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Desert Eco Enterprises T/A Assendelft Lodge & Bush Camp
Assendelft Lodge & Bush Camp
Goeiemoed Farm
Prince Albert Road
Western Cape
South Africa
Karoo, South Africa

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Desert Eco Enterprises T/A Assendelft Lodge & Bush Camp
Desert Eco Enterprises T/A Assendelft Lodge & Bush Camp An authentic Karoo experience …
Come and experience one of the world's most unique arid zones and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Karoo - rest, relax, refresh & recharge your batteries.
Assendelft Lodge offers four elegantly decorated double, air-conditioned bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. Each room has its own private entrance with an outside patio where you can sit and enjoy a drink while you take in the surroundings of the Karoo or do some star watching at night.

What to do …
• It is the ideal base from where to explore:
o the quaint little town of Prince Albert (45km); or
o Gamkaskloof, better known as the “The Hel” (95km);
o Meiringspoort, with its breathtaking scenery, an hour’s drive away;
o the world renowned Kango Caves (98km);
o the Karoo National Park (114km) which is ideal for a day trip; or
o It is also an excellent choice from where you can start exploring the Karoo Highlands Route.
• You can relax and enjoy the Karoo, wander around the farm;
• You can visit the lonely grave of a British soldier, killed during the Anglo-Boer War and buried beneath flat Karoo stones and a Guild Cross which reads: “For King & Empire 4628 Pte W Calver, 16th Lancers, 10.9.01”;
• You go on a fossil trail and see for yourself where the therocephalians ("beast-heads") diictodons and Pristerognathu lived 265 million years ago – a guided tour can be arranged;
• Experience the starry heavens at night and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Karoo;
• You can do some bird watching from the bird hide next to the dam at the bush camp and might even be able to identify one of those mystifying Lbj’s;
• Go for a private braai at one of the two picnic spots next to the Vlakkraal river.

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