For Chengdu alone, you need at least four days to see the sights and a few more days to make excursions to Mount Emei, Leshan, and Jiuzhaigou. Allow an extra ten days or so to journey and stay in the Tibetan Prefecture (Dege County) at the Dzongsa Buddhist Monastery. Chongqing has not actually been a part of Sichuan Province since the early 1990's, when it became a special municipality of its own. The city o...


Leshan Leshan is a small city in south east Sichuan only a couple of hours inexpensive yet comfortable bus ride down the freeway from the provincial capital. Depart from Xinnanmen bus station in Chengdu every half hour or so. Leshan is also accessible by bus from Mount Emei and Zigong. River steamships travel from Yibing, Luzhou and Chongqing to Leshan. The main attraction is the Leshan Giant Buddha, which is listed as a world heritage site. The Giant Buddha is a popular domestic tourist spot. It is located in the joint of Mingjiang River, Qingyi River and Dadu River in the east of Leshan city. The seventy one metre high statue was firstly chiselled out of the cliff face of Lingyun Mountain during the Tang Dynasty (713 AD...

Xinjiang Province

Xinjiang Province As the largest provincial region in China, Xijiang covers a great area of 1,600,000 sq kilometers, with 20 millions people living here. It is a home to Uyghurs(about 10 million) plus some other Turk minorities such as Kazak, Kirgiz etc. with Han Chinese moving relocated just recently(after 1949). Standing on the ancient Silk Road, Xinjiang is famous for being dominated by desert, mountains, stunning lakes, green grasslands, and its ethnic religion and colorful customs. Although remote and desolate, it is still a wonderful place retaining an air of mystery, energy and enthusiasm. To follow the whole Silk Road is a unique experience. Kashgar close to the Khunjerab pass is one of the main tourist attractions of the...

Altay Prefecture

Altay Prefecture Altay Prefecture lies in the northernmost part of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, bordering on Kazakhstan, Russia, and Mongolia. The prefecture has four trading ports and nine roads, and the Ertix River runs through the prefecture. Altay Mountain has been a producer of gold since ancient times, and 84 other ferrous and non-ferrous minerals have been found in Altay Prefecture. There are 56 rivers, large and small, that join to become the Ertix. The landscape around Hanas Lake can match that of Switzerland, and the lake area is now a national nature reserve. Altay Prefecture is also known for its cultural relics. Pictures on the rock faces, color paintings on the walls of the caves, and carved figures form a...


Yangshuo If you want a break from all the Chinese food, people, cities and all the other things you don't want anymore after traveling in China. Go to Yangshuo, a packpackers resort with great nature surrounding the city in wich you can eat pancakes, pizza, spaghetti etc etc. Outside Yangshuo you find the amazing limestone hills with lots of ricepaddies in between. You go to Yangshuo by boat from Guilin, great trip!...




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