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Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo Sao Paulo, Brazil is one of the countries most splendid jewels. This gem is a radiant city, alive with culture and industry. 45 miles from the Atlantic coast, Sao Paulo (which stands from St. Paul in Portuguese) is an amalgam of the various cultures that shape the face of this modern, bustling Brazilian metropolis. The city of Sao Paulo, despite being so populous today, remained for hundred of years a smaller colonial town, evident in the relics of the old city that can still be found all over Sao Paulo. Today, 32 malls, hundreds of boutiques and scores of fine stores line the busy streets of this prosperous city. It is also proud to be the home of 2 of 15 of he world's finest zoos, as well as a great ...


Ilhabela Ilhabela, with 350 km2 Brazils largest island, is part of the Serra do Mar State Park and situated on the northern coastline of So Paulo (see Ilhabela map). The archipelago of So Sebastio which is composed of 9 islands and some smaller rock formations, was formed about 70 million years ago after the separation of South America and Africa (see Geology). When the Southamerican Plate collided with the Nazca Plate in the Pacific Ocean, tectonic movements on the Atlantic Coast separated part of the mainland forming the archipelago of So Sebastio and Ilhabela. Aside from its biological richness Ilhabela also provides some significant cultural heritage in form of its local caiara communities. After the discovery of the ...


Juatinga The Juatinga, sometimes called Joatinga Ecological Reserve is part of the Cairuu Environmental Protection Area and is situated on the southern end of Rio de Janeiro state, in the municipal of Paraty. (see Juatinga localization-, satellite- and topographic map). The Reserve was created in 1992 in order to protect the Atlantic Rainforest and associated ecosystems Mangroves, Restinga and coastal rocks. Juatinga Ecological Reserve also shelters 12 tiny caiara communities, that are distributed along the coast line and sustent their lives with fishing, agriculture and traditional handycraft. The area is extremely rich in biodiversity and contains around 10.000 plant species. Juatinga can best be explored by a 3 to 4 ...


Paraty Paraty, which is located at the feet of the Serra da Bocaina National Park, is the end of one of the gold trails (Estrada Real) that were built end of the 17th century in order to bring gold and precious stones on horseback from historic cities like Ouro Preto and Diamantina in Minas Gerais. Most of the colonial churches date from that time such as the fortress which served as a protection against frequent attacks from pirates and foreign ships. Commerce flourished, the farms around Paraty cultivated sugar cane and little distilleries, so called Alambiques, produced the Cachaa spirit which until today is considered one of the towns attractions. Brazil Eco Adventure Tours Rainforest - Hiking & Trekking - Maps ...

Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande The State Park of Ilha Grande (see statellite map) is only a part (5,594 hectares) of the entire island (19,300 hectares) which is located off the south coast of Rio de Janeiro state, between the cities of Mangaratiba and Angra dos Reis (see localization map). Approximately half of the Park area (47%) is covered by dense Atlantic Rainforest. Many local fauna and flora representative species are found in the area, including parrots, woodpeckers, Brazilian thrushs, saracuras etc. There are also different kinds of monkeys, squirrels, armadillos, pacas, hedgehogs and snakes. From Pico do Papagaio (959 m), there are fantastic views over the island. The islands first reports came from the German adventurer Hans Stade...

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro The word exotic sums up Rio! But, Rio is also chaotic, sophisticated, open, friendly, busy and relaxed. It's literally is everything rolled up into one! Most people see Rio as sun, sea, and surf. Whilst Rio is all of these, it is also much more. As Brazil second most populous city (after Sao Paulo), Rio is also highly regarded as being the educational and cultural center of Brazil - with both some of Brazil's leading universities and some of the most delightful museums and art galleries. And, of course, there's always Carnival and samba time in Rio! ...

Porto Seguro

Porto Seguro Porto Seguro is located on Bahias south coast close to the mouth of the Buranham. Who gave the name Porto Seguro to the city was no one less than Pero Vaz de Caminha. After having sighted the hump of Monte Pascoal some kilometers further south, the crew of Pedro lvares Cabral sailed north for three days and finally anchored at a large bay of deep waters, at a place that was later called Baa Cabrlia where presently is situated the town Santa Cruz Cabrlia. On the cliffs north of Porto Seguro lay the ruins of Brazil's first church and a little further north, at Coroa Vermelha, an enormous cross marks the spot, where the first mass was celebrated. The historical city of Porto Seguro consisting of the three churches...


Itacar Itacar is located in the cocoa zone of the state of Bahia, 440 km south of Salvador and 70 km north of Ilhus. The historic city is the principal entry point to the Itacar - Serra Grande Environmental Protected Area (APA) in the south (see map), to the Conduru State Park in the southeast and to the Camamu in the north. The first inhabitants of the small town of Itacar were the Pataxs Indians. In the beginning of the 18th century, the Jesuits settled and built their church, So Miguel, still standing today. The village was named So Miguel da Barra do Rio de Contas and was raised to the status of county in 1732, by order of Ana Maria Atade e Castro, Countess of Resende. The name was changed to Itacar in 1931. Durin...




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