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Bregenzerwald Bregenzerwald is one of the main regions in the Province of Vorarlberg, Austria. Geologically, the Bregenzerwald is a mountain range of the Northern Limestone Alps, specifically the northern flysch zone. It is the drainage basin of the Bregenzer Ach river. The main villages in Bregenzerwald are Bezau - the regional capital - Alberschwende and Egg. Alberschwende as a historic Hofsteig formerly was not part of the Bregenzerwald region. ==== BREGENZERWALD - ATTRACTION Bregenzerwald is best known as a skiing resort, but other attractions include the Bregenzerwalder Cheese Route or the Schubertiade festival for classical music in Schwarzenberg. The Bregenzerwald attracts those in search of unspoiled nature, old tradi...


Gloggnitz A small rural village located in a interesting area. Nearby are mountain peaks at around of 2000m. At an hour drive south of Vienna this is region is often visited for day trips and weekend trips. ==== GLOGGNITZ - SIGHTSEEING Gloggnitz Castle - Gloggnitz Castle is a former medieval Catholic monastery and a later secularised complex of buildings, including the old Catholic parish church of Gloggnitz. It is also the home of the nationally renowned exhibition, Lower Austrian Landesausstellung 1992. Christkonig Church - This is the new Catholic parish church, designed by the world-famous Austrian architect Prof. Clemens Holzmeister. The church was completed in 1962. St. Othmar's Chapel - This is one of Gloggn...


Hallein Hallein is a town in the Austrian state of Salzburg. It is located at along the Salzach river in the shadow of Untersberg, near the border with Germany. It is the district capital of Tennengau. Hallein is the second biggest town in the Salzburg province. One of the main reasons to visit is the Durnberg salt mines. ==== HALLEIN - SIGHTSEEING The mines (Salzbergwerk Hallein) are easily visited on a day trip from Salzburg. On guided tours, visitors walk downhill from the ticket office to the mine entrance, then board an electric mine train that takes you deep into the caverns. From here, you go on foot through galleries, changing levels by sliding down polished wooden slides before exiting the mine on the train ...


Koessen Koessen is a municipality in the Kitzbuhel district and is located 24 km north of Kitzbuhel as well as 15.50 km north of Sankt Johann in Tirol at the Kitzbuhler Ache near the border to Germany. ==== KOESSEN - LOCATION Koessen is located in a broad basin between the Chiemgauer Alps in the north and the Kaiser Mountains in the south of the confluence of Grobache River, the coal brook and the white brook. ==== KOESSEN - ATTRACTION If you want to hike, mountainbike, go skiing or snowboarding, paragliding or any sports like golf, tennis and rafting probably Koessen is the right destination for you. Maria Klobenstein is a pilgrimage church in the community Koessen in Tirol on the border with Bavaria...


Linz Linz is Austrias third-largest city after Vienna and Graz. It is located in the north of the country about halfway between Vienna and Salzburg. Linz is quite an elegant city with an interesting historic Old Town Quarter with many nice patrician houses and a large pedestrian zone. ==== LINZ - ATTRACTION It's best to start exploring the city on the Main Square and then work your way to the Old Town Quarter. There is much to discover here, from original Roman foundations to vaults dating from medieval times. Linz is also great for shopping. In the narrow side streets you will many quaint little antique shops. In particular, check the stores in the Bischofstrasse. In the summer season (March through October) ther...


Radstadt Radstadt is known as nice Activities in the mountains, Radstadt is a medieval town lying at an altitude of a little less than 900 metres. It is considered a place with lots of snow and sun. ==== RADSTADT - ATTRACTION The variety of activities in winter and summer attracts lots of tourists from all over the world. Radstadt can boast of its history: The Celts settled this area already in the 4th century B.C. The city charter was conferred in 1289. The strategic location and the blossoming trade have made Radstadt an excellent point of attraction for many visitors throughout the centuries. The late Roman city parish church, the Gothic light column, the well-preserved city walls and round towers as well as the Capu...

Ramsau am Dachstein

Ramsau am Dachstein Ramsau am Dachstein is a municipality in the district of Liezen, province of Styria, Austria. It is also the name of the elevated plateau between the Dachstein range and the Enns valley on which this municipality is located. ==== RAMSAU AM DACHSTEIN - LOCATION Ramsau am Dachstain is situated between the Dachstein range of mountains in the north and the Enns valley in the south. While the Dachstein range contains peaks up to 2,995 m and the towns of the Enns vally, such as Schladming, lie at around 700 m above sea level, the Ramsau plateau is a comparatively level piece of land at an elevation of around 1,100 m. ==== RAMSAU AM DACHSTEIN - ATTRACTION Due to its exceptional geography of relatively flat terrai...


Schladming Schladming is a small mining town in the Styria area of Austria, that is now very popular with tourists. It has become a large ski resort and has held various skiing competitions recently. The shopping area has lots of cafes, restaurant and a variety of shops and caters well for tourists. Schladming's slogan is Gemutlichkeit - in Austrian, Gemutlichkeit means coziness, which perfectly describes this tiny mountain village nestled in Austria's Schladming - Ramsau/Dachstein sports region of the Enns Valley. ==== SCHLAMING - ATTRACTION Skiing in Winter - The main mountain is the Planai. It has a six seater gondola from bottom to top with a middle station in between. The Planai consists of many red runs and the compe...

St. Anton

St. Anton Non-stop on- and off- slope action and pretty village base. St Anton has, along with Wengen and Murren, a strong British tradition. From the 1920s, successive generations learned to ski here, adopting the distinctive 'feet together' Arlberg style. It has also become one of the world's Meccas for ski bums. That's a reflection of the wonderful, tough off-slope runs available in the bowls below the Valluga - the best that Austria has to offer. In good snow conditions they are superb. Sadly, conditions are often less than perfect except just after a fresh snowfall, because of their south-facing aspect. But if you are lucky with the snow you'll have the time of your life. There's a lot to offer adventurous intermediates to...


Steyr Steyr is a town in the Austrian federal state of Upper Austria, located at the confluence of the rivers Steyr and Enns. Steyr marked its 1,000th anniversary in 1980, undergoing extensive restoration of its historic architecture made the city one of the best preserved old towns in Austria. Steyr is an ancient city with modern amenities, marketing its rich cultural and architectural heritage in tourism like Vienna and many other well preserved old towns in Austria. ==== STEYR - SIGHTSEEING Steyr has one of the most beautiful city squares in the whole of Europe, where Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque an Rococo meet each other in harmony. In the middle is the town's emblem - the Gothic Bummerlhaus. It still stands to...




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