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Tashigang Tashigang, located in the east of Bhutan is the largest district of Bhutan. It is comprised of many valleys and villages. Compared to the valleys in the west like Paro and Thimphu, the valleys in the east are narrow and steep. The only college in Bhutan which confers bachelor and honours degrees in arts, commerce and science fields is located in Kanglung under Tashigang district, about 2 hour's drive from Tashigang town. Students qualifying to study in Sherubtse college are considered as the cream of Bhutanese youths. Tashigang town itself is a very small town, with about 40 or 50 shops, one school and a general hospital. The town itself is cramped into a very uncomfortable area of little space with no more sp...


Wangdiphodrang Set in a curving valley with fields of grazing cattle Wangdiphodrang has a beautiful dzong. It also has a very spectacular bridge over the river. We recommend it as a day trip from Thimphu. It holds the Wangdi Tsechu (festival) in mid September. 19 mi/30 km east of Thimphu. The Wanngdue region is famous for bamboo and stone artifacts. Bhutan’s biggest Nyingmapa monastery, the Gangtey Gompa, lies on the way from Wangdi to Tongsa. A two hours’ drive from Wangdue Phodrang takes to glacial valley of Phobjikha at an altitude around 3,000 meters. Bhutan Government has declared the valley as a conserved region under the Black Mountain Conservation Area. The species found in the valley include barking deer, wild boar,...


Thimphu Thimphu is Bhutans capital city. The population of Thimphu is estimated to be about 30,000. It is located in the west of Bhutan. Thimphu is modern in age only: new buildings are still based on traditional designs with elaborately painted trefoil-shaped windows and nailless wooden frames. Among its sights are the Memorial Chorten (dedicated to the kings late father Jigme Dorji Wangchuck) and the Tashicho Dzong a 350-year-old structure built by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal and refurbished in 1961 to house government departments and ministries. The kings throne room is in this Dzong. As the nations largest monastery it is the summer quarters of 2 000 monks and the Je Khenpo, the spiritual leader and head of the monk...


Bumthang Bumthang is one of the most beautiful places in Bhutan. It has very beautiful undulating landscapes with many fruit trees and temples. Bumthang is in the area where Buddhism first took hold in Bhutan. The town has several temples including Kuje Lhakhang (dating from the 8th century) Jampey Lhakhang (associated with Guru Rimpoche who brought Tantric Buddhism to Bhutan and Tibet) and Jakar Dzong (which alone makes Bumthang worth a one-night stop). There are two interesting festivals Tamshing Phala and Thangbi Maniin late September. It is located to the east of Thimphu. It will take about 9 - 10 hours from Thimphu by car. It is about 250 km from Thimphu. "Bumthang" directly translates as "beautiful field" – "thang" ...


Gangtey The tiny village of Gangtey is in the Phobjika Valley which is known for the migration of the Black Necked Crane which winter there. The valley itself is unusual in Bhutan because it is very wide open as opposed to the steeper valleys of most of the rest of the country. It is a stunningly beautiful valley and looks similar to parts of western Montana. To this day- there are two properties built there recently which accommodates travellers in comfortable settings. One is the US$ 1000 per night luxury resort and the other is the US$ 85 per night hotel built by the community (price may change) . The cranes reside there from October end to Mid March. A trip to Bhutan is not complete without a visit to this unusually be...


Paro Paro is the airport of Bhutan and your most probable point of entry. It's not a bad place to start: the valley is one of the most beautiful in Bhutan. Among the sights are the Ta Dzong temple the Rinchen Pung Dzong temple and the Dungtse Lhakhang temple. It is also the home of Bhutan's oldest monsatery, Kyichu Lhakang which dates to the 7th century. Paro has an interesting market, held in the weekend, where you can see local produce, local handicrafts and items imported over the mountains from Tibet. There are many great day walks in the valley and it is also the best place from which to visit the remote Haa Valley, a two hour drive west over the highest road pass in Bhutan....


Punakha You can visit Punakha as a long day trip from Thimphu this former capital of Bhutan offers superlative views of the Himalaya, nearby Wangdiphodrang Dzong and Punakha Dzong. The latter is the winter home of the largest group of monks in the country (some 500) and the Je Khempo ( spiritual leader of the monk body). Punakha Dzong is built on the confluence of the two rivers Pho chhu (meaning - Male river) and the Mo chhu (female river). Although renovations and extensions were carried out later, the Dzong was first built by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal who unified the country under one government in the 17th Century. The drive to Punakha is breathtaking. Although there are two ways to go we recommend the impressive ...


Trongsa In the centre of the Bhutan and four hours by drive from Wangdue Phodrang, Trongsa offers a welcome rest to travelers. The approach to the town involves a trip around Trongsa valley. A vantage point from the opposite side of the valley, still 14 km from Trongsa, provides an exciting view of the Dzong and the town. The secular and religious centre, the Dzong, dominates the horizon, dwarfing the surrounding buildings. The royal family's ancestral home is Trongsa. Both his majesty king Ugyen Wangchuk, the Penlop of Trongsa, who was elected the country's first hereditary monarch, and his successor king Jigme Wangchuk, ruled the country from Trongsa's ancient Dzong. The crown prince of Bhutan normally holds the posit...


Phuentsholing The small modern town of Phuentsholing in the south is the gateway to Bhutan. Headquarters of the Bank of Bhutan and the Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan on top of a law hill at nearby Kharbandi a small Gumpha or public temple , reconstructed by Queen Phuentsholing Chhoden, grandmother of the present king looks out over the town and the surrounding plains. The Amo Chuu, commonly known as the Torsha River, is a favourite spot for fisherman and picnickers. The jungles that lie close by teem with wild animals and birds, for here the traveler is in the heart of Bhutan's subtropical southern zone. From Phuentsholing the road winds north, over the southern foothills, through lush forested valleys and around the ...


Mongar Mongar is a town near Bumthang. The journey from Bumthang to Mongar, crossing over the 4,000m high Thrumsing-la pass, is scenically spectacular. Mongar marks the beginning of eastern Bhutan. The second largest town in the subtropical east, Mongar is built high on a gently sloping hillside. Mongar Dzong: Although built in the 1930s and one of Bhutans newest dzongs, it is constructed in the same way as all earlier dzongs, without plans or nails. A visit to Mongar Dzong shows one how traditional Bhutanese architecture has continued to thrive through the centuries. Lhuentse is 77 km. from Mongar (3 hours drive) and is one of the most isolated districts in Bhutan. The landscape is spectacular, with stark cliffs t...




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