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Banfora is a city in south western Burkina Faso as fourth largest city by population. Banfora is greener than Bobo – and of course is home to the infamous Banfora Cascades. The town of Banfora is easily Burkina Faso’s biggest tourism center, and there is good reason why. While the town of Banfora itself is quite pleasant, it is the surrounding region that is full of worthy tourism gems. The best part is that all of the places are easy to visit and hassle-free. From waterfalls, to hippos, to the beautiful Sindou Peaks, there’s enough excitement around Banfora to keep you in the area for at the very least a couple days. This town has all the makings of a backpacker’s paradise.

Well there isn’t a whole lot for tourists to do in town itself, within the outlying areas there are plenty of worthy sites and activities. If you have your own vehicle, you can do many of these activities on your own in one day. However, if you’re relying on public transport you might find yourself waiting more than enjoying. About 10km outside of town on the road towards Sindou, Tengrela Lake is home to quite a few hippos. In the dry eason they are really visible, but in the wet season high waters make them a tricky spot. Karfiguela Waterfalls is a series of waterfalls, and while they’re not Niagara Falls, they are impressive. The geology of the falls is interesting, and the falls make a great place for a picnic. There is a parking lot with security and guides available if you need one. The Sindou Peaks is a bit of a long day trip, but it’s completely possible to visit the Sindou Peaks in a day trip from Banfora.There are quite a few expat style restaurants in town, and most of them also sell local foods. Most of the hotels also have good restaurants attached. There is actually a surprisingly good assortment of accommodation in Banfora and much of it is quite reasonably priced.

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