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Alaska Backcountry Adentures
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Valdez Alaska, United States

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Alaska Backcountry Adentures
The first helicopter skiing and snowboarding operation in Alaska offers the longest runs, most experienced guides, best weather patters, deepest snow as well as the lowest rates, most flexible packages all found at a friendly and unpretentious atmosphere. Our low frills base area has been the choice of those who know for twenty years. Come explore deep into the chugach with ABA, your money goes further because we focus on the skiing and boarding, not expensive lodging and ammenities. We are known to be the first on the biggest runs because our guides are experienced and comfortable and this allows you to relax and expand your comfort level as well. Our flexible packages can be designed for any budget from single runs to private helicopters. Please contact us and we will help you to plan your perfect vacation. ABA is truly the choice of those who know!

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