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Hot Spots Lodge
Sucre OE 6-16 and Benalcazar second floor (plaza de San Francisco )
cuyabeno, Ecuador

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Hot Spots Lodge
Hot Spots Lodge We offer tours in to Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve in Ecuadorian Amazon, 3,4,5,7,8, days all including,accommodation, meals, Deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle, invited both the adventurous and those persons in search of a natural paradise in which to relax and let go of the world.

Our Lodge is located in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve gives us unique opportunities to discover the magic of an Amazon rainforest, and the exciting experience to live with the communities in the area that teach us about their daily lives and their customs.

Enjoy a visit to the large lake where you can see pink dolphins, caimans also participate in the walks to bring us into the Amazon jungle and discover the lush vegetation and exotic animals unique in the world.

Be sure to stay with us you are helping to conserve the amazing nature that visit. promotes sustainable practices of ecotourism in Ecuador.

Enjoy our nice rooms where you can feel part of nature and our culinary delights in our restaurant and soft drinks at the bar.......

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