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A city in Herzegovina, southeastern part of BiH.
About 36000 citizens.
About 20 km far from Dubrovnik.city in Herzegovina, southeastern part of BiH.
About 36000 citizens.
About 20 km far from Dubrovnik.

City Trebinje is located in northeastern part of Trebinje polje. It is surrounded by middle high hills: Ilijino brdo, Obodine, Leutar (1224m-highest in region), Kravice, Petrina, Golo brdo, Stra, Hum and Vesac.

Trebinje at first was named Tribunia- commander of one big or small unit of roman armies.

Through Trebinje runs river of Trebisnjica , 97km long. It is the biggest one and most interesting river in karsts of Herzegovina . Trebisnjica runs from Trebinje to Kleka, sinking Trebinjsko and Popovo polje. Abysses and collapse valleys take her water to many places in subterranean, where by unknown passage flows into river Neretva and Adriatic Sea .

Trebinjsko polje, also known as a Garden of Herzegovina is about 270 and 280m above sea level, longitude 9km and latitude around 2km. It was called Garden of Herzegovina because of her plentiful vegetation.

Popovo polje or Misir of Herzegovina is geographically lower than Trebinjsko polje. His longitude reaches 48km. latitude1 to 1,5km around place Zavala. Near Zavala is karsts cave of Vjetrenica .

Popovo polje soil is very productive; crops succeed two times in the year. Natural phenomenon in Popovo polje is similar to one in Misir. That's the reason why Popovo polje was named Misir of Herzegovina.

What's very interesting about Petrovo polje near Trebinje is Pavlova pecina (cave). Every year on Petrovdan(St. Peter day) , many believers gathers here with preach holding a religious ceremony. This tradition is part of lecture when apostle Pavle was hiding there from Romans, baptizing people. Exactly in the noon , on Petrovdan, light passes through the circle slot brightening up interior of cave. Inside the cave, there's one small lake.

Trebinje is very interesting cultural-historical city with large number of temples. Many of them were built on early Christian grounds. Fifteen of them are Orthodox churches and two are Catholics. Temple of Presveta Bogorodica is built by wish of our big poet Jovan Ducic. Beside the church, there were also built ring bells, parish home, amphitheater, garden where visitors can take a rest. Temple of Presveta Bogorodica is surrounded with monasteries: Dobricevo, Duzi, Tvrdos, Zavala, Petropavlov manastir (monastery), manastir Zitomislic and Hercegovacka Gracanica. Trebinje is most important and main crossroad in south Hercegovina to these cities: Dubrovnik , Ljubinje, Bileca, Lastva, Niksic and Grab. Railway station connects Trebinje across Hum with Dubrovnik and Mostar, and across Grancarevo and Lastva.

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